Mountain State.

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A short story that ties in with my story I'm currently working on.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Patient "Amanda aladao"


Mother of three had a loving husband. She went crazy on August 5th 1987. After a masked man broke into her home while she was away at the store and killed everyone. She arrived home immediately spilled all of her grocers got on her knees and screamed as she saw the four bodies on the floor in the living room. The Radio was playing "Abracadabra by Steve miller band" her neighbor Sarah Hopkins allegedly found her at the house on the floor speaking in tongue.

On August 6th 1987 she was taking in to "Mountain State Asylum" home for the Mentally Insane however she wasn't mentally insane she was just a wreck and the Hospital offered her help in dealing with this catastrophe after all she had just lost everyone in her life and the killer was still out there somewhere. On August 7th she had started to lash out at the Hospital Staff and they locked her in "Ward B". The staff heard her scream for hours. The next day they came to check on her. She had apologized for what she did. The nurse released her from the Ward. She immediately took off running. She locked herself in a room. The staff tried to get to her but couldn't she was shouting "Get Out" but the staff managed to break the door down and take her back to the ward. On August 15th 1987 other patients said they were woken up around 3:00am by her screaming "it's not my time No" and heard screams so staff rushed in and she was levitating above the bed. They grabbed her and tied her to the bed as she started to shake and scream "Leave me Be!" On August 16th the Hospital staff had a priest come in and exam her. He said a few prayers following splashing her with water. She claimed to feel better. But started crying when asked why she was crying she said "Because the spirit that possessed me was about to revel to me who the killer was and where he was. Now I will Never no who did it." The staff wrote down what she said. On August 19th 1987 Amanda was found dead on the floor in her cell. No one exactly knows what had happened to her but some speculate that the spirit that possessed her made a deal with her it would revere who the killer was but would take her life soon after. Unfortunately for her she never was able to find out who the killer was because the Hospital staff had cared for her so much and had a priest try to help her. Now the spirit Demon lives on inside the walls of "Mountain State Asylum" forever. In June of 1995 the Asylum closed its gates forever. Now it just resides as an abandoned Asylum. All we know is that "Ward B" is Locked up now. But if the Asylum is really still Haunted by a demon then is the room really locked up? About 10 years later something bad happened the world has gone to Hell a disease has spread and everyone is either dead,Mutated or just trying to survive. A young man named "ADU" discovered "mountain State Asylum" and he claims to have a group and he is currently living there they refer to themselves as 



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