Peter and the Sun God

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In a world with human, god, and devil, Peter found his way of magic and became the savior of his world.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Chapter 1: The Magic

In a gloomy world with a gloomy sun, the unenthusiastic sun had never set but never bright neither.  Fog lingering around as people were poor and sick.  War racked hog the country. There seemed to have no hope of happiness.....

Around piles of bodies and dirty old objects, people tried to salvage what could be seemed not worth a dime or nickel that could mean a bit of food or to keep them warm.  Among the scavengers was Peter.  He was thin, tall, and handsome. His eyes sparkled with rare grim of hope and wisdom other than the rest of the same age.  He carefully searched through those objects and found a strange looking piece of cloth.  It was straight and rectangle shape and clean as new.  As he put his hand on the strange cloth, he could feel magic ran through his vein.  He realized the first time what was magic and the principle of how to use magic as if the cloth had just taught him.

It's about the same time another young kid just picked up an old dull knife and a group of soldiers just showed up surrounding all the scavengers.  The soldiers yelled "rebels!" and started to raise arms and approach the scavengers.  Peter raised and fanned the strange cloth at the surrounding soldiers.  Suddenly, howling strong wind blew all the soldiers far away.

The scavengers ran away before the soldiers could regroup and caught them.  As Peter turned away in the street corner after he's sure everyone left safely, a young girl about his age wearing a pair of old fashioned broken glasses caught his arm and said "What you just did was amazing.  I'm in your debt.  May I ask you a huge favor?"  Peter took the girl far away from those soldiers and then asked, “What can I do for you?"  The girl shied away a small distance then said, "I have a weird illness."  She hesitated a bit then continued, "Every time I tried to step up a stair or any obstacles, I would fall on my back.  It became very painful and affect my daily life severely.  No one know why it happens and no one can help me.  Sometimes I cried myself to sleep.  With the power you have, maybe you can help me?"  She even demonstrated her "illness" in front of Peter.  Then, Peter said, "What I did was magic.  Magic has two forms.  First one can control physical forms like earth and trees.  Second one can control nonphysical elements like wind and fire. But there's nothing about magic can cure illness."  The girl didn't believe him and kept begging Peter.  Peter said, "Let me show you magic then you'll know. Just don't move no matter what you see."  Peter touched the ground with one hand and closed his eyes.  After few seconds, the ground started to wave up and down and trees slide across the road running like a river.  The girl was terrified and started running. She got caught by a sand hill and started to sink as Peter jumped in and grabbed her.  She was shaken and her glasses were lost in the sand hill. She started to weep and understood what magic was about.  As Peter look at the shaken girl, he then realized she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Peter said, "I'll tried my best."

Chapter 2: The Sun God

Few years later, two teenagers were fighting fiercely that attracted a group of people curiosity.  One little girl shouted, "We should call the police."  One old woman laying on a chair said, "There's no need for alarm.  They are my sons and are just practicing for the yearly fighting competition."  The old woman was content that her sons were doing their best to earn a living.  Fighting competition were ways the country picked talented fighters. And for some, it's good way to earn a living.  The two teenagers were strong and restless.  They kept on until the curious crowd disbanded. Not until one boy stuck a heavy blow into the ground right next to the fallen boy head then they stopped.  The winning brother smiled and walked away.  The losing brother looked a bit bumped.  He said to himself, "I don't want to owe you the punch".  As he stood up, he hold his fist as tightly as he could and getting ready to strike his own face, the sun shook his head....

The sun was indeed the sun god.  He had been shining the world with his unenthusiastic sunlight for millions of years.  He looked over the barrier that no human could see to the world, trying to find something that could interest himself.  He saw what the losing boy was going to do and he frowned. The sun god flipped a 360 degree up and over the barrier and landed himself next to the boy and shook his head.  As the boy amazed and in disbelieve, the sun god, who was now in human form but still very bright walked across the village.  As the sun god walked pass village, fog was lifted. Any illness related to the moisture was suddenly healed. Those villagers were of course delighted.  The sun god didn't take notice and kept walking as he could sense that there's something of great interest was in front of him. He walked right through the front door of Peter's home and met Peter, he could feel that Peter was very much out of the ordinary.  And Peter gave a big bow to the sun god. The sun god was very curious about Peter but determined to go on to the next room.  Still thinking about Peter, the sun god came to stop in front of a vibrating very odd shaped chair. The sun god asked Peter about this chair and Peter said, “I made this chair with magic to aid my ailing mother who had trouble falling asleep."  The sun god eyes widened because he couldn't sleep for millions of years and decided to lay down on this chair.  As the sun god lay down on the chair, he started to fall asleep and his light grew dimmer and dimmer.  The villagers noticed the sky grew almost completely dark and started to panic as did Peter. Peter tried everything but failed to wake up the sun god....

Chapter 3: The battle

Days passed, until one day, an old worn out looking man showed up at Peter house.  With his wand pointing at the sleeping sun god and exclaiming some magical spell, the old man wand shot out a bright lightning bolt at the sun god and woke the sun god up.

The sun god was furious as the old man shout out, "I'll challenge you."  The sun god and the old man walked out of Peter house and their clothes started to change into more suited for magical battle.  Peter was trying to dissuade them from battling.  Peter said, "I learned the 3 rd form of magic which is healing.  We can surely help a lot of people with magic other than battle each other." But Peter was ignore.  The sun god rise high to the sky laughing at the old man and said, "You challenge the sun god?"  And the sun god started to cast out fire bolts to the old man.  The old man also started to cast his spell as he dodged the fire bolts.  However, there was no lightning bolt or any attacking magic toward the sun god.  There was just strange colored lights started to form around the sun god.  The battle kept on as the angry sun god gave out many larger fire bolts to the old man.  The old man had to counter some of those but kept on casting on the strange lights surrounding the sun god.  Until the strange lights formed a complete castle shape and none of the sun god fire bolts could came out of the castle of lights.  The old man exclaimed,” You will never escape this castle.  Not even the Great God can!"

The sun god laughed and said,” I know the weakness of this...."  The sun god transformed himself into a flat figure and started to slip out from the middle button of the castle of lights.  The old man jump right on top of the now transformed sun god and grabbed the sun god's neck.  The old man laughed, "I know you know about the weakness.  And I know that after a god transformed, there's a brief moment that the god is vulnerable."  The sun god was furious but powerless to escape.  Then the old man said to the sun god, "You need to make a binding oath to go back to your realm, do your job, and never come back again."  The sun god said, "No, I don't want to go back.  I can't sleep over there and I want to sleep."  The old man said, "I'll make you a deal.  If you go back, I'll ask Peter to give you the chair.  You can use it half a day every day."  The sun god agreed. From that day on, there would be half a day with bright sun light and half a day almost completely dark daily.

After the sun god left, the old man walked to Peter.  He could see a great potential of Peter.  He asked Peter, "Would you like to be my apprentice?"  Peter smiled and gladly accepted.


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