Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - A Warrior's Breakfast

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Two months have passed since my battle with Ensign Percy, and I have been busily training with my grandparents day in and day out. Each day, I fought with the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken and battled dummies that resembled Politidroids to test my skills. But as I continued fighting, I could not shake off the prospect that Emily Barryway was in my face. Every time that I trained, I fought with intense aggression and distinct discipline. I was determined to get my revenge against the fool who ordered my parents’ incarceration against their will without probable cause or due process, so much that one day, I transformed in the training hall, and readied my Burning Lone Star Strike, only for Grandpa to restrain me from initiating my attack. “Stop, Minako!” Grandpa shouted. “If you use that attack here, you’ll blow up the entire dojo and blow our cover! Change back now!” “Sorry, Grandpa,” I said, sheathing the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken and changing back.

Today is Wednesday, and I woke up groggy at 7:00 AM. I walked around the dojo trying to get a grasp of where exactly I was. Nearly all the rooms looked the same; just blank rooms with a closet for storage, and futons to sleep on. “Is it me or do all the rooms look the same?” I asked. Then, I remembered a room with a balcony sticking out to the lake. I walked to the balcony, where I finally got a glimpse of fresh air through a sliding paper door. I could hear the sounds of the forest; insects chirping, birds singing, and woodpeckers pecking at the trees. In the distance, I saw the Statue of Sam Houston sticking out from above the trees. In Houston, people could only see the statue when they drove on the interstate highway, which was located on the edge with the forest. I was rather amazed and mesmerized to see such wooded beauty, but I was rather surprised that this part of the dojo was sticking out without anybody noticing. I then heard Grandpa chuckling. “So now, you’ve seen what there is to see in this special dojo, great warrior!” he said. “What do you mean, Grandpa?” I asked.

“Well, great warrior,” Grandpa replied. “When I designed this dojo, it was not practical to transport heavy furniture into this place without getting caught by authorities. So I could only rely on the traditional Japanese interior design in order to make this dojo look authentically Japanese as possible. That means, there is little to no furniture in this dojo. Except for in the kitchen, anything we need to sit or sleep on requires the use of zabutons and futons. But I designed them to be as comfortable as can be, making dining and bedtime as simple a breeze.” “I see,” I remarked. “But what’s with that balcony sticking out in the middle of the forest like that?” I asked. “Can’t someone wind up finding this dojo and evicting us out?” Grandpa laughed. “Well, ever since the country’s gone to hell, people stopped going to national parks and forests because they were far too busy to cater to the stupid liberal politics. Today’s generation just doesn’t care for the old American ways that they prefer to be brainwashed into waving rainbows, killing fetuses, giving up their guns and so-forth rather than go canoeing, camping, hiking and such. Knowing that, however, I decided to be covert when I was building this dojo. Using my skills as a samurai, and as a master carpenter, I sneaked into the forest late at night, obtained the materials I needed, and I assembled this dojo over a single acre of the forest, and your Grandma and I moved in.” “But isn’t it a crime to destroy a forest, grandpa?” I asked sternly. Grandpa started, “It is only a crime if I had torn down trees to build this dojo. “Oh, I see,” I muttered. “The forest is Mother Nature’s greatest relic, and it is a powerful force to be reckoned with,” remarked Grandpa. “That’s why we cannot let our dojo be found by the Government, because it would mean the complete destruction of the Sam Houston National Forest if so. Emily Barryway would firebomb the whole forest if they found us!” “And as a great Samurai Beauty,” I replied. “I will protect this forest no matter what.” “Very well, great warrior,” replied Grandpa. “Now, let’s go get something to eat,” I said.

Grandpa and I went to the kitchen, where we saw Grandma cooking breakfast. I was rather thrown off by the unusual kitchen setup my grandmother had. Instead of the usual four-burner gas range my parents have at home, Grandma had only a two-burner gas stove with a small fish burner in the middle and no oven. She was cooking scrambled eggs in the left burner, and French Toast in the right burner. “Our great warrior is here for her morning meal, Naoko!” boomed Grandpa. At that point, Grandma turned and greeted me with, “Good morning, great warrior!” “Good morning,” I replied back. In her left hand, Grandma used a pair of chopsticks to skewer the scrambled eggs into omelets, and a spatula in her right hand to flip the French Toast over. I was rather astounded by her cooking skills. “Can you teach me how to cook like that, Grandma?” I asked. “You’ll learn as time goes on, great warrior,” she replied while setting the cooked meals onto the plates.

The table in the kitchen was set up with plates for all three of us as Grandma began to serve the meals. Then, while speaking in Japanese, my grandparents declared in unisom, “Itadakimasu!” It’s a Japanese phrase that usually means, “let’s eat” or “Thank you for the meal,” spoken before Japanese people begin eating. As we were eating, we were watching the local Houston news stations, in which they were discussing about the battle in my neighborhood two weeks ago. “Authorities have concluded that the explosion in the Northeast neighborhood two months ago was caused by several teenagers messing around in the neighborhood. Although foul play is not suspected, however, authorities have stationed police officers and the S.W.A.T. team at the scene of the crime for the past two months, and they will continue to monitor the area for seven more days to make sure further events do not occur,” the newscaster said. “Why won’t those news guys stop lying?” I said. “Teenagers messing around, indeed!” Grandma added. “Duly noted,” warned Grandpa. “If they find out what really happened, it could jeopardize our mission. So it is only obvious that the media would be biased on this story. Finish your food, Great Warrior.”

I finished eating and proceeded to take a shower in the bathroom you would not believe until you see for yourself. When I got to the bathroom, I noticed that the room was very large, and had multiple shower stalls, a locker room for storing clothes, and a large tub the size of a swimming pool; everything gazing across a wall of windows to the outside. “Why would Grandma and Grandpa need some kind of Japanese bathhouse for an ordinary bathroom?” I asked. “It’s not like we’re having more than one person taking a bath at the same time. Oh well, it doesn’t bother me much because I’m part Japanese.” I stood in the shower, staring at myself in the mirror when I noticed a mark, in the shape of a pink flame, was inscribed on my right arm. “What does this mark mean?” I asked. “This mark was never there before I arrived in the dojo for the first time. Did it appear after I bonded to the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken?

I got out of the shower and put my clothes on. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford and Major James Ingram were training near the Washington Monument. They were engaging in target practice using their AK-47s with Lt. Gordon and Captain Henry watching. The training dummies were heavily damaged by their bullets, but they continued firing. “I’m starting to believe that we need new dummies,” remarked Captain Henry. “Shut up, Captain!” yelled the Major. “PAY ATTENTION, MAJOR,” yelled Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford, as they continued their training. The Major then fired a missile, smaller than Lt. Gordon’s, at the target, but he missed. Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford fired a missile and struck his dummy, which ultimately destroyed his own and the Major’s. “That is how a professional does it,” Ford boasted.

When they finished, they returned to the Lincoln Memorial Barracks to grab some lunch. They were leaving their training site when the Major asked, “Sergeant Ford, what is your plan for the Japanese female?” “IT’S MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT THOMAS FORD, YOU DISRESPECTFUL MAJOR!!!” Ford puffed angrily. “I’VE TRAINED YOU AND YOUR MEN HOW TO BE PREPARED TO TAKE ON THE JAPANESE BITCH FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS, AND YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR HIGHER RANKS?! YOU NEED TO STOP SHORTENING MY TITLE, BECAUSE ONLY LOW-CLASS SOLDIERS SHORTEN NAMES!! RESPECT YOUR SUPERIORS OR BE DEMOTED!!” At that moment, Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford pulled out a spear from his pocket and attached it to his AK-47 to make a bayonet. Ford charged to try to stab the Major, but then, they heard a loud voice. “MASTER MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT FORD, MAJOR INGRAM, CEASE THIS PETTY ARGUMENT IMMEDIATELY!!” The four soldiers turned their heads, and saw Emily Barryway observing the fight. “Well well well, I am disappointed to see you guys fighting each other instead of the enemy.” “My sincere apologies, Mrs. President,” remarked the Major. At that point, Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford punched Major James, knocking him down. “No, I apologize for this because the Major does not know how to address his superiors—“ “You both do not know how to address YOUR superiors,” interrupted Emily Barryway. “You are dismissed to your quarters, Ford. Thank you for training with the Major.” Thomas Ford did not like that the President did not address him by his proper rank, but did not argue with her. “Understood, Mrs. President,” he said.

“Now that the Gunnery is out of the way, I have a plan for the three of you,” said President Barryway. “Whatever it is, Mrs. President,” said the Major. “I have received reports that school students around the country are walking out of class in protest against anti-Christian, pro-Islamic tolerance lessons. I’ve seen comments on social media, from both parents and students, stating these lessons are “dangerous” because they believe that Islam, the Religion of Peace, is not peaceful and is instead encouraging violence against Christian students. The situation has gotten especially worse at one Houston school, where the parents of these children and the school staff are encouraging their children to bring Bibles to school and read them instead of accepting the required Islamic teachings. But the children are in for a rude awakening if they think they are going to get their own rights to practice Christianity, in the name of Separation of Church and State.”

“So, Mrs. President,” said Major James. “You wish for us to infiltrate the school and force the children to sit in class for the required lessons?” “That is precise, Major Ingram. All three of you are going to Grand Memorial High School to decimate those children, and show them who the real boss of them are in this country. Those children, and their parents, had better get the point that once the children enter those school doors, they have no rights. Major James, you are to inform the school staff about the impending operation, which will occur as a surprise lockdown drill during regular instruction hours. Guns are required to be drawn on the children no matter what.  Captain Henry, do not hesitate to take prisoners if necessary. And Lt. Gordon, you are authorized to use your heavy artillery when the Major authorizes any discharge of weapons.” “Very well then,” the three soldiers responded.

“Any questions, men?” she asked. At that point, Captain Henry asked, “Mrs. President, while we are performing this operation, what if that Japanese girl sees us and blows our cover?” Emily Barryway responded, “Hmm, I doubt that girl attends this school, but this calls for a change of plans. When you arrive at the school, you three will split up. Captain Henry, you will stakeout the area in the Hyper-Gyro within a radius of 5000 feet to signal your partners if the Japanese female approaches. Major James, you will be on standby near the school, and he will also be the one who – when I give the orders – take students prisoner if they begin their anti-Islamic protests. And Lt. Gordon, you will ambush the Japanese girl when Captain Henry signals you to attack.” “We understand,” the three soldiers replied. “As a side note,” continued Emily. “Each of you three will also have these three swords to use – one for each of you – to engage the Japanese female in close combat should she attempt to attack either of you three. Use these blades with pride.” “We shall,” the trio replied, taking their new swords. “Very well, then. You may proceed to the school immediately,” ordered Emily Barryway.

As the trio boarded the Hyper-Gyro and warped to the school, Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford had been listening to the conversation. He thought, why did President Barryway silence me, and steal my idea for an attack?! He entered the Oval Office in a rather foul mood. “Mrs. President,” he started. “What errands have you in my office, Master Gunnery Sergeant?” asked President Barryway. “I don’t understand, why are you sending Major James Ingram to carry out this mission, instead of I, your highest-ranking warrior? I could easily control the political dissidence that these Conservatives pose.” President Barryway thought about it, and said, “Normally, I would have sent you and the rest of my army on such a simplified mission, but in the unlikely event that you were to be killed or seriously injured in combat, it would be devastating for our overall mission because we would have no upper ranks to carry the task locally. As a result, I, as President of the United States, would become vulnerable to an attack, whether it’s here in Washington, D.C., or elsewhere in the country. Your services are needed here at the White House in order to ensure my safety.” Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford was still unsatisfied with his orders. “But Mrs. President,” he gasped. “This discussion is over,” replied Emily Barryway. Then she yelled, “YOU, SERGEANT FORD, HAD BETTER WATCH YOUR TONGUE, AND NOT QUESTION MY ORDERS AGAIN UNLESS YOUR PLAN IS TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS ENSIGN PERCY KLEIN!!!” Master Gunnery Sergeant Ford was still bitter within his mind, but accepted his duty. “Understood, Mrs. President,” he replied as he left the Oval Office.

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