Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Gallant First Battle

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



As I walked towards the Ensign, Grandpa informed me, “The Jaakuna Hakai no Ken’s magical powers are capable of manipulating an enemy’s molecular structure into abrupt implosive rupture. When your blade slashes an enemy, a spark will go off. When you kill your enemies with it, they will explode. Remember that in your battles, Minako!” Then Grandma advised, “Always remember; be brave and be strong, do not run away from a battle, and no matter what happens, don’t ever give up!” I looked back at my grandparents with a smile, nodding that I agreed. Then, I charged at Ensign Percy with a battle cry.

As I charged, I gripped my sword with both hands and tried to strike vertically, but the Ensign used his AK-47 to block my attack. I kept swinging horizontally and vertically, and the Ensign continued blocking a few more times until I thrust my sword up, causing him to lose his defense grip, and I lay the first blow on him in a diagonal downward slash from his left shoulder to his right hip, ripping his uniform. A spark went off when I cut, and Ensign Percy grunted. “What the hell?” he said. The Ensign’s distraction resulted in an opening, where I laid a second blow, sparking a wound open on his skin. Sparks were flying and blood began to mildly gush out of his body.

I continued thrusting and stabbing, resulting in several more sparks going off until I held back. “Want some more?” I taunted. Ensign Percy began to chuckle. “I see, so you like to play games in battle,” the Ensign said. He was clutching his left shoulder, which was mildly dislocated from the blow I inflicted. The rest of his blood-covered uniform was cut in the direction I swung my sword. Just as the Ensign continued chuckling, Major James and his minions arrived, dropping from the sky. “Ensign Percy, what the fuck happened?!” asked the Major angrily. “That woman and her grandparents stopped me from destroying the house!” replied the Ensign. The Major, the Lieutenant and the Captain turned their heads toward me. I gave them a disgusting look on my face. “Who the hell are you?” asked Lt. Gordon. I didn’t answer back to Gordon for a few seconds. Then I boasted, “Why don’t you shoot me up again like before?!” Captain Henry then recognized who I was. “Oh hell no! It’s that Japanese girl we fired at earlier!” he said. The other three soldiers were shocked to see that I was still alive and well. Major James said, “So, the Japanese female had somehow survived our attack. It is most infuriating that we have failed our mission.” Then he asked, “How the hell did you survive our missiles?!”

They had no clue what exactly happened, but I decided that, in order to keep my grandparents’ secret base to themselves, I said, “That’s for me to know and you to never find out, you bastard! NOW BRING MY PARENTS BACK!” I pointed my sword and charged towards the four men. Lt. Gordon fired his missiles to kill me again. “Wait, Gordon!” yelled the Ensign. “Your weapons have no effect on her; I already opened fire with no dent!” Lt. Gordon didn’t care. He fired his missiles to try to kill me, only to hit my Power Suit and not detonate at all. The men gasped in shock. With an aggressive burst of anger on my face, I raised my sword and swung each missile back towards the men to take them down, exploding as they hit the ground. “LOOK OUT!!” yelled the Major as the missiles detonated with immense force. Lt. Gordon was bewildered. “No…fucking…way,” he said. Captain Henry took a shot at me from behind, only for the bullet to ricochet off my suit and bounce back to his face. The Captain barely moved out of the way before his own bullet hit him. “Our weapons are useless,” he said. “Unless we can combine our attacks and fire head-on!” suggested the Lieutenant. “No, that won’t work,” said the Major. “We have only one choice.” “If this chick wants to fuck with us, why don’t we bring out the Politidroids to attack?” suggested Captain Henry. “That’s an excellent idea, Captain,” replied the Major. At that point, Captain Henry took out four capsules from his knapsack. He chuckled for a few seconds while my grandparents and I watched the Captain activate his capsules by pressing a small button on them. Then, he threw the capsules onto the ground, creating a bright explosion like a flash grenade. When I opened my eyes, I saw a large group of soldiers. I felt overwhelmed that there were so many standing in once place. Then the Major laughed out loud. “Hey, woman!” he yelled. “You got guts to pick a fight with the Government, and I compliment your reckless bravery.” I didn’t flinch at the fake compliments the Major yelled out. Then he said, “But you made a serious mistake messing with us, girl! If you think you’re going to rescue your parents, you are messing with the wrong government! We are letting our army of Politidroids, or Political Android Foot Soldiers, destroy you while we retreat. Ensign, you’re still in command for this mission. Keep it tight!” “Roger, sir,” replied the Ensign, who was still trying to stand up after I wounded him. “POLITIDROIDS, GIVE HER EVERYTHING YOU GOT!” he shouted.

At that moment, the Politidroids took a stance to attack. They were unusually authentic like the U.S. Army soldiers with human flesh and camoflauge insignia. I wasn’t afraid of them, but they did look really difficult foes. “I’m not afraid of you and your stupid cyborgs! Give it your best shot!” I shouted. The Politidroids began to charge with pistols in their hands, and I charged in response. As the cyborg army opened fire, I drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken into my hands and I took a swing at the Politidroids, which exploded when I cut through their armor. When I turned around, I saw blood on the ground over the spots where the Politidroids stood. During that moment, I began to feel somewhat confused at the sight of blood coming out of a humanoid robot. How can an android bleed? They’re not natural people; just a manufactured creation, I thought to myself. Then, I turned around and saw Major James, Lt. Gordon and Captain Henry boarding their Hyper-Gyro. “Finish them off, Ensign!” said the Major as the trio jump-shifted back to Washington D.C. “NO!” I shouted in despair. Before I could chase their vehicle, another Politidroid opened fire on me. After the bullet landed on my suit, I turned around and fought back.

I drew my sword once more and I struck down more soldiers. I then stopped to catch my breath, but then, I was caught off-guard by one of the Politidroids, who pistol-whipped me in my face. At that point, I lost my grip and dropped my sword, leaving me defenseless. Grandpa gasped. “Don’t let them grab the sword!” he said. “If the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken falls into evil hands, the Earth will be in grave danger!” I tried to grab the sword, but Ensign Percy – despite his injuries I inflicted upon him – saw an opening to attack me. “En garde, Japanese girl!” he shouted, drawing his own sword from his pocket. I gasped in horror at that moment, as I was helpless. With his left arm still dislocated, he jumped up and tried to make a slash on me with his right arm. Almost before it was too late, I shut my eyes as he cut; setting sparks off on my suit. But when I opened my eyes afterwards, I wasn’t even scratched by the blow! Instead, the Ensign’s sword had generated friction on my suit, causing his sword to turn partially dull. “Impossible!” he said, stepping back as I was walking up to him. I was mad. “You just dug your own grave with that dirty move, and this is it!” I said picking up my sword, and slashing the Ensign once more. As I continued slashing, the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken began to glow.

I stopped for a moment. “Why is the sword glowing?” I asked. I felt the sword’s energy that I was bonded to when I accepted the blade, and it was pulsating with a bright light that temporarily blinded Ensign Percy and the Politidroids. Grandpa saw the glowing light. “Now Minako! Raise the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken into the sky, and concentrate on your emotions. Your feelings will fuel the sword with elemental energy,” he said. “Right,” I replied. Without hesitation, I drew my sword, and raised it into the sky. The Jaakuna Hakai no Ken began to draw power from my emotions, which used the power of anger and loss to turn red and set the blade on fire! I was amazed. “Is this the true power of the sword?” I asked.

The Politidroids recovered from being stunned, and attempted another pistol whip on me. I immediately blocked with my sword, and slashed back horizontally. I continued cutting down all the remaining cyborgs, setting each of them on fire as I continued cutting. They eventually couldn’t handle the pressure of my sword’s power that they exploded in a fiery blast that ultimately destroyed them all. Ensign Percy was bewildered. “This is not possible! The Politidroids are supposed to be invincible warriors!” he said.

I turned to him, and pointed my sword at his face. “No one is invincible,” I said. “I won this battle, and you have lost.” With my emotions still burning angrily to defeat evil, I raised my sword once more. “IGNITE!” I shouted as the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken re-illuminated it’s blade with fire. Ensign Percy tried to attack me once more, but after his surprise ambush attack, I wasn’t going to let him try that stunt again as I blocked his attack from his sword. As I tried striking back, the Ensign tried blocking my weapon several times with his sword until I saw an opening. “You’re mine,” the Ensign hissed. “I don’t think so,” I replied, thrusting his sword out of his hand, and stabbing him in his abdomen. A spark flew out of his body as he spun and landed on his face. As the Ensign tried to get back up, Grandpa shouted, “Now’s your chance! Concentrate on your anger, and use it to finish that soldier off!”

I came to a halt, and raised my sword into the sky once more. Without moving my legs, I drew an imaginary fire star that resembled the Lone Star on the Texas Flag. Ensign Percy was incapable of moving. He was still severely injured as I launched my final blow. I stabbed to launch the attack. Then I yelled, “BURNING LONE STAR STRIKE!!”

The Burning Lone Star Strike struck Ensign Percy in the abdomen, causing sparks and blood to fly out of his body. Yelling for salvation, the Ensign yelled through his radio, “MRS. PRESIDENT, I FAILED MY MISSION TO CHANGE AMERICA!” He collapsed to the ground bleeding, sparking and yelling in pain, and detonated in a fiery explosion, towering 5,000 feet in the sky. The shockwave of the explosion was so fierce that the whole neighborhood thought that an earthquake struck. When the smoke cleared, I looked onto the spot where the Ensign once stood, and he was nowhere to be seen. All that remained was his bloodstains on the ground, and the flames of the explosion. It was at this point that I began to smile. I jumped and cheered gleefully, knowing that I succeeded in my mission. But as I was cheering, Grandpa yelled out, “Quickly, Minako! Let’s step back into the teleportation hologram to return to the dojo before someone sees us!” My grandparents and I hurried to the hologram, and teleported back to the dojo. But unknown to us, nearby residents emerged from their homes, and were shocked to see such devastation across the neighborhood. They were talking and theorizing what could have happened, but they had not a clue that I was fighting my own government in front of my own home. Among the crowd, was the strange man I saw at the mall, who was amazed by what he saw. “Something’s not right about this. This explosion doesn’t seem to be caused naturally,” he said as police arrived to tend to the scene. “All civilians and children in the area, please leave the scene and go back home immediately,” the officers said.

The people followed orders and left the scene. However, they continued talking about it as they continued walking away. A neighbor asked, “What could’ve caused this explosion?” Another responded with, “Probably, it’s some stupid kids messing around at the worst time of the night.”


We warped back to the dojo, and I was exhausted from the battle. “It’s okay to transform back,” said Grandpa. “Just hold the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, and slide into its sheathe. Your original clothes will reappear when the sword is fully locked in place.” When I locked the sword in its sheathe, my Power Suit magically dematerialized to my naked body, and my original clothes resurfaced. Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled, but were serious at the same time. “You fought bravely, Minako,” said Grandpa. “You have successfully withstood the terror that the Liberal Democrats in Washington, D.C. will use to thwart off any dissidence in the United States.” “But understand that although you fought with a few pointers from us, however, this is only the beginning of things to come,” said Grandma. “President Emily Barryway is likely aware of this skirmish that unfolded tonight, and she will use anything and everything in her power to prevent other Americans from learning the truth of this conflict. She will surely seek prompt and utter retaliation for your actions soon, so you must not drop your guard, lest she and her three DHS men come and kill you,” warned Grandpa.

Before Grandma could speak, I asked her, “Speaking of other Americans, what does this mean for my parents? Do you or Grandpa have a plan to rescue them from the FEMA camp in Washington, D.C.?” Both Grandma and Grandpa stopped, and then Grandma said, “Attempting a trek to the Nation’s Capitol is exceptionally treacherous, especially to rescue one’s parents from a dangerous modern-day Auschwitz.” “Your Grandmother is right. We admired your fighting tonight, Minako, but it is much too soon to storm into Washington D.C., especially when you hardly had any fighting experience. But the stronger your true desire to save your parents from the Government’s evil clutches, the stronger the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken’s pure energy will be as you continue fighting every soldier Emily Barryway sends our way,” said Grandpa. “Now, should you go back home at this present time, you will only get caught by the enemy or blow our cover accidentally. So, you will have to sleep here in our dojo,” said Grandma. Then I asked, “But what about the people at home who may get harassed by more Liberals? I can’t just leave them behind.” Grandpa said, “Being an apprentice Samurai, and working your way up to being a true master, is the ultimate sacrifice you will ever make. Since you’re fighting evil, you must stay away from your home in Houston in order to keep everybody safe.” “But what if those goons come back to destroy my house?” I asked. “I can’t just abandon my home and let the Government destroy it!” My grandparents were stern and grim-faced, but they softened their mood, knowing how proud they were of me. “Should Emily Barryway attempt to attack your house again, we know you’ll be there to hold her off. But from now on, until we destroy President Barryway, you must not go to your house unless the enemy attempts to attack; it is the only way to avoid blowing our cover inadvertently,” replied Grandma. “The futons are in the next room, we’ll sleep in our room,” said Grandpa. “Good night, Samurai Minako,” they said in unisom.

Opening the sliding door, there was an unused room with a futon I could sleep on that had been set up for me. All I did was curl up into it and drifted to sleep. As I slept, I wondered what would become of my parents, and how I was going to rescue them. Somehow, I’ll rescue you, mom and dad, I thought to myself. I’ll protect you from those evil traitors.

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