Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Repercussion

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Grandpa and Grandma took all of us back to the Dojo in the Mitsubishi, while I was struggling to stay conscious. But as they were driving, I was struggling to maintain consciousness. The struggle within my own body to stay alive was intensifying, and it felt as if I may not have a chance, but I had to keep fighting, during which I was asking myself, “Have my parents really escaped from the camp in Washington? Or, is this just--?”

Sure enough, unknown to all of us, both of my parents, along with Tom & Veronica, were on the run. “Keep going, Takato!” yelled Mom as she followed behind Dad. “How are the other two?” asked Dad. Mom looked behind to see if Tom & Veronica were all right, and there they were running with Tom taking every breath that he could take, carrying Veronica in his arms. They were breathing for each other knowing that they couldn’t face the road without each other. “The sooner we get to safety, away from that place, the better,” shouted Dad. “But where exactly are we all going to?” asked Tom, breathing heavily. “More importantly,” added Veronica. “Where exactly is here?” As they were walking, Mom saw a sign. “I think we have a clue to where we are,” she said grimly, pointing to a sign that said they were on Interstate 395 heading southwest. “How exactly did we get from Texas all the way to this part of the country?!” exclaimed Dad. “Beats me,” said Tom. “Nonetheless, we all need to keep moving in that direction to avoid the military pursuit,” ordered Dad. Then, the group found an abandoned Mitsubishi cargo truck. “We’ll have to board that truck and ride it to wherever it’s going until it stops,” said Dad. “It’s the only way to avoid getting caught by the authorities.”

Soldiers in the vicinity were actively scouring the perimeter looking for my parents. President Barryway was radioing in actively from the Hyper-Gyro. “ALL SOLDIERS ARE ON NOTICE: FOUR PARENTS ESCAPED FROM THE CAMP IN WASHINGTON D.C. I AM DEMANDING A SWIFT MILITARY-RUN CURFEW ON ALL CIVILIANS IN THE NORTHEAST SIDE OF THE UNITED STATES UNTIL WE RECAPTURE THOSE INFIDELS. ALL CITIZENS ARE NOT TO BE ON THE STREETS UNTIL WE HAVE SEIZED THOSE AMERICAN TRAITORS. BE PREPARED TO USE EXPLOSIVES SHOULD CAPTURE BE NOT POSSIBLE.” “Roger, Madam President,” replied the soldiers, as they patrolled the area in gyrocopters looking for the group. They were wielding missile launchers and massive high-beam lights from their gyros to survey.

The four of them boarded the truck, unbeknownst to the driver as he drove through the late hours of the night, completely unaware of President Barryway’s manhunt. Four hours later, a soldier radioed in. “President Barryway, we’ve lost the fugitives,” he said. “They must have left the proximity of the Capitol, because our radars have only given us a 50 mile radius of the perimeter, and they’re not in sight.” “Do you have an exact blip on your radar of where they were last when they disappeared?” asked President Barryway. “Our last radar scan indicated they were two miles east of Alexandria, MD., where they suddenly began moving towards Interstate 95 along I-395. But as they approached the junction with Interstate 495; the signal being emitted from their DNA heat signatures, as we’ve collected upon their initial incarceration, disappeared off the map. We cannot tell if the fugitive parents had either went south on 95, or if they went west.” “This is quite troubling,” replied President Barryway. “All troops must fall back at this time,” she ordered. “We will regroup and search the country again tomorrow.” “Roger, Madam President!” replied the soldiers.

Not knowing of his uninvited hitchhikers, the truck driver maneuvered the road as the Interstate highways crisscrossed through several hours of scenery, until he could not drive anymore. As the driver checked into a hotel and went to sleep, Mom, Dad, Tom & Veronica broke free of the locked cargo door, where they began running through the forest again, until they were unable to run any longer. “I’m not sure how much longer we can keep this up,” said Tom. “We’ve been running for a hundred miles, the crescent moon is up and those soldiers could catch up on us at anytime,” added Veronica. The team was on the verge of tiring out from exhaustion and lack of nourishment, but they knew they had to continue running or be killed. “Wait a minute,” said Dad, coming across a dirt road. “Isn’t there someone living in this area?” The four came across a steep downward incline, where they found a house. There was no smoke emerging from the chimney, leaving Mom & Dad to believe that the property was abandoned. “It’s not every day that a home on land, outside of residential areas, would be here, especially since that fake President, Emily, made it illegal for citizens to own private property on land by raising land taxes on land owners,” said Dad. “Such a site is hard to come by these days, especially if the home was newly abandoned,” added Tom. The four proceeded to the property, but Mom and Veronica were not so sure. “Wait a minute!” Mom exclaimed. “It would be a huge risk if we were found to be trespassing on someone’s property. Shouldn’t we knock on the door and see if someone lives here?” At that moment, Veronica groaned in pain. “Are you alright, my love?” asked Tom shockingly. Veronica struggled to speak under the intense pain, but she wasn’t in any danger. “It’s nothing, Tommy,” Veronica said affectionately. Tom was still worried about her. “We need to get you to the doctor, but we don’t have a way to get home,” he said.

“All true,” said Dad. “I don’t see…” Just as he said that, Dad took another close look, and saw an abandoned Mitsubishi pickup truck with four doors resting in the shed. “We might have a way to get back home,” he said to Mom, Tom & Veronica, when suddenly, shots were fired at them! “Who the hell are you guys?!” shouted a voice. “SOLDIERS!!” shouted Dad as everyone ducked and covered.

“Who the fuck are you guys calling a soldier?!” the voice shouted, pointing an assault rifle at the group. Everyone was terrified as a man confronted the group, with an assault rifle. Everyone’s hands were up in protest. “You guys are in deep shit for trying to trespass onto my property,” the man said with an Australian accent.


Meanwhile, President Barryway landed near the Oval Office with the Major in handcuffs brought before her, along with Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon standing behind him. “Why were you throwing explosives against me, Madam President?” complained the Major, as he was brought before the President in the Oval Office. Emily took no notice of the Major’s question. “You are no longer fit to refer to me as ‘Madam President’ any longer, James Ingram! You failed me yet again; only this time, you acted without my authorization, and it cost us Navy Lieutenant Rosie Dexter!” yelled Emily. “But, Madam President, aren’t you happy that the Japanese girl is down and out?!” interrupted the Major. “You’re forgetting your place, Ingram,” replied Emily. “I DID NOT AUTHORIZE YOU TO SPEAK WHILE I’M TALKING,” she yelled. “YOUR ACTIONS ARE NOTHING SHORT OF TREASON. Wait here while I decide your punishment.” Major James was outraged as President Barryway left the Oval Office. “Damn you, Minako Himiya! I’ll make sure to finish you off if I get out of here alive,” retorted the Major. “Get a grip, Major,” said Captain Henry. “You knew that this would happen if you went into action without the President’s approval; let alone, letting another soldier die out there.” This made the Major cross. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, CAPTAIN HENRY!!” he yelled. “It seems that you struck a nerve with James, Captain,” mocked Lt. Gordon. “You too, Lt. Gordon!” retorted the Major. “Dear God,” said Lt. Gordon. “Why can’t you just get over yourself and stop obsessing over that girl? So fucking what if she’s whipped our asses more than once? She’s not the top-priority at the moment; it’s making sure other youths in the country don’t become Conservative like she is; let alone, battling the Government to rescue their parents.”

Lt. Gordon’s response made the Major even crosser still. “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IN FUCKING HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, LIEUTENANT GORDON LYONS!!” he hollered. Silence stormed the room at the Major’s tone of voice. Everyone in the White House was shocked. “I was chosen to uphold the President’s wishes to turn this country into a Socialist Totalitarian Dictatorship, through the submission of the United States to the New World Order of Liberal Democratic Socialism. I was a lad of ten years old when I first learned about Adolf Hitler, how he led the Nazis to take over Europe, rounding up the Jews of the area and putting them to hard labor in the concentration camps…that’s exactly what I wanted here in the United States!” “You’re a fool, Major!” yelled Captain Henry. “Don’t you remember how much we were on the brink of extinction during WWII because of that sick bastard?!” added Lt. Gordon. “Of course I remember, but you don’t even understand.” “Are you serious?” asked Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon. “That’s right, men,” replied the Major. “WE, the elite trio of the Department of Homeland Security were chosen to carry that mission out, and make sure that no Conservative in this country – no, THE WORLD – ever sees the light of day, so long as they believe in their phony-baloney God, violate the rights of gays, women, minorities and immigrants! We were chosen to mirror the likes of Hitler, Mao Zedong, Kim Il-Sung, Ho Chi Minh and Joseph Stalin, and emulate their agenda in modern times, and I couldn’t be more proud to carry out that task.” Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon were rather stunned by the Major’s admission. That’s not what I recall being what President Barryway wanted, thought Captain Henry. Lt. Gordon thought, has the Major gone crazy and lost his marbles on our mission, just to mimic those failed Socialists?

“Indeed, you were chosen,” said Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford, entering the Oval Office. “But you failed miserably to uphold that mission because you were not able to kill that Japanese delinquent, and her friends.” “Oh, shut the fuck up, Sergeant Ford,” puffed the Major disrespectfully. “You failed miserably to kill her the other—“ At that moment, Gunnery Sergeant Ford, drew his taser and fired at Major James, shocking him at fifty thousand volts. “S-stupid Ser-Sergeant—“ moaned the Major painfully, as Gunnery Sergeant Ford continued firing his taser. “THERE’S MORE OF A SHOCK WHERE THAT CAME FROM SHOULD YOU SHORTEN MY NAME AGAIN; LET ALONE TALKING TO ME LIKE THAT!!!” he shouted, as he pointed to Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon. “You both will eventually be working under my wing, so both of you better toughen up and not fail me like this pathetic piece-of-shit excuse of a Major,” he warned. The two of them were visibly nerve-wrecked by Ford’s tone, but they complied. “Understood, sir,” they replied.

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