Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Training for Combat

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



When I entered the gym room, Grandpa pressed a switch, and the floor changed from a basic wooden floor to a heavily padded mat with strong cushioning that I could walk on. It felt very weird to walk on, but the floor was maneuverable. “Very well, Minako,” said Grandpa. “Here is where you will train with us to learn how to fight, so that you will be able to stand up to the political domination posed by Emily Barryway and the Liberal Democrats.” My grandparents stood in the very back of the training hall. “Stand in the center, Minako,” said Grandma.

I stood in the center with my sword in my right hand. “Let’s begin by teaching you the ways of the sword,” said Grandpa. He drew a wooden staff from a hanging armory and assumed a fighting stance. “To fight with a sword, you must learn how to use it,” he said. “Run up to me, and try to hit me with your sword by cutting my staff horizontally.” I was a little nervous that Grandpa wanted me to attack him. “Do not fear for my safety,” he said. “For the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken’s magical powers will not allow the blade to indiscriminately harm an innocent person if it senses that there is no evil inside their heart. Now, come at me when your grandmother gives the mark!” My Grandmother stood to my left and began to countdown in Japanese.

“San, ni, ichi, IKIMASU!” As soon as she gave the signal, I charged towards Grandpa with a battle roar. I held the sword with both hands, determined to pass the training, but as I approached Grandpa, I began to hesitate. I still had uncertainty in my heart about attacking my own grandfather. The pressure of the exercise got so intense that a tear fell down my eye as I was charging. As the tear hit the floor, another vision of my parents’ terror in the FEMA camp clouded my mind. From what I saw in my vision, they were being forced to kneel down, as if they were taken to North Korea. But this wasn’t North Korea, so why was this happening in America? My parents were kneeling down and being tortured into declaring, “There is no Dissidence in Political Correctness.” At that moment, my dad said, “I won’t state this stupid shit.” At that moment, a guard pulled a taser gun and tazed him for his outburst, and whipped my mom when she stopped to care for my dad. “Your defiance in this country will only get you killed,” the guard said.

At that moment, I snapped out of my vision and stopped when I got close to Grandpa. All I did was raise my sword and cut horizontally, barely touching his staff without inflicting serious damage. Grandpa was disappointed. “Oh come on, Minako! You can definitely cut better than that!” he said. “Be strong and aggressive, and not hold back when your enemy has an advantage, because the moment the enemy has that advantage…”

As he was speaking, Grandpa walked behind me, and tripped me with his staff before I could turn my head. I fell flat on my back, hitting the padded floor. “…you’ll be hurt,” finished Grandpa. “What’cha do that for?!” I sneered. Grandpa laughed, “That is the first lesson of being a Samurai swordswoman; you must always stay on your guard, and never underestimate your opponent. “Let’s try this again,” said Grandma. “Return to your positions.”

As I continued training with my grandparents, the DHS men, and their leader, James Ingram, were meeting at the White House in D.C. They were reporting to Emily Barryway. “I congratulate you, U.S. Army Major James Ingram, for executing the first phase of my top-secret plan to round up Conservatives who dared to oppose me,” she said. “You have made progress in moving the United States of America forward with the change that the people believed in when Maxwell Abdullah took office in 2008. But there are other Conservatives out there who need to be apprehended before they try to overthrow us.” “I understand, Mrs. President,” replied James. “Good. Do not disappoint me as you carry on this covert mission. That is all, you are dismissed,” said Emily. “Yes, Mrs. President,” replied James.

James went to the barracks in the Lincoln Memorial with his DHS team, Lt. Gordon and Captain Henry. “Man, I can’t believe we’re going to be whipping those conservative fools into reality!” said the Captain. “True, Captain Henry Clark,” replied Lt. Gordon. “But Lieutenant Gordon Lyons, why are we the ones carrying out this mission?” complained Henry. “Mind your complaints, Captain,” warned James. “We were confidentially chosen by Emily Barryway to execute her plan to make America – no, the World – politically correct, and not let any dissidents see the light of day. Captain Henry, you were chosen for this mission because of your quick speed, courage and intelligence. Lt. Gordon, your tough demeanor and powerful artillery made you worthy because of your ability to destroy enemies in a wide 10-mile radius.” “And you, Major James, were chosen for your tireless effort to lead troops into battle, and for your determination to never give up,” interrupted Captain Henry. “We all were—” Just then, Major James pulled a taser into the Captain’s face. “Unless you plan on stitching your face together without medical assistance, I suggest you not interrupt me again,” he threatened. Captain Henry had a shocked look on his face, but nodding his head, he agreed to not interrupt. The Major put his taser away as he sat down to eat.

Lt. Gordon was wondering something as he was eating. “You know, Major,” he said. “When I used my missiles to kill that Japanese girl, wasn’t it odd that there was no trace of her when Captain Henry surveyed the damage?” At that moment, the Major became a little uncertain. “Normally, when I killed somebody with those missiles, their corpses were still there, but for this girl, her dead body was nowhere to be found.” Captain Henry became worried. Then he said, “Excuse me, Major, but based on what Lt. Gordon is saying, is there a chance this girl had survived the blast?” The Major spit his drink out. He was frustrated. “I don’t usually listen to logic or advice, but both of you have brought up an intriguing hypothesis,” he said. “It may be possible that the Japanese female is still alive and well, but where she went, I’ve not a clue. Either way, unless we do see her again, we must assume that she is legally dead and completely vaporized from existence.” Then Lt. Gordon suggested, “In the meantime, why don’t we send a trooper to level that house of hers, just to put our feet down?” The Major pondered, but agreed. “Much obliged,” he said. At that moment, a higher-ranking solder came to the table where the DHS team was meeting. “I will render assistance to this mission, Major,” he said. “Welcome aboard, Ensign Percy Klein,” greeted the Major. “Your assistance on this mission is greatly accepted. I shall consult President Barryway about this plan immediately.”

Major James Ingram contacted Emily Barryway about his squad’s idea to send a lone trooper to destroy my house. She was amazed at the Major’s idea. “Interesting,” she remarked. “But leveling the house in broad daylight when others may see what is going on will blow our cover, so we must wait for nightfall for the next phase of our mission to begin,” she said. “Understood,” replied the Major. “We are going to send Ensign Percy immediately to carry out this mission.” “Very well, then,” replied Emily. “Only Ensign Percy is authorized to carry out this mission; do not interfere unless I authorize to the contrary.” “Agreed, Mrs. President,” he replied. “Ensign Percy, you heard the President’s demands, now prepare for launch to Houston.” “Roger, sir!” replied the Ensign.

Despite the impending DHS attack, I was still training with my grandparents through the rest of the day, through the early evening. Grandma said, “San, ni, ichi, IKIMASU!” I begun to charge at Grandpa once again and tried to hit his staff, but as I tried to hit, he begun to dodge. “Don’t just slash horizontally, Minako!” he shouted. “Try hitting me by stabbing, and cutting vertically!” I continued to try hitting Grandpa’s staff and take his advice. I struggled hard enough, when suddenly, I leaped into the air, and I aggressively slashed his staff in half, cutting vertically downward. Grandpa was speechless. “Eh, I am amazed, Minako,” he said. “It took a few tries for you to get it right, but you are a natural at swordplay.” I nodded positively. Then Grandma came to me and said, “Oh great warrior, Minako, you mustn’t forget, the enemy can try all sorts of sneaky tricks to outsmart you in battle. That’s why you must never let your guard down when you are in battle. You see, you have mastered the first part of your training here, with your own flesh and blood. But when you go and fight real enemies—” Just then, an alarm blared in the dojo. “That’s the monitor alarm!” said Grandpa. “I must go check out what is going on.”

We walked back to the dojo living room, and looked through a computer monitor to see footage of a working surveillance camera, and we saw a soldier in camouflage approaching my house where I was attacked in the first place. “How were you guys able to set a camera at my home?” I asked. “We set this up at a sharp distance that is not in plain sight,” said Grandma.

The soldier was Ensign Percy Klein, who was sent by Major James and President Barryway to carry out the plan to destroy my house. I was stunned to see that he had brought his own weaponry. At that moment, the Ensign threw an axe at the window to my room. I got angry. “HEY! That bastard,” I sneered. “I have to stop him.” My grandparents knew that the situation was bleak, but they knew that this time, the game was real. “Minako, we are uncertain how you can manage this enemy given that you are only an apprentice Samurai, but we have no choice but to send you into battle to take down this armed soldier,” said Grandpa. “So soon?” I asked. “But, am I going to be safe out there?”

We walked to the front door, where there was what appeared to be an elevator on the floor. “Step on this so we can go,” they said, pointing at a glowing hologram on the floor, containing the Japanese kanji for Samurai. I stepped on the hologram, and in an instant, I found that I was not in my grandparents dojo. I was magically transported back to the place where my house was standing. There, I saw Percy Klein setting up bombs around my house. He was preparing to set them off. “Time to finish this mission,” he said. He was trying to wire all the bombs, but I could not wait for him to finish. I asked, “Can we just go ahead and attack?”

Grandpa replied, “Let’s make a distraction to call his attention.” At that moment, Grandma and Grandpa brought out two smoke bombs that, when thrown into the ground, release a smoke cloud to blind their enemies. “We used these to blind our foes as we trained after WWII,” said Grandpa. He had one bomb in his hand, and Grandma had one in her hand, too. “Ready, Naoko?” asked Grandpa. “I’m ready to see what our warrior Minako, can do, Takeru,” replied Grandma. Then, they threw the bombs towards Percy. The smoke bombs detonated on impact, startling Ensign Percy as he turned his head around to see what was going on, only to be blinded by thick smoke that nearly choked him. He franticly called Emily Barryway through his radio. “THIS IS ENSIGN PERCY TO PRESIDENT BARRYWAY! I HAVE BEEN BLINDED BY…” Before he continued his communication to the President, he stopped as the smoke got thicker, causing him to cough and gag. “Ensign Percy!” yelled Emily. “What the hell is going on?! Respond!” But the Ensign didn’t reply. After a minute, the President lost patience and contacted the Major. “MAJOR JAMES, SCRAMBLE!” she said.

The trio departed the Lincoln Memorial Barracks and reported to the White House. “We have lost contact with Ensign Percy, and I suspect that he was attacked,” said the President. “You three need to render assistance to the Ensign immediately. Take the Hyper-Gyro to Houston and investigate the situation!” The trio loaded their weaponry, fastened their seatbelts on-board and plotted a course for Houston. “Major James Ingram, ready to launch!” The Hyper-Gyro began an instantaneous launch.

Ensign Percy was still blinded by the smoke. A few moments later, he regained his sight, and tried opening his eyes.  At that moment, he saw me standing with my Power Suit on and my sword in my right hand. The Ensign was surprised. “Who the hell are you?” he said. Then, my Grandpa came forward. “Look before you, Liberal Soldier,” he said. “This is our first warrior in training, who we have chosen in desperation to obliterate your evil ways and restore peace and tranquility to the United States of America. She is the first head of the Himiya Family of Samurai Beauty. Her name is…Minako Himiya!”

Ensign Percy stared, and then he laughed. “You think that woman can take me on? You don’t know what I’m capable of!” he boasted. Then Grandma tried to talk him into retreating. “We leave you with two choices, you can retreat now to wherever it is you came from, or you will become blood on her blade,” she said.

I wasn’t going to let him get away. While I felt a little nervous because I had never fought before in a real battle, however, I could not forgive the DHS for taking my parents away from me. “Don’t bother talking this idiot out,” I warned, drawing my sword. “I’m going forward.” Ensign Percy drew his AK-47 and opened fire. The bullets struck me where the US Flag emblem was located, but I was unfazed by the bullets. Percy was speechless to see that I was still standing. “If you think you can kill me with a cheap assault rifle, you’ve got another thing coming,” I said.

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