Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Enter the Orphaned Sisters

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



While we were still on the road, students at Grand Memorial High School were in class waiting to be dismissed from class for lunch. They were impatiently eyeballing their mobile phones to communicate with other students in the campus. At that moment, the teacher began to discuss about Islam, when all of the students began taking out their bibles, and complaining about Islam in protest. “Students, we are not discussing Christianity, this is about Islam, so put the Bibles away, now.” Then, one student – a tall, strong girl – was in the hallway texting when she saw the room from the hallway. “What is that teacher doing?” she asked. “I’ll be taking these bibles now,” the teacher said. “We will tolerate Islam, or we will punish the disobedient.” One student refused to give up his Bible, so the teacher punched the student in the face, and began flipping his desk over, knocking him off his chair. He was defenseless, and incapable of defending himself, for he was unable to move. “Let that be a warning for Christian dissidents,” the teacher threatened.

At that moment, the tall girl entered the room. “How about a facelift?” she said. The teacher looked towards the girl. “What did you just say, you infidel?” snapped the teacher. “You heard me…the students of this country are tired of all this Political Correctness, so just give the issue a rest already,” said the girl. “I don’t think so,” the teacher warned. He walked into the hallway, placing his hand on the student’s arm. “Get your hand off my arm now, or you’re going to regret it,“ the girl threatened. “I don’t think so!” replied the teacher. But then, the girl punched the teacher in the face, falling to the floor! He was furious as he rose back up. “Now you’re going to get it, you stupid bitch!” he said charging at her preparing to put her in a headlock. Students began chanting, “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” as they watched the teacher jump to put himself in a deadlock with the student, strangling her with his arms. Almost before it was too late, the teacher found himself gasping for air when the girl laid a heavy kick. Students were laughing as they saw where the girl kicked the teacher. “I’ll make you…pay for this…you fucking…bitch!” the teacher muttered, clutching his groin. At that moment, other students began to leave the classroom, carrying their Bibles to the cafeteria to read them. “Come…back here, you…disobedient…infidels,” moaned the teacher painfully. As the students left the classroom, they were talking in curiosity. “Who was that girl?” asked a male student. “She’s the transfer student who got kicked out of her old school for racism and sexism,” replied a female student. “I’d date her for 2 weeks with that conservative attitude,” flirted the male student. “Why bother trying to befriend that bigot? She’ll just get kicked out of school, anyway,” said a liberal student.

Meanwhile, the tall girl immediately got away from the room and left the school without blinking an eye, feeling guilty for her actions. “I didn’t mean to pick a fight at school, but I had to stand my ground. Yet, somehow, I feel that the problem with kids being forced to learn about Islam may escalate today. The school has been drilling this so-called ‘tolerance’ down the kids’ throats because they believe in Separation of Church and State, but they’re horrible hypocrites for using that against Christians, and not using it against Islam.” As the tall girl continued walking, a short girl stopped her. “Luci, where are you going?” she asked. “I am going home, Tina,” replied Luci. “Did you get into another fight?” asked Tina. Luci was nervous to respond, but she had no choice. “Yes, Tina, I did, but not with a student. I had to hit a teacher for attacking another student physically.” “That was rather stupid of you to fight in school. If mom and dad were still here, they would likely have been disappointed in your outbursts of violence that you’ve displayed since their disappearance.” Luci stopped to think about her actions. “Perhaps, you’re right, little sister,” she said. “Yet, because mom and dad aren’t around, I’m the only one who can protect you from harm. Remember that even though we’re both 19 year-old twins, I was born before you between 10:55pm and 12:30am.” “I know,” replied Tina. “Now, go back to class and I’ll come get you after school,” said Luci.

Meanwhile, Captain Henry had been watching the area via the Hyper-Gyro for our movement, when he spotted our vehicle moving towards the school. “Lt. Gordon, the Japanese female is rapidly approaching your whereabouts to arrive at the school! Prepare for battle!” he ordered. “Copy that,” replied Lt. Gordon. “My artillery is prepared for an ambush strike!” “Major James, how is the situation at the school?” asked the Captain. “So far, I am outside the school, trying to enter without being detected by students or staff.” Then, President Barryway interrupted. “Major James,” she said. “It is unwise to sneak into the building through the doors or windows, as it will blow our cover. Try to scale the building to the rooftop, and enter through the air duct. No one will suspect you if you do that.” “Roger, Mrs. President!” replied the Major. “Very well, then,” President Barryway replied. But as the Major was preparing to enter, he spots Luci running out of campus yelling, “Fuck this shit! Fuck separation of church and state! If we cannot have freedom of speech and freedom of expression for Christians, then fuck this shithole!” The Major saw an opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, we were still on the road, only 2 miles away from our destination when my thoughts turned to my parents. I was feeling rather worried about them because I wanted to go and rescue them right away. “Minako,” said Grandma. “It seems that your thoughts of your parents are clouding your concentration.” I gasped at her remark. “How did you know, Grandma?” “You must not let your emotions control your actions during your mission, lest it distracts you from destroying our enemy and gets you killed,” she warned. “I understand, Grandma,” I replied.

Suddenly, a surprise warning shot from afar was fired towards the car, sparking as it hit the ground! In an instant, Grandpa slammed the brakes and brought the vehicle to a sudden stop. “What the hell was that?!” Grandpa shouted. Nobody was hurt, but as we got out of the car to see if my parents’ vehicle was damaged, another warning shot was fired, blowing out one of the fog lights on the front of the SUV! “Locked on target, Japanese girl!” a voice shouted.

I looked to my left, and saw Lieutenant Gordon, who jumped out from afar to fire at us with a short-ranged missile strike. In an instant, I drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken out of its sheathe, and countered the missile, which exploded safely in the sky away from nearby homes and vehicles. “Woah! That attack nearly destroyed the nearby suburbs!” Then I heard Lt. Gordon laughing sinisterly. “Are you surprised to see me, Japanese girl?” the Lieutenant boasted, walking up to us preparing his heavy artillery for another lethal strike. “You’d better thank the stars if you ever live another day again, Japanese bitch!” “If you think you are going to interfere with our mission, you are sadly mistaken, Gordon!” called Grandma. “We’ll see about that,” Lt. Gordon boasted, as he spawned the Politidroids to attack. “Minako, prepare to transform,” remarked Grandpa. “Raise the sword in the sky, and you will be changed!” “Right,” I replied. Without missing a beat, I raised the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken into the air, and the blade began to glow. At that point, I magically disrobed to my naked body, and my Power Suit materialized. Then I said, “If you think I’m going to let you get away with kidnapping my parents, and hijacking this peaceful high school, I will never forgive you! I am Minako Himiya, the warrior-in-training authorized by my grandparents to obliterate your evil ways and restore peace and tranquility to the USA. I point my sword at you as a warning to repent for your evil ways, or I’ll chastise you!”

Lt. Gordon stopped, and then he laughed. “What’s next, Japanese bitch?! You think that silly monologue is going to change the situation? Because it ain’t!” I didn’t flinch. “Try me,” I boasted. Then the Politidroids attacked. I began thrusting and slicing the foot soldiers repetitively, but Lt. Gordon continued spawning more to hold me back. “Damn it! There’s so many of these useless heaps of metal, I can hardly keep up!” I yelled. Grandpa and Grandma were also fighting the Politidroids. “These pieces of scrap metal need to be disposed of immediately!” suggested Grandpa. “Indeed, Takeru!” Grandma replied back. But as they were fighting, they found themselves overpowered when Grandpa got flipped over, flat on his face on the ground, followed by Grandma being flat on her back on the ground. “Grandpa! Grandma! Are you both okay?!” I asked. “We’re fine, Minako!” grunted Grandpa. “Stay focused and finish those wannabe-soldiers!” added Grandma. “Right,” I replied.

I raised the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken into the sky, igniting the blade into flames, during which I was able to take out a larger scale of Politidroids than before as I blew the rest to smithereens. Firey explosions and parts flew everywhere, and there was more blood that stuck to the ground where the Politidroids once stood. I still could not grasp the reason why androids could bleed, but then, Lt. Gordon jumped in front of me and engaged me into melee. He drew his sword and tried to cut my throat. In horror, I faked out by voluntarily falling on my back, somersaulting backwards to avoid being sliced. As I dodged his knife, Gordon continued trying to cut me up, until a split-second decision resulted in standing on my feet and slashing my sword at his feet, tripping Lt. Gordon into dropping his sword. “You impudent bastard!” Gordon growled as I charged at him with my sword. “GET READY FOR IT!!” I cried. Lt. Gordon was defenseless as I laid blow after blow on him, sending sparks off all over his body. And then, I prepared the Burning Lone Star Strike to finish him off. Lt. Gordon was incapacitated that he could not move! Then I commanded, “BURNING LONE STAR STRIKE!!!” The attack traveled to Lt. Gordon, but almost before he was struck, he stuck his hands out to try blocking the attack. “What?! NO!” I gasped. The attack continued pushing Lt. Gordon, but he continued resisting as he was skidding his feet on the road. Suddenly, the attack exploded in a fiery burst, seemingly engulfing Lt. Gordon as a massive shockwave slammed through the area. “AAAAAAAARGH!!” yelled Lt. Gordon.

Meanwhile, Luci approached the battlefield, and was tripped by the shockwave of the explosion. She approached and hid behind a nearby neighborhood sign, sneaking a brief peek without revealing herself. “What in the world could’ve caused that explosion?” she said in bewilderment.

The smoke from the explosion was very thick as the flames continued burning. For all purposes, I could not see Lt. Gordon anywhere, so I had to assume that I defeated him. “Good riddance,” I said. But as the smoke cleared, Lt. Gordon was still standing! I gasped in shock. “Impossible!” remarked Grandma. “How did that bastard survive Minako’s attack?!” said Grandpa. Lt. Gordon was smiling. “Impressive, Japanese girl,” remarked Lt. Gordon. “Your combat skills are improving, but you’ll have to do better than that pathetic attack to defeat me or the rest of us DHS soldiers!” At that moment, Lt. Gordon collapsed to the ground from exhaustion, while Captain Henry jumped from the air to render aid to Lt. Gordon. “Lt. Gordon, what the hell happened out here?!” demanded the Captain. “I held off that Japanese girl as much as I could with the Politidroids and myself, but she nearly bested me with her final attack! I stood there, attempting to counter that burning strike, or whatever the hell she calls it, and before I knew it, KA-BOOM!” “Better thank the Quran you’re alive, Gordon,” remarked the Captain as he put him into the Hyper-Gyro. “I am sending you back to DC to recover, Gordon.” “No,” replied, Lt. Gordon.” “This battle isn’t over,” he moaned. “We need to get to the school and teach those anti-Islamic infidels a lesson…with modern warfare!” At that moment, Luci gasped in shock, having apparently overheard the whole conversation. “They’re going to attack the school for this?!” she boomed. “If I don’t warn the principal, hundreds of students, even my sister Tina, could get killed!” She turned back to return to the school, but she was then confronted by Major James. Luci stood there and gasped. “Who the hell are you?” she exclaimed. “Never mind that!” the Major sneered. “That’s for me to know and you to never find out! Now tell me what you just exclaimed outside the school just a little while ago.” Luci had not a clue what the Major was talking about. “I don’t know what you mean, sir,” she replied. “Now I must get back home.” Before she could get very far, the Major threw a firebomb in front of her, detonating with immense force. Luci was beyond scared. “I don’t think so, bitch,” snapped the Major. “What the fuck are you doing?!” yelled Luci. “Don’t you DARE play fucking dumb with me, bitch,” threatened the Major. “I saw you walking out of the school shouting, ‘Fuck this shit! Fuck separation of church and state! If we cannot have freedom of speech and freedom of expression for Christians, then fuck this shithole!’ I saw that on good authority, and you have committed a grave crime against the United States of America for that burst of anger!” The Major pointed his AK-47 at the Luci’s face, ready to fire. Luci screamed, but she was instantly knocked out by the Major, who jumped behind her and laid a heavy kick behind her.

As Grandma, Grandpa and I were trying to get away from Lt. Gordon and Captain Henry, I happened to hear the scream, but faintly. Not knowing what was going on, we got back in the SUV and continued to drive to Grand Memorial High School, until we went near the neighborhood sign, where we saw the Major torturing a girl, whom I thought was an innocent bystander. The Major turned his head, and saw us. “Damn! That Japanese girl is here!” he said, as he caught a brief glance of my face through the window of our SUV. “Stop the car, Grandpa,” I said. “I see the Major.” As I tried to leave the car, Grandma tried to stop me. “Never mind him,” she said. “We have to get to the school before the soldiers do.” “But the Major is torturing an innocent bystander!” I said, jumping out through the sunroof. I drew my sword, but then the Major drew his sword, and pointed it at the unconscious girl’s neck! “Do not come close to my proximity, you fascist bitch!” warned the Major. “If you make one close move towards me, I will kill this girl, who I had caught insulting separation of church and state by asking for Christians to have freedom of speech!” I cringed at the mere excuse the Major provided. I was in disbelief that he would kill an innocent person who was against the censorship of Christianity. “You are fucking ruthless, you kidnapper!” I said, ignoring his warning and charging at the Major with my sword. But as I charged, the Major yelled. “Your loss, Japanese girl!” He tried to make a cut on her neck, but not before I drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, and knocked his sword away from her neck and out of the Major’s hands. Major James was infuriated. “I will make you pay for that, you fucking whore!” he snapped.

“I am really pissed,” I started. “First, you took my parents away for no reason, and now you prey on innocent school kids who oppose you?! You are really fucked up in the brain,” I said. “I’m fucked up in the brain?!” boomed the Major. “You’re dreaming if you think we, Liberals, are fucked up in the brain when you should learn to follow the law and tolerate the rule of Political Correctness, as your founding fathers intended!” I didn’t flinch. “Fat chance,” I replied. “Our founding fathers never believed in Political Correctness, and you know it,” a voice said. I turned my head, and saw the girl get back on her feet. “America was founded on Pseudo-Christian beliefs of freedom of expression, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and if you think you’re going to change this country to fit your twisted views that the military must apprehend those who don’t agree with you, then you must be a…FUCKING COMMUNIST!!” At that moment, she charged at the Major with a fist, and began to punch repeatedly. “Who is that girl I rescued?” I asked.

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