Visiting Ms. Florence

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Josephine and Amber travels to Oak Ridge Valley to meet Ms. Florence Whitlow after Josephine discovers that Florence has a photo album with pictures of her as a baby.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Natasha Hoskins, was visiting her  grandmother Florence Whitlow. “ In the top of the closet in my bedroom is a storage container. Would you mind getting the container down and taking the quilt out?” asked Florence. “K nanna,” said Natasha.


Natasha opened the container and took the quilt out. Below the quilt was a photo album. “These are baby pictures of someone named Josephine Hart,” said Natasha to herself as she thumbed through the album.


“I bet Josephine use to live here and accidentally left the photo album when she moved. I know, I will find Josephine and return the pictures to her” thought Natasha putting a smile on her face.


Natasha put the photo album into her backpack. “Now, how am I going to locate Josephine,” thought Natasha. “I know I will ask Lilly. If she doesn’t know her sister Misty will. Misty like knows everyone in Oak Ridge,” said Natasha to herself as she zipped up her backpack.


Lilly Johnson was walking towards the school bus at Oak Ridge Valley Middle School. “Lilly, Lilly, do you have a minute,” yelled Natasha running trying to catch up. Lilly turned around to see who was calling her. She stopped and waited on Natasha. “Do you know who Josephine Hart is?” asked Natasha. “No, but my sissy probably does,” said Lilly. “Would you see if she does,” asked Natasha handing Lilly the photo album.


Misty Johnson was stretched out across her bed texting one of her friends. Lilly came into her bedroom with the photo album Natasha had given her. “Sis, do you like know anyone by the name of Josephine Hart?” asked Lilly. “Like yeah,” said Misty. “My best friend Natasha like gave me this to try and find Josephine Hart,” said Lilly handing the photo album to Misty. “Where did Natasha get this?” asked Misty looking through the photo album. “I don’t know, I will like call her and find out,” said Lilly.


Lilly came back into Misty’s bedroom. “K so I like talked to Natasha. The photo album was in a storage container at nanna Flo’s house,” said Lilly. “I will be back in a little bit,” said Misty. “Where are you going?” asked Lilly with a puzzled look on her face. “See Joey,” said Misty.


Josephine Hart and Amber Foster were stretched out across Josephine’s bed eating popcorn and watching a movie. “Come on kiss her,” said Amber and Josephine together. “Oh my gosh, I love this part,” said Amber as Michael and Mia started kissing. “Oh my gosh, I would like to be in that scene with Jason,” said Josephine.


Karen Foster knocked on the bedroom door. “Joey, Misty is here to see you,” said Karen. “I will be down in just a minute,” said Josephine putting the movie on pause.


Josephine went down the stairs and into the living room. Amber quietly followed to eavesdrop on the conversation.


“Joey, I don’t know why Ms. Flo Whitlow had this but I want to return it,” said Misty handing Josephine the photo album. Josephine started looking through the album. “Where does Flo live?” asked Josephine. “Carver Street in Oak Ridge Valley,” said Misty. “Address on Carver?” asked Josephine. “One seventeen,” said Misty. Josephine stood up without saying another word. “I didn’t make you mad did I?” ask Misty. “No, I am just trying to figure out why Flo would have pictures of me when I was a baby,” said Josephine. “I will leave so you can think,” said Misty. “Thanks for returning the photo album, “ said Josephine hugging Misty.


Amber quietly went back to Josephine’s room and pretended to be doing push ups when Josephine entered the room. “What are you doing?” asked Josephine. Amber was trying to come up with a believable lie but couldn’t. “I am sorry Joey. I was being nosey,” said Amber hanging her head in shame. Josephine sat down on the bed, picked up the remote control, and pressed the play button. “Are you going to finish watching the movie with me?” asked Josephine. Amber stretched out beside Josephine and the two finished watching the movie.


Saturday morning Amber was drinking coffee when Josephine came into the kitchen. “What are you planning to do today?” inquired Amber. “I am going to Oak Ridge Valley and meet this Flo Whitlow,” said Josephine. “Joey, wait,  you don’t know your way around Oak Ridge,” said Amber. “I will find it when I get there,” said Josephine as she opened the front door. “Hold on, I am coming with you,” said Amber as she set the coffee cup down.


Josephine pulled up to convenient store on Main Street in downtown Oak Ridge Valley. “I will right back,” said Josephine getting out of Amber father’s white jeep. She went in the store and asked the clerk for directions to Carver Street.


Josephine turned on to Carver Street. “Joey, do not stop. Joey, do not slow down. Joey drive faster,” said Amber observing most of the houses were dilapidated with the windows boarded up.


Josephine saw a man by the name of Carl Westbrook working on his car. “Excuse me sir, I am looking for one seven teen Carver,” said Josephine. “You looking for Flo?” asked Carl. “Yes sir,” said Josephine. Carl told Josephine that she was on the wrong block of Carver and gave her directions on how to get to the one hundred block.


“Shoot,” said Josephine as she was turning off of the three hundred block of Carver. “What’s wrong?” asked Amber. “Look behind us,” said Josephine. Amber said the f-word as she saw the police car with flashing behind them. Josephine pulled over and kept her hands on the steering wheel.


Officer Reginald Hoskins walked up to the vehicle. “I am sorry officer, I was looking for someone and made a wrong turn,” said Josephine nervously as she handed Reginald her driver’s license. “Wait a minute, is your mother Karen Hart?” asked Reginald. “Yes sir,” said Josephine. “My mother-in-law Florence and my wife Denise would be excited to see you again. Please visit them before you leave town,” said Reginald taking a note pad out of his pocket and writing down Florence and Denise Address. He handed the address to Josephine. “That was where I was going,” said Josephine as she read the address. “If you want to you can follow me and I will take you to Florence’s house,” said Reginald. “Thank you,’ said Josephine. “Who is Denise?” asked Amber as Reginald was going back to his patrol car. “I have no idea,” said Josephine.


Florence Whitlow looked out the window when Josephine rang the doorbell. Florence hurried to the door and opened it when she saw it was Josephine.  “Josephine Hart! Lord, have mercy the last time I saw you; you were still in diapers,” said Florence hugging Josephine. “Come in and make yourselves at home,” said Florence. Josephine and Amber sat down on the couch. “Hold on just one minute,” said Florence.


Denise Hoskins and Florence came out of the kitchen and the two sat down with Amber and Josephine. “Josephine this is Denise,” said Florence. “It is nice to meet you,” said Josephine trying to figure out what to say and beginning to feel uneasy about the situation. “The reason we came is because a friend brought this to Joey,” said Amber handing the photo album to Florence.


“This Denise’s photo album. I have been holding onto it until her and Reginald finished remodeling their house,” said Florence. “Why are there pictures of me?” asked Josephine. “Your mom and Denise went to school together and were best friends. When Karen married Allen they moved to Piney Point but your mom and Denise stayed in contact for a couple years. She was so happy when you was born that she shared pictures of you growing up with Denise,” said Florence. “Wow, I can’t believe mom went to Oak Ridge Valley,” said Josephine. “Joey, do you know what this means?” asked Amber putting a smile on her face. “What?” asked Josephine. “You are a smart mouth flunkie,” said Amber laughing. Josephine put a smile on her face. “I forgot to ask, who is the little smart elic setting beside you?” asked Florence. “That is my step sister Amber Foster,” said Josephine with a smile as she saw Amber with a disgusted look on her face for being called a smart elic. “Karen and Allen are no longer together,” said Denise. “They broke up when I was six and it was my fault,” said Josephine with tears rolling down her cheek. “Joey what are you talking about?” asked Amber. Florence got up, sat down beside Josephine, and put her arm around her. “What happen baby?” asked Florence. “When I was six mom and dad had a huge argument. They did not know I was there listening,” said Josephine pausing. “Dad told my mom they were fixing to foreclose on the house and it was all my fault; because, I had to be in all of those stupid beauty pageants and gymnastics. He was tired of supporting someone that could not say no to a spoiled brat,” said Josephine. “Oh my gosh,” said Amber in disbelief. “Baby, it is not your fault that your parents broke up. Sometimes instead of putting a little extra work into a problem some find it easier just to blame the problem on something else,” said Florence. “Could you excuse me for a minute. I need to use the restroom” said Josephine standing up. Florence told Josephine where the restroom was located.


Denise looked at her watch. “It is time to start supper. Reggie will be home in an hour. Amber do you know anything about cooking?” asked Denise trying to separate Amber and Josephine. “Yes,” said Amber. “Young lady, what are you suppose to say?” asked Florence. “I meant yes ma’am,” said Amber. “That’s better,” said Florence.


While Amber and Denise were in the kitchen Florence talked to Josephine about her mother coming over and playing with Denise when they were growing up. Josephine was fascinated and enjoyed listening to the stories.


While Denise was putting dinner on the table, Amber went into living room to tell Josephine and Florence that dinner was ready. Josephine, Amber, and Florence went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Amber was fixing to start putting food on her plate. “Just a minute baby, Reg would you say grace,” said Florence.


Josephine and Amber walked into Josephine’s bedroom. “This has been a pretty exciting day,” said Josephine putting a smile on her face. “It sure has,” said Amber stretching out across Josephine's bed. “You know what would be the perfect ending to this day?” asked Josephine. “What’s that?” asked Amber. “Popcorn and watching,” said Josephine pausing. “The Royal Engagement” exclaimed Amber and Josephine together.


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