The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Another Ending

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A story about how the very hungry caterpillars brother called Solomon hasn't found a happy ending.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



„How convenient“, said Solomon the tiny greedy caterpillar. 

Summer has just begun and there were yards and yards of trees shining brightly green.

No matter what direction he would take all he spotted were the most beautiful leafs mother nature could provide, he liked them.. they looked just like him!


While Solomon chewed on his third leaf he considered that all those leafs might be in his, and only his, possession. And what a keen little caterpillar he was! Crawling and chewing his way from one tree to another cleaning the leafs with his mouth until they were bald and naked leaving them with nothing but their fragile skeleton. 


Good will, he filled his tummy increasingly while ignoring the exhaustion and the ache he felt.

However.. his neighbors, the beautiful but horrifying weevils, got so hungry in the meanwhile that you could you hear their tummies grumble through the yards and yards of trees, not that much shining brightly green anymore. Instead of sharing Solomon danced and flipped and spun around and sang the happiest songs ignoring the hungry weevils but all of sudden...Ugh! Whimper! Whine!


Solomons tummy was aching so hard he couldn’t quite ignore it anymore so he begun to spin some soft and silky thread around his naked leafs to build a place where he could relieve himself. 

Tired and weakened he fell asleep, almost immediately right after, absurdly in the exact same spot. 


Little did Solomon know that the hungry weevils were just waiting for him to fall asleep.

With grumbling tummies the poor creatures found no other way out than eating the only thing that was left — Solomon. 


„Silly fools!“, screamed Solomon waking up from pain feeling his flesh ripping off and hearing the loud noises the weevils made stuffing their mouths with his guts full of leafs and it wasn’t long till Solomon looked quite like the heap he would have left there before.


While his greediness led Solomon into a rather gloomy fate the weevils ended their day fed-up and satisfied. 



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