Isean's Path - Vol.1 - Heartless

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a dark fantasy story. a downcast, enslaved young man uncovers his dark future.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



A Dozen boys stand around in a circle. Oil lamps illuminating their grim faces. “I can't believe it,” whispered a voice from the crowd. The soft spatter of dripping water reaches out and touches the children’s ears. “This is the third one this month.” Stalactites hang here and there from the caves ceiling. “Looks like someone's used his chest as a cutting board,” Stuttered a voice from the crowd.  “He had a hurt leg just like the others,” speaks a tall raven haired young man. “What are you saying Isean, if we get hurt that they'll kill us.” “Yes,” Isean replies with a smooth calming voice.  A hush falls over the gathered boys the only sound heard is the spatter of water against stone, in the distance. “What are we going to do?” asks  a dirty faced boy, breaking the silence. Isean knells beside the battered corpse and closes the boys bruised eyes and whispers. “Kill them all.” “If the masters done this why would they leave him here to be found?,” Asks a voice from the crowd.  “A warning, there always going on about not wandering into the inner caves.” “Who cares why they done it, its enough that they did.” speaks Isean shaking his head in agreement. An older boy named Daylen kneels beside the corpse and speaks softly. “He was just a kid.... a good kid. They should pay but we can't possibly kill all these guards. We must find away to escape.” Daylen Stands up. “I am the oldest here, I believe. I think escape is our only hope.” Isean stands. “We could...” The thud of boots and the clink of chain-mail is approaching. Daylen quickly speaks. ”We'll make a plan at midday meal.” Evil Jon rounds the corner. A horrible man, if ever there was one. His arms are covered with snake tattoos and a cord of snake fangs hang from his neck. He stops at the body, hand on dagger handle. “What do we have here? I've told you boys time and time again not to wander into the caves. This is what happens when you don't listen. Now get back to work!” Evil Jon coldly grabs the dead boys arm and starts dragging him further into the caves. Jon starts whistling a joyous tune as he exits the area. Isean brushes his dark hair back revealing his shadowed eyes. “You just made it onto my list, bastard.”
“We should kill every one of them,” Isean exclaims, as he spoons beans into his mouth.” Slip a little something in there wine barrels and away go's are problems.” Several nearby oil lamps do there best to hold back the cave's darkness with their orange light. “That is way to dangerous,” Daylen responds, do you have any poison?” “No,” Isean slowly mouths. “Then we can't poison the guards and there's no way past the guards at the entrance but there are rarely guards back in the caves. Yes there's risk but less than the other choices.” The smell of beans and sheep stew traverses through out the cavern. A small dirty face boy speaks up. “I think Daylen is right and there has to be another way out of these caves. These caves run for miles into the mountain or so I have heard.” Several other boys shake there heads in agreement. “If you run from the bear he'll kill you,” mumbles Isean, as he brushes his coal black hair back behind his ear. “I don't like this but I am with you.” Daylen's sharp blue eyes turn to Isean. “Glad to hear it, we will need you. One hour after bedtime we will slowly start gathering are supplies.” Daylen grabs the shoulder of the boy next to him.”It will be your job to sneak into the food pantry and get three bags full. Can you do this, without getting spotted?” “Absolutely,” the boy agreed. Daylen then turned to another boy. “You get a bag full of torches and another bag of oil lamps and oil skins.” He shakes his head in agreement. “There is plenty of water through out these caves. Lets just hope its the same further in.” Daylen stands. “One hour after bedtime then.”
The cool crisp air of the caves crept about as the twelve boys lay waiting for Daylen's signal. Daylen stands and puts his finger to his mouth and whispers. “Quietly and quickly.” The boys move in a flurry but quit as mice. The only sounds to be heard are the constant splatter and plop of dripping water. One kid returns with bags of food giving Daylen a thumbs up. Then shortly the light bearer with his bags of torches and lamps. They divide the bags and stealthily begin there journey. Isean leads the group as Daylen brings up the rear. Slowly and steadily they make progress into the ink black caverns. At the front of the line a light flares into existence when Isean uncovers the oil lamp in his hand. “I think we are far enough in to risk some light.” Several boys jump at the sound of something scuttling off, away from the light. “Just rats,” one boy whispers. The new light allowed the little band of adventures to move a bit faster. The sound of running water reaches out and touches Isean's ears. He turns and whispers. “Water ahead.” The message travels back through the group one boy at a time until it reaches Daylen. “Don't fill your canteens until we test it,” Daylen replies. The cavern opened up larger than normal at the small stream. The kids all fanned out next to the water. The first time in what seems like forever Isean sees his reflection, as he leans over the water. He rubs his face softly. “I look much older than seventeen winters.” Dark bags hung beneath his sharp brown eyes. Thin, wispy facial hair darkened his face. Isean tasted some water from his hand. “Seems good.” Suddenly, Daylen's reflection appears next to Isean's. Daylen tries some water. “I think your right, tastes great. Everyone drink your fill and fill your canteens if they need it.” Isean catches sight of something red a few yards over the stream, just inside the lamp light. 
“There called Demon's Blood.” Isean holds a few small red mushrooms in his outstretched hand. The boys eyes widens. “Can we eat them?” “Sure you can, if you want to die,” Isean grimly smiles at the little boy. “Help me gather some of these.” He sits a small bag on the ground and starts adding mushrooms. Isean snaps his hand around the boys arm. “Do not ever put one of these in your mouth and wash your hands in the stream when we are done.” In no time Isean and his helper had a bag full of Demon's Blood mushrooms. He ties the bag onto his belt and pats the boys curly red head. “Go wash your hands and thanks, kid.” The boy darts to the stream. After a short rest and there fill of water. The boys continue there slow trek into the caves. After an hour of walking in the dark Isean stops abruptly. A large cavern opens before him. He does not move. The boy behind him taps him on the shoulder. Still, he does not move. Chills run up Isean's spine, down his legs and over his arms. The lamp light eerily lighting his face. Still he does not move. Daylen makes his way to the front as he assures the frightened boys that every thing is okay. He touches Isean's shoulder, still nothing. Daylen grabs Isean by both shoulders and spins him around. Isean's eyes are rolled back in his head. A cold dark voice starts to flow from his mouth. “This is where your journey begins. Give your life to the book and the mastery of death will be given to you, the chosen.” Daylen and the kids take off running away from Isean. Shortly, Daylen stops his retreat and turns. Isean stands shaking and trembling, his heart pounding in his ears. “What is this place?” he whispers to the dark. Daylen slowly approaches. “Are you OK? What happened?” Isean tucks his hair behind his ear. “I do not know. What was that speaking through me?” Daylen slowly touches Isean's shoulder, true concern in his eyes. “Maybe we should go back.” He turns to face Daylen. “I cannot explain it but I must find out what that was.” Isean steps into the cavern. The room is much larger than the rest. The floor feels smooth under his feet as he advances further into the cavern. Daylen stands in the entryway watching Isean's light traverse the cavern. Isean slows his advance as he begins to feel a cold chill creep up his spine. His heart begins to race,not in fear but excitement. Just out of the lamps reach Isean spots a figure standing. He inches forward until the figure is just touching the lamp light. It stands before what appears to be an altar, hooded and cloaked. Isean forces his mouth to speak. “Who are you? Why have you drawn me here?” Isean inches closer. A cold voice emanates from the hooded figure. “It is of no concern, who I am. As for who has drawn you here that would be this.” His hand slowly extends to touch a large book laying on the altar. The light in Isean's hand begins to shake and flicker when he spots the figures outstretched hand. Skeleton fingers begin to caress the book as if its an old pet. “It has called you, it has chosen you. This is the book of death magic. It has been waiting for you for a very long time. Upon your birth it called me here to await your arrival. Now You must take it. You must submit to its will.” Isean cuts in “I have been told all my life, that magic does not exist.” The figure turns. Isean stumbles back nearly dropping the lamp. The figure removes the cloak from his head. “Then pray tell what am I?” Isean takes another step back from the skeleton figure his heart thumping in his ears. “I am magic, none can see me but the chosen. The book is my master, it is magic. These caverns where forged by magic. All your life you have been deceived. Open your mind Isean Mezaran for magic is all about you.” The skeleton rubs his bony hands over the large book on the altar and continues. “This is one of the most powerful artifacts in all the lands. No living soul can see this book except for the one the book has chosen and the book is never wrong. You are chosen! You where born into death, where you not?” It took Isean a few seconds to force his dry throat to slowly speak. “I was told many stories when I was a kid. I was shunned, feared and hated. My mother died giving birth to me and some say I was dead as well, but later that night something evil revived me.” Isean went silent. The harrowing figure in front of him continued in his cold lifeless tone. “You must give your blood to the book and in so doing you and the book will be bound forever. Once you start this journey you will forever walk it's path. There is no going back! The book will share it's power with you but it will ask for much in return. You will be required to kill from time to time. You have never had a problem killing those that need killing now have you? If you begin this journey you will start to see far more than your mortal eyes have shone you up to this point. The world of the departed will open to you. All you need to know can be learned from the book, it's knowledge is incalculable.” The skeleton pulls his hood up over his head. “Do you accept?” Isean spins around at the sound of screaming children. Rushing through the door comes Daylen and the kids and closely behind evil Jon. The boys run to Isean's light. None seem to notice the skeleton figure standing beside the altar. Jon shouts loudly. “I've been waiting for this day, the day you boys try to escape. I knew you would try so I sealed all exits from this room. There's no where for you to run, unless you can get past me. Anyone care to try?” A curly red head boy, takes off toward the door they just entered. Just as he reaches the entryway a crossbow bolt tears through his back and out his chest. He staggers and falls to the floor. His life soaks the stones. Whimpers and tears take the kids even Daylen's face is wet with sorrow at what he just witnessed. One face among them, expressed no sorrow. Isean's face showed only hatred and furry. As he heard a cold voice behind him repeat. “Do you accept the book of the Death Mage, it is your destiny?” Evil Jon drops a small crossbow to the floor and draws a dagger hanging from his waist. “Get back to work or join your friend.” Jon quickly walks to the back of the group where Isean stands with his hate filled face. “Whats with you boy, you going to stop me?” Jon places his dagger point on Isean's chest. The hooded figure behind Isean speaks. “Do not provoke the serpent, but at the right time let him feel the heel of your boot.” Isean's head drooped. “I want to get back to work.” “Very smart choice.” Jon ushers Isean forward as he coldly states. “Leave the escapee where he lays, I'll take care of him later.” As Isean enters the entryway he hears that cold voice. “Do you accept?” “We shall see,” he whispered in reply.
Isean's eyes flare as his face comes within inches of a flesh-less skull. The dry jawbone moves. “Come and get your book!” Isean's eyes blast open, pulling him from the dream. The sound of sleeping boys and his pounding heart vibrate through his ears. Stalagmites reach at him from above and stones reach into his aching back from below. Isean spots Daylen sitting beside a large stalactite, staring into the darkness. “What was all that going on with you back there in the cavern?” Isean lets his slim body slide down next to Daylen. “You would not believe me if I told you.” Daylen rubs his hand over his short blond hair and looks Isean in the eye. “I heard you talking to someone or something in the darkness.” Isean stares off into the shadows. “Do you believe in magic,Daylen?” Daylen shifts uncomfortable. “You get burned at the stake if you do, so I try not to, but I can't deny some of the things I have seen or heard. The voice that came out of your mouth back there, could not have been faked. I heard and felt its power. I will never speak of it for fear of the wrong ears listening. Personally my trust lay in my skill with a sword. I use to practice with my father...” Isean flips his dark hair behind his ear and turns to face Daylen. His eye's narrow as he speaks. “Magic is real and I must get back to that cavern to learn more about it, but to do that we are going to have to kill these fools that have us trapped in this place.” Daylen shifts. “I agree but I am not going back into that cavern. I am going to get these kids out of this place.” Isean pulls a small red mushroom out and hands it to Daylen. “Do not break or crush it. This is Demon's Blood so called for the fluid that flows from it when damaged. They are extremely poisonous even when added to water or wine.” Daylen cautiously hands the mushroom back to Isean. “Are you saying, we should put these in the wine barrels?” Isean smiles strangely. “Exactly, three in each wine barrel and our oppressors will enter the next life.” Daylen shifts his position. “That sounds like a plan, maybe there is hope after all. What if all of them are not poisoned?” Isean softly grabs Daylen by the shoulders and looks him in the eyes. “Then I'll get to see how well you heeded your fathers lessons with a sword.” Smiles crept across the faces of both young men. Isean speaks. “After our failed attempt at escape they will probably not expect another attempt so soon.” I'll crush the mushrooms and put them in the wine barrels, should not be a problem. The guards generally never drink wine until the evening meal. I hope they hold true to there pattern.” Isean and Daylen slowly stand up. Isean speaks softly. “You let the kids know the plans and try to keep them acting normal and calm.“ He then slips off quietly as a shadow, toward the supply storage area. 
Isean stands waiting in line for his pitiful excuse for a meal. A sly smile finds it's way onto his face as he catches sight of several guards pouring goblets of wine. He almost begins to dance when he See’s the guard serving food, downing a goblet of wine. Isean turns to make his way further into the cave, where the kids eat. “Drink up boys, its your last,” he slyly speaks. He makes his way to Daylen and plops down next to him with a weird smile on his face and joy in his eyes. “Old man death will be paying our captors a visit shortly.” “Your enjoying this a little too much,” Daylen smacks him on the arm. “Some enjoy music, some the arts but I enjoy sending those that deserve it, to the next life.” Daylen looks at Isean a little strangely. “You know your kinda disturbing, right.” Isean just nods in agreement. “Disturbing or not in twenty minutes or so, we will be free.” 
Isean, Daylen and the boys walk into the guards area. Five guards lay on the floor choking and foaming at the mouth. Some start shaking and twitching, violently. Isean grabs a dagger from a chocking guards belt. The guard grabs his arm. Isean grabs the dagger with his free hand and swiftly plunges it into the center of the mans chest. He slumps shortly after. Daylen finds a sword as he is counting the poisoned victims. “There are two unaccounted for,” Daylen whispers to Isean. A guard stumbles into the area, sword outstretched. Daylen quickly approaches the staggering man. The guard swings wildly. Daylen waits and then steps in quickly with a upwards swing. The tip of Daylen's sword catches the mans chin sending his head back and blood flying into the air. Daylen takes another step to bring him to the right of the guard. He swings the sword into the man's neck, nearly taking his head off. The man's lifeless body plops to the floor, blood spurting from his terrible wound. Isean nods his head as if saying. “So you did learn something from your father after all.” The poison finished the rest of the guards off quickly. Isean kicks the ground with a curse. “Evil Jon is not here, he must be in the cavern.” Daylen and the kids start searching for money and anything else of value. They take rings and coins from the dead guards. “That's enough we have to get out of here before Jon shows up,” speaks Daylen. The boys and Daylen take a few steps toward the entrance when they notice Isean is not moving. He just stands staring at the floor whispering. “I must get back to that cavern, I have to get my book.” Daylen touches his shoulder and softly speaks. “Come with us and let the things that dwell in the shadows, stay in the shadows.” Isean raises his head. “If we don't stop Evil Jon he'll hunt us down. You have your sword now, lets go kill him.” Daylen shakes his head. “I don't stand a chance against him and neither do you. I have to get these kids away from this place. I have to get far from here before Jon discovers what's happened. Good luck Isean and good bye.” Isean brushes his black hair behind his ear. “You are right, get these kids away from this place. Our paths may cross again swordsman.” Daylen smiles and turns toward the exit. Daylen and his band of boys step out into the open night. Fresh air fills there lungs and the sparkle of stars fill the sky.
“How am I going to kill this murderous fool? I could hide in the dark and let him pass but that would surly put him onto the kids trail. They deserve a fighting chance. He has to die here in this place.” Isean slips a long black cloak over his shoulders and flips the hood over his head. “I don't think the guards will be needing this anymore.” He slowly heads off toward the inner cavern with a newly acquired dagger,sword,short bow and oil lamp. “I'm off into the darkness to kill a murderous bastard and meet a long dead man about a book.” He shakes his head and whispers to the dark. “You don't hear that statement very often.”
Isean stealthily peeks into the large dark cavern. Off in the corner several torches shine and a figure busily walks about. An eerily familiar voice causes Isean to jump. “Do you accept?” Isean slowly begins inching forward as he thinks. “I wonder what type of powers I will have?” That eerie voice creeps up his spine. “Power beyond imagination” Isean startled. “You can read my thoughts?” “Why of course I can. My sole purpose of existing is to introduce you to your destiny. It lay here on this stand come and embrace it, let the book taste your blood and become one with a power that is older than the ground you stand upon.” Isean stealthily inches forward, cautiously placing his feet in the dark. The voice in his head coolly speaks. “Best be wary, that fool over there is trying to summon some type of snake goddess. If he succeeds the book may be in danger of falling into her hands. Come, take that which belongs to you and rid the world of that fool.” A figure standing in the dark, barely visible, softly appears in front of Isean as he inches forward. Upon a pedestal next to the horrid figure lay a huge book. Isean's heart is pounding but he still inches forward. “It has been waiting for you, for a very long time.” The figures hand slowly gestures. “Come meet your destiny.” A horrible screaming face is sculpted into the books cover. It appears to be made out of some type of skin. Isean reaches his hand toward the book and when he just about touches it his eyes flare wide as visions take his mind. He finds himself standing tall on top of some cities wall. Thousands bowing below him chanting. “All hail the mighty hero Isean, master of life and death. For his power is above all others.” Isean shakes the vision from his mind. “I would never want anyone to bow to me. I've never sought the admiration of others! I know from trial and error, if it sounds too good, then it is.” He snaps his hand away from the book. “This is not right. I want nothing to do with that book.” The cloaked figure moves with alarming speed, grabbing Isean around the neck. “How dare you turn down such a great gift. The figure latches his bony hand onto Isean's wrist. He forces Isean's hand into the mouth of the book. “No!” Isean screams in pain as the book bites him. His blood spurts all over the book. The skeleton lifts Isean off the ground and throws him in Evil Jon's direction. He hits the ground with a deafening thud and clank. “Now you will either accept or Jon will kill you.” Jon's torches almost instantly go out. Isean quickly finds his dagger and holds it out in front of him, trembling. It's Jon's voice that breaks the deathly silence. “I thought you kids would have remembered the last lesson you received in this room. Oh well, I will be pleased to refresh your memories.” That familiar cold voice blares in Isean's head. “Accept your destiny boy, become the master of death and rip this fool apart. He is going to kill you just like he killed all those other boys. Then he is going to cut your heart out and offer it to his so called goddess. Just take this great power that has been freely offered to you.” Isean throws a handful of gravel and quickly runs in the opposite direction. A few yards and he hits some type of wall about three feet tall. Something creeks behind him. He quickly turns to find the skeleton right on top of him. Ungodly hands lift him from the ground. “Have a look at what awaits if you do not accept the book.” Isean falls. He hits the floor with a load crack of bone and a scream of pain. His head swoons and the world fades away. 
“Awake and accept the gift that is offered to you. It is your only hope.” Isean's eyes flutter. Pain in his left leg pulls him back to the conscious world. His eyes flash open. Torchlight floods his vision. Standing over him with a grim smile is Evil Jon. Jon slowly slides a shiny dagger from his belt. “Good your awake, I would not want you to miss out on this.” The smell of rotten flesh invades Isean's nostrils. “Being it's the last thing you are ever going to see and all.” Isean realizes, his hands are tied. “Oh look your still trying. So sad. Your friends strewn all around you fought till the end too and look what it got them.” Isean painfully turns his head. All over the cavern floor lay the dead bodies of.... children. Sorrow burrowed into Isean's heart. Jon smiles. “You see boy, I had to kill them. I needed their hearts as an offering to the serpent goddess Selenin, she shows me visions of my future and they are grand. The next offering may be the one when she promotes me. With the next promotion comes power.” Evil Jon quickly straddles Isean. He tenderly rubs a finger over Isean's lips. “Oh Isean, don't look so grim. Your death has a purpose.” Isean tries to bite Jon's finger. Jon clutches the dagger with both hands, above his head. His eyes become the eyes of a serpent. Isean struggles, afraid. He looks up and standing on the ledge above him is a cloaked figure from which emanates. “Do not let this animal control your fate. Embrace your true destiny! Accept and live!” The dagger plunges effortlessly into Isean's chest. His body contorts in pain. The dagger cuts and slices. In plunges Jon's hand. Isean's back arches. Jon's face is splattered with blood as he rips Isean's heart from his chest. His vision fades and all goes dark. Somewhere in the blackness a soothing voice speaks. “He killed all those kids, just like he killed you. Your a pitiful person just to lay there and not avenge there deaths. No one will ever know what happened to you and these poor children. While that monster walks the earth. How many more will he slaughter in the search for his goddesses approval. You have the power to stop him but you just lay there, dead. It might as well be you that plunges the dagger into the next kids chest. You are heartless in more ways than one. A red hot fury begins to build in Isean's fading mind. His thoughts reverberate through the dark void. “I accept! I accept!!” The cloaked figure looking down at Isean's lifeless body whispers. “Free at last.” He fades from view. A book appears on top of Isean's chest and begins to sink into his lifeless body. A horrible screaming face lay where once his heart dwelt. The book is gone. All that remains is a screaming face protruding from the center of Isean's chest. His eyes blast open. Horror and fear etched on his face. That same soothing voice that spoke in the dark void speaks to his mind. “It is your enemies turn to be afraid. Rise mighty Isean.” The ropes that held his hands turned to ash and fell away. Isean looks down at his chest to see a horrible screaming face fused with his skin. He slowly lay his hand next to the face, no heart beat. “How is this possible, I was dead.” The books soothing voice whispers in his mind. “Death has no power over us.” “My leg is healed all my cuts and bruises, gone. I can see in the dark. I have no heart. What have I become?” Isean looks all around the floor of the pit. “All these children forced to work as slaves. Treated like garbage. Tortured and then discarded...” Isean knells before one of the corpses. “I will remember you.” His eyes narrowed. “Rest assured little ones, every person that had a hand in you being here will answer for this. Jon is going to wish he had never existed!” A spirit rises up out of the corpse and grabs Isean's wrist. “Let us help, destroy Jon.” Isean was shocked at how calm he was sitting face to face with a ghost. “All of you can help,” he speaks forcefully with a wave of his hand. One by one the spirits rise to there feet. “Lets rip this fool apart,” Isean exclaims. The spirits fly into Isean's chest and vanish. His eyes roll back in his head. His body begins to float upward. He catches sight of Jon's torchlight as he slowly floats toward him. He reaches the edge of the light when his feet touch the floor once more. Jon jerks around, dagger flashing in the  light. “I killed you. How is this possible? I have your heart right here in my hand.” Isean just stands staring at the floor. Jon screams. “You are supposed to be dead.” Isean's eyes flash upward to stare at Jon. “It did not seem to take.” Jon slices Isean's heart in half and speaks. “All mighty Selenin give me the power to face my foe.” Jon's eyes change to the eyes of a snake. Fangs begin to protrude from his mouth. “Yes my goddess I feel your power coursing through me.” Jon drops the pieces of Isean's heart to the floor and draws another dagger. Slowly he stalks toward Isean two daggers flashing in the torchlight. The voice in Isean's head softly speaks. “Point your hand at Jon and speak the words that flow into your mind.” Out from Isean's mouth crept a language that had not been spoken for centuries. It was dark and sinister sounding. Evil, if you will. The only intelligible portion was. “Let all become rust!” Power flowed from Isean and washed over Jon. Almost instantly Jon's daggers and every metal object in his possession turned to rust and fell to the floor. Jon cursed and bore his fangs. Isean put his hand to his mouth and blew a kiss toward Jon as more of that dark language flowed from his lips. “Take his breath away.” Jon clutched at his throat and began gasping for air. He fell to his knees, hissing and baring his fangs. “He is all yours boys,” Isean speaks with a wave of his hand. His back arches as the spirits of the boys fly from his chest. Isean sways and nearly falls as his strength fades. He catches hold of a nearby pillar. The voice in his head coolly speaks. “The spells have drained you, now that the power of the spirits have left you. Your strength will return in time.” The spirits formed a circle around Evil Jon as they speak in unison. “You tortured us, you killed us, you took our hearts. It is time to answer for your sins. Jon's serpent eyes blared open in shock and pain as all the spirits drove there hands into his chest. Jon fell to the floor never to harm another. The spirits slowly turned to face Isean and in unison. “Release us master.” Isean's face contorts in sorrow. “I am not your master, I am your friend. Be forever at peace little ones.” With that the spirits bow and leave behind a world that only ever showed them pain and suffering. 
Isean takes a deep breath of fresh air as he leaves the caves behind. The early morning sun lighting his face. He pulls his hood close to shield his eyes. He then begins to follow an old trail. After an hour or so he feels a power surge into his weak body. He holds his hand out in front of him seeking the source of this sensation. When he points his hand right it fells as if there are little worms squirming all over his hand. “What is it,” Isean exclaims to the early morning chill. The voice in his head answers. “The dead are near. Graves most likely and by the amount of energy they are emitting there spirits are here as well. This is good news Isean, we can devour there spirits and replenish our strength.” “What would devouring there spirits do to them?” “It will cause them extreme pain and eventually destroy them. As long as we get our strength back, who cares,” the voice in his head states coldly. Isean's face shows disgust. “I am not going to destroy someones spirit. I am not a monster.” “If you say so. Who we going to kill next? This wandering around looking for spirits that we are not going to devour is boring.” Isean ignores the voice and begins walking off the old trail toward the strange sensation. He steps through a line of trees into a beautiful secluded meadow. The sun just beginning to shine through the trees. Many shadows still crept about the meadow. Luscious green grass covered the ground. Two deer spotted Isean's entrance and leaped off into the woods. The feeling in Isean's hand spread across his entire body. He waded into the grass. The sound of weeping, touched his ears. Off toward the center of the meadow was a large rock and sitting beside it was a crying woman. Isean slowly approaches. “Why so sad, lady.” The woman's head shoots up toward Isean. “You can see me...” “of course,” he replied softly. The woman had no eyes was the first thing Isean noticed. The second thing was she had no clothes. The woman stood and backed away, fear in her expression. Her long blond hair did it's best to cover her bare chest. “How can you see me? Are you dead as-well?” “Don't be afraid and as for your question, well that's a bit tricky. I guess I am something like mostly dead. I don't really know.” The fear on the woman's face eased somewhat at Isean's lighthearted speech. Isean touched the woman's shoulder, she inhaled fiercely. “I never thought I would feel the touch of another, ever again.” The woman quickly wraps her arms around Isean and pulls herself in close to him. After a shocked delay Isean returns her embrace. He holds her as she sobs on his shoulder. The voice in Isean's head speaks up. “Absorb her spirit now. We need her energy.” Isean replies with a thought. “Not a chance in hell.” The sobbing woman softly speaks into Isean's ear. “He hurt us a lot... He took our eyes... He killed us...” Isean puts his hand under the woman's chin and lifts her head to face him. “Do you know where he lives? Do you know this bastards name?” “He rules Calkan Port. His name is Valen. Why, what are you going to do?” Isean replies with a slight smile. “I'm going to hurt him... a lot.” The woman's face turns grim. “No don't go there. He will kill you. He has men every where in Calkan.” “I'm not certain I can be killed. I do not fully understand what I have become or what powers I have. One thing I do know, I will always help those that have been treated like nothing. Those that have been beaten down. Those that have been forgotten. When my energy fully returns, I will take care of this Valen and his men. You can be sure of that.” Power began to flow into Isean as he spoke. The woman in his arms was sharing her spirit energy with him. Her face contorting in pain. “No, I do not wish to cause you pain,” Isean whispers softly. The girl smiles through the pain. “Do not fret about your energy level. We will rejuvenate you.” “Why do you speak of yourself as we?” All over the meadow, women begin standing up out of the grass. Hundreds of women. All without eyes. Making there way toward Isean. There nude bodies lit by the early morning sun.

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