Road Trip

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Another fan-fiction story of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



“I wrote a song.”

It has been a quiet ten minutes trip with Louis sitting on the driving seat when Harry finally has the courage to announce. As expected, Louis glances and raises his eyebrows. He has the reason to because it was the first time Harry wrote a song by himself. All this time, Louis is always the one writing songs for Harry to sing and Louis always makes it perfect before it becomes number one hits in UK billboard a day after being released.

Harry clears his throat before taking out a piece of paper neatly folded from inside his sling bag.

“I want to know what you think about it.” Harry says as he reaches out the paper towards Louis.

“I’m driving Harry.” Louis says in a reminding tone of voice.

“Oh, yeah. Right. Later then.” Harry says, unable to hide the disappointment tone in his voice because he doesn’t know when later would be. Once his step Mom and his three older step sisters notices their arrival, Louis will be preoccupied by them until bed time.

“You can read it for me.” Louis suggests.

Harry’s face lit up in a single beat. He clears his throat before he starts reading. When he finishes, he turns to look at Louis like a child who has just shown what he just drew to his father.

“It’s awful, isn’t it?” Harry says with slumped shoulders when Louis doesn’t seem to make any comment.

 “Is this song about a woman?”

Harry throws an amazement look at his best friend and nods. It surprises him how Louis can interpret the song when in fact there is no word ‘woman’ or ‘she’ in the lyrics.

“This song is about my mother.” Harry says.

Louis snorts. “No, it’s not. You don’t see your mom as described in the song.”

“This is about the woman who died giving me birth.” Harry says in a low voice.

“And you were adopted as soon as your mom passed away.” Louis says with hesitancy.

Harry understands why Louis sounds in doubt. He has seen Harry’s photos when he was still a baby on his first visit to Harry’s childhood home two years ago, which is where they are actually heading to.

“My father’s sister took me over after I was born.” Harry says before he adds. “So, what do you think?”

“When did you write this?” Louis asks.

“Just this morning.”

“Didn’t you have hangover?”

“I’m not as drunk as you last night, Louis.” Harry replies with an eye roll.

“Remind me who was dancing half naked last night.” Louis mocks before he adds. “If I were a fan, I would get confused, but confusion doesn’t always mean a bad thing.”

It takes a while for Harry to finally understand that Louis is no longer talking about his half-nakedness.

“So, the song is good enough for you?” Harry asks cheerfully.

“It’s your song, Harry. I know it will be wonderful.” Louis replies.

Something crosses Harry’s mind.

“Hey, how about you sing this song?”

Louis looks at Harry as if Harry has just told him that his sister has grown a beard.

“This is the first song I wrote by myself. All this time, it has been your songs I sing.” Harry explains and quickly adds. “You know how to sing. We were band mates before you decided to be my manager after we left the band.”

“And I also decided I didn’t want to sing anymore.” Louis adds.

“You sing every song you finished writing.” Harry reminds him.

“In front of you. Not in front of people.” Louis says.

“Who says I want this song to be published?” Harry argues. “Unless you do mind singing this song in front of your very best friend.” Harry adds when Louis seems reluctant. “Your voice is beautiful, Louis.”

“Not as beautiful and powerful as yours. Management and everyone in the band knew that back then.” Louis says.

“And fortunately, not everyone in the band knew about how good you were and are in writing songs.” Harry says with a playful tone. “That’s why we became more successful than when we were in the band.”

“Why did you suddenly want to write her a song, by the way?” Louis asks.

“I wondered what she was thinking when giving me birth.” Harry says. “If she has a chance to see me now, no matter how absurd this thought is…”

But Harry has no chance to finish his sentence because right at that moment a thunder roars. The next second, Harry feels a sudden pain on his right shoulder right before something big bumps on their front car. The pain has yet subsided when Louis already gets out of the car. Harry follows suit and he is sure his face is just as shocked as Louis’ when he sees a barefoot young woman wearing hospital robes lying unconsciously on their car’s track road.

“Did you hit her?” Harry manages to speak first.

Louis looks confused and stutters. “I… I didn’t see her… there was no one…”

“Let’s get her into the car and get her back to the hospital.” Harry suggests and he earns a quick nods from Louis.

“Do you know where a hospital is?” Louis asks when Harry places his forearms under the woman’s armpits and Louis heaves the woman’s bare foot.

“There’s only one hospital in this this town.” Harry says after he tucks the woman comfortably into his embrace on the back seat of their car.

“Is she going to be alright?” Louis asks worriedly through the rearview mirror after Harry gives instructions of how to reach their destination.

“I hope so.” Harry replies nonchalantly as he studies the woman’s face, which for some reason seems familiar to him.

They arrive at the hospital parking lot ten minutes later.

“Wait here with her. I’ll go and fetch some paramedics.” Louis says before he gets out of the car.

The woman suddenly stirs and blinks her eyes open. She looks up at Harry and smiles contently.

“Harry…” She says as snakes his hand on Harry’s waist.

Harry knows how to handle an enthusiastic fan but he doesn’t know how to handle and enthusiastic and semi-conscious fan whom he suspects ran away from the hospital.

“How are you feeling now?” Harry asks dumbly.

“You’re a grown up now, Harry.” She says.

“Apparently, I am.” Harry smiles sheepishly. Even he has to admit that he has transformed from a heart-throb teen idol of the most successful boy band to one of the hottest male singer in UK. Even his fans’ age demographic is surprisingly wide spread, something that a male singer seldom has. He adds when the woman keeps quiet. “What’s your name?”

But the woman already reached out to grab a piece of paper on the dashboard.

“What’s this?” The woman asks, but before Harry can answer the woman speaks again. “You wrote… a song.”

Harry blushed when the woman looks at him with amazement. He stutters when the woman suddenly hugs him.

“It’s beautiful.” The woman says. The next moment, the woman tightens her grip on Harry and says. “Please, not now. I need more time.”

Harry feels the woman vibrates, literally vibrates, before she vanished into thin air. Harry’s right hand makes a soft thud on the leather seat just before the back door springs open and Louis’ face shows up.

“Where’s she?” Louis asks.

“She’s gone.” Harry says as he tries to recover from the shock of what just happened.

“You mean you let her go?” Louis looks in real confusion.

“No. She vanished. She vanished into thin air.” Harry says before he realizes how stupid he must have sound to the paramedics standing next to Louis with both hands crossed on their chest.

“She ran away?” Louis sounds impatient.

Harry is about to reply when one of the paramedics speaks.

“Is this some kind of a joke?” The paramedic shots a death glare at both Harry and Louis.

“I’m so sorry, Sir. My friend here must have dozed off when the woman went away.” Louis tries to calm down the situation.

The paramedic huffs in annoyance before leaving away. His colleague follows suit. Harry gets out of the car to sit on the passenger’s seat just as Louis closes the driver’s door. He puts on the seat belt and flinches when he feels his shoulder ache.

“You’re okay?” Louis glances at him.

Harry nods curtly before he opens his mouth to speak.

“You don’t believe me when I said she vanished.” Harry says in a flat tone. He continues when Louis doesn’t respond. “Before she vanished, she pleaded to no one in particular that she needed more time. Then she vibrated and vanished…”

“Look, Harry, just drop the subject, okay. She might just not want to get back to the hospital and I understand you were dozed off…”

“You don’t understand and I wasn’t dozed off!” Harry snaps.

Harry notices the surprise look on Louis' face and he suddenly feels bad about it. The rest of the trip are spent with silence then.

“We’re here.” Louis announces before their car stops in a halt.

Harry watches Louis getting out of the car and walking towards the car trunk to fetch their luggage. Louis then proceeds to walk towards the front door to hug a middle aged woman whom he has been calling Mom from the day he was able to spell the word.

“Dinner will be ready at seven pm.” Mom exclaims happily before placing a sloppy kiss on Harry’s forehead.

Harry’s heart aches a little when he learns that Louis already shuts himself in his room, which once belonged to his oldest sister/cousin. They always spend time playing basketball or riding Harry’s old skateboard in turns whilst waiting for dinner.

Harry stares at Louis’s door which is adjacent to his and startles when the door springs open. Louis looks up at Harry before heading towards the bathroom at the end of the corridor without saying any word. Harry is still standing in the corridor when Louis walks out of the bathroom two minutes later.

“Louis?” Harry calls.

“Yes?” Louis replies and looks up at Harry.

“It’s a nice weather to play basketball outside.” Harry tries not to sound pleading but fails miserably.

“I’m kind of tired. I think I might lay down a bit.” Louis sounds apologetic.

“Oh. Right. Maybe later?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.” Louis shrugs.

Harry is about to open his mouth to speak but Louis already enters his bedroom and closes the door as if their conversation is over. Harry sighs desperately before he heads to his own room. Clearly Louis is avoiding him. He contemplates to knock on Louis door so that he can confront it to Louis but decides against it the next second. Maybe Louis is just tired. He has been driving more than ten hours.

Harry regrets he never bothered to learn how to drive even when Louis asked him countless of times. He always thought that Louis would drive him to wherever he needed to go because Louis is his manager and Louis always has been.

Louis may not be avoiding him. He’s just tired. Yes, that just be it.

Harry pushes back the thought of Louis and proceeds to enter his bedroom. He lies on his bed and wonders about the strange event that happened almost two hours ago.

Is it possible that they had actually met a ghost?

Harry analyzes piece by piece of the incident that happened back then.

First, there was a loud bumping sound right before Louis stopped the car. He got out where Harry followed suit. The woman was unconscious when he and Louis found her, so it is safe to conclude that they’d just hit the woman. This means, the woman is not a ghost. Ghost are transparent. Their car would’ve gone through her. Instead, their car had hit her. Second, he and Louis carried the woman and Harry tucked her into his embrace on the back seat of their rented car. So, the woman was clearly not a ghost. Ghost are not solid. Third, Harry waited whilst Louis called for paramedics after they arrived at the hospital. He felt warmth radiating from the woman’s body pressed into his sides. Again, the woman was clearly not a ghost. Ghost are not warm. Fourth, the woman called his name. The woman knew him and she seemed happy when seeing him. Again, she was clearly not a ghost. Ghosts never seem happy. Well, for this one he is actually not very sure. Fifth, and this is the most bizarre part, the woman mumbled something to no one in particular saying she needed more time before she vibrated and vanished into thin air. Well, the most sensible reason would be Harry got dozed off and dreamed of the woman mumbling, vibrating, and vanishing. But he is certain he wasn’t dreaming back then.

Harry lets out a heavy breath and realizes he’s getting sleepy. He thinks he hears a knock on his bedroom door but decides to ignore it and drifts off to sleep.




When Harry wakes up he hears the sound of his grand old piano that once belonged to his grandfather being played. He doesn’t recognize the music but he doesn’t care. The sound of a piano being played only means one thing : Louis is in the living room at the moment.

As expected, he finds Louis sitting in front of the grand piano with his hands playing expertly on the tuts. April is sitting next to him and looks obviously stunned by Louis’s fluency in handling such instrument whilst Mom is knitting on the comfortable couch near the TV. June is sitting next to Mom’s feet and playing with his phone, however she glances form time to time towards Louis whereas May is breastfeeding her baby.

Louis stops playing the moment he notices Harry.

“Why do you stop?” Harry asks.

“It’s finished.” Louis replies curtly.

“It doesn’t sound like it is.” Harry says in confusion.

“When will your husband be home?” Mom asks May when Louis doesn’t answers.

May looks at the clock on the wall and adds. “He should be home in twenty minutes.”

“Would you replay it? I’d like to hear it.” Harry says to Louis.

“Maybe after dinner.” Louis replies.

“Why not now? It takes less than ten minutes I think.” Harry pushes.

“Louis, you’ve been best friends with my brother for years.” May states as she puts her baby on the crib next to her.

“Yeah, we have.” Louis answers.

“Did you ever have a crush on him?” May asks.

“Fortunately, no.” Louis states curtly.

“Why?” June demands.

“Harry’s not my type.” Louis replies and glances at Harry.

“Harry’s not that bad.” April reasons. “He’s not ugly, though.”

“I do have standards, April.” Louis states whilst throwing a playful smile at April.

A loud snort emerges from the table and Harry quickly turns to Mom, who is now faking a cough.

Harry decides to let go of his request of Louis replaying the music after watching Louis, Mom, and the rest of his sisters/cousins starts to pull some jokes about him. However, when Louis announces he is off to bed after they finishes dinner, Harry thinks he’s had enough.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Harry says and Louis stops in a halt in front of his bedroom door.

“What are you talking about?” Louis stutters a bit.

Harry scoffs at Louis playing dumb because Louis is obviously miserable at it.

“You’re mad at me because I snapped at you.” Harry decides to deal with this shit right there.

“No, I’m not and I wasn’t mad at you.” Louis seems amused.

“Then why do I feel like you’re avoiding me?” Harry asks and hopes he doesn’t sound desperate.

“Look, Harry. I just want an early sleep tonight.” Louis reasons.

“Fine. Let’s sleep together then.” Harry continues.

Louis raises his eyebrows.

“You got a problem with that? We’ve done this before, so it shouldn’t be awkward for us.” Harry pushes.

“No we haven’t and obviously we will not.” Louis says firmly and Harry sense the edge in Louis’ voice.

“Of course we have. We slept together after your birthday party last night. We were too drunk and we ended up sleeping together on my bed.”

Louis clasped both his hands on his mouth and shakes his head, looking totally shocked and bewildered. He then walks into his room and literally slams shut his bedroom door.

It takes a while before Harry finally are able to process the whole conversation he had with Louis that ends up Louis pulling off that very strange behavior.

“Fuck.” Harry swears after he runs through every single words he has said during their conversation.

Harry grabs and turns the door knob. However the door won’t open because it has been locked from the inside.

“Louis!” Harry calls but there is no answer.

Harry fishes out his phone from his jean and dials Louis. He needs to fix this. Louis needs to know that he has chosen the words that causes wrong interpretation on Louis’ side and that their friendship is not ruined and will never be.

Harry places his forehead on the Louis door when Louis doesn’t pick the third dial.

“You got it wrong, Louis.” Harry whispers, right before his cellphone makes a notification sound of needing to be recharged.

Harry sighs before entering his bedroom and charges his phone. He then proceeds towards the living room.

“Where are you going, Harry?” Mom asks when Harry walks past her and grabs his coat.

“Just taking a walk on the neighborhood.” Harry says and walks out of the house before Mom asks further questions.

Harry has no idea that he won’t be seeing Louis the following morning at his house.




Louis stares at his phone as though it would burn in fire. He knows Harry is dialing him at the moment because he set different ring tone for his best friend.

Wait. Are they still best friends? Louis is not sure whether he will still be able to look at Harry in the eyes after the shocking revelation.

Louis shakes his head. It couldn’t be possible that he would fall for Harry. Harry is his best friend and always has been. He pushes back the thought of having heard Harry’s revelation and recalls those moments after he woke up next to Harry just last night. He remembers he saw Harry’s muscular bare back and thighs. Harry always sleeps in just his pants and he knows that. However, he himself was fully clothed and didn’t find any evidence that suggested they had done something more than just sharing a bed. No, Louis would’ve known because he changed Harry’s bed sheet before they left the flat and headed here. It was one of so many domestic activity that Harry never bothered to do because he is a lazy git and Louis never minds taking a role as Harry’s mom when they are in the flat. Harry must have chosen a wrong word just like that one time when he came into Louis’ bedroom and took a seat right in front of him before speaking in a very serious tone of voice.

“I think I want to get head.” Harry had said whilst looking at Louis in the eyes.

“I’m sorry?” Louis replied.

“You heard me.” Harry said with a cheeky grin. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while.” Harry added when Louis just stared for a whole minute. “Don’t be surprised. It’s not like you don’t want it too. I remember couple of days ago, it was you who came up with the idea.”

Louis gulped after failing to remember what he might have said that would lead Harry into saying this shocking things.

“Why did you think I’m amenable with what you were proposing?” Louis asked carefully.

“Because I think I’ll look good in that.” Harry answered confidently. “Look at Mick Jagger. He looks damn cool wearing a hat.”

The realization then hit Louis the next second.

“Oh, you mean a hat?” Louis asked.

“Yeah. A hat. Didn’t you hear me?” Harry asked in confusion.

“I thought I heard… never mind.” Louis quickly added. He thought it would be better off if Harry remained unacknowledged about what Louis had misheard and misinterpreted.

“You thought you heard what?” Harry demanded.

Louis forced himself to think.

“I thought I heard a hen, instead of a hat.” Louis tried to keep a straight face when saying so.

“What made you think I would look good with a hen?” Harry looked a Louis as if Louis had just posed the silliest question on earth, in which he just did. But Louis just chuckled at that time before offering him a cup of tea, in which Harry accepted contently.

Louis lets out a relief sighs before he grabs the door knob and turns it open. However, Harry is no longer there when he opens the door.

“Where’s Harry?” Louis asks June, who is watching the TV, when he fails to find him in his bedroom.

“He’s out or a walk.” June replies nonchalantly because she was too absorbed in watching UK’s Got Talent.

Louis rushes out of the house but fails to find Harry on either sides of the roads that are already empty. At this time around roads are already empty for such small town. He contemplates on choosing a road to start catching up after Harry but decides against it the next second.

Louis walks back to the house and asks June. “Did he tell you when he would be coming back?”

“No, he just left.” June replies.

Louis decides to flip through some old family photo album whilst waiting for Harry to come back home. A photo bothers him in a way that he can’t resist himself not to disturb June from her tense attention towards the TV.

“Who is this woman?” Louis asks, pointing at a photo that aged for about twenty years.

June looks nervous before she speaks. “It’s my aunt.”

“You mean Harry’s birth mother?” Louis says and adds when June looks surprised. “Harry has told me. The song I’m arranging the music for is actually about her.”

“Yes, it’s her.” June says.

“We met her this afternoon.” Louis wants to say it but decides against it the next second. It would sound impossible and ridiculous. Maybe they just happened to look very similar.

“Do you believe in time travel, Louis?” June suddenly asks.

Louis frowns and June continues.

“I know this would sound ridiculous and impossible for you but Harry’s mother time travelled just after she gave birth to Harry. I saw it. I was ten years old and I was waiting for her whilst my uncle, Harry’s father, went to talk to the doctor. She was lying on the hospital bed, recovering from having delivered Harry before she vanished for like two minutes and came back the way she had gone. She said she was ready to leave because she knew Harry would be okay.”

Louis just stares at June with jaws dropped open.

“You know what, just forget I said that.” June says, clearly looking embarrassed.

“Does Harry know about this?” Louis finally manages to speak.

“Of course he doesn’t. He would laugh the shit out of me if I tell him.” June replies before announcing she will go to bed since the show is over. June then asks. “Are you waiting for Harry?”

“Yes, I am.” Louis answers when June looks at him expectantly. Besides, he’ll be needing a private time with his best friend.

June nods and smiles before heading towards her bedroom.

Louis decides he will wait for Harry whilst continuing working on his music on Harry’s song. This will be his Christmas gift for his best friend along with the one neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree. Harry isn’t supposed to know but Louis was such a bad actor that he wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help of Harry’s mom and sisters.




It has been two hours but there’s no sign of Harry coming back. He fishes out his phone and stares at ‘Call’ button that reads ‘Harry’. He contemplates on dialing Harry and let him know that he’s waiting for him. However, he quickly decides against it. Harry should be home in no time since it’s almost midnight. He lets his head fall back on the couch and lets out a heavy sighs before he hears it. The ringtone of Harry’s phone. He quickly sits back upright and realizes that he has touched the ‘Call’ button and that Harry had left his phone before leaving.

A rush of worriedness comes over him knowing Harry has been out there for two hours without any contacting device. The worriedness changes into fear when he hears the telephone ringing next to the coffee table.

“Hello…” Louis greets with heart beating fast.

“Good evening. Is this Harry’s Styles residence?” A foreign voice speaks. In the background, Louis can hear the sound of police siren and people conversing from handy-talky.

Louis gulps. “Yes.”

“We need you to be at St. Clara’s hospital. There’s been an accident…”




Louis remembers the moment he decided to confess to Harry. Harry had become his best friend after he joined the band and he thought he would test the water by telling Harry first. As much as how scared he was to do it, he couldn’t and wouldn’t live in a lie. All those interviews asking whether he had any girlfriends or what type of girls he liked had come to a state where he could no longer be comfortable with. He was even more ready to leave after his contract is finished if the rest of the band members and Mr. Ferguson, the management representative, turned out to not be able to take it well, though he really hoped Harry and him could maintain their relationships as friends.

The thought of having to leave Harry because Harry might not also take it well caused pain in his chest but he schooled his features and took a deep breath before walking into the dressing room where he knew Harry would be alone. He carefully closed the door and looked at Harry who was getting ready for their world tour rehearsal that day.

“Harry, there’s something I want you to know about me…” said Louis nervously.

Louis said the three words he had been rehearsing for the past couple of days in front of a bathroom mirror in his and Harry’s shared bedroom.

“Shit! Oh, shit… shit… shit…” Harry vomited the words followed by several profanities two seconds after Louis confessed. He looked like as if Louis had just told him that a meteor was coming and would crash the earth they had been living on.

“This is it.” Louis thought. “The end of their three years friendship.”

Louis took a seat on a single couch nearby because his knees were feeling weak. He already feared the thought of losing Harry as his best friend.

“I’m sorry,” muttered Louis to his hands in a sound he knew only him could hear.

To his surprise, Harry kneeled in front of him and put each of his hand on the armrests, literally trapping Louis.

“I love you, Louis, but just as friends. I can’t and I don’t want to lose you because of this…” said Harry, gesturing a space between them. “You’re my best friend.”

“What?” said Louis, thinking there was something he had missed.

Harry took both Louis’ hands before looking at Louis seriously in the eyes and added with a regretful tone of voice. “I can’t reciprocate your feelings towards me, Louis. I’m so sorry. But I really hope we can maintain our relationship as best friends.”

“Excuse me?” Louis took off his hands from Harry’s as if they were contagious and added. “My confessing to you doesn’t mean I like you Harry. I mean, I love you too but only as friends. Besides, you’re actually not my type.”

Three seconds were passed with Louis making a revolting look on his face and Harry looking grateful.

“Thank God,” said Harry before burying his face on Louis lap. “I thought our friendship is over.”

Louis smiled as he gently stroked Harry’s back hair just before the door sprang open. He managed to catch a glimpse of one of Mr. Ferguson’s assistant before the door was snapped shut.

“I’m telling Mr. Ferguson after our rehearsal,” said Louis, wondering why he should leave space for Harry to comment when he was already sure he would be doing it.

“Okay. Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving,” said Harry.

Louis was about to open his mouth to speak but Harry already placed his hand on Louis shoulder and steered him out of the dressing room.




Louis remembers when he eventually knocked on Mr. Ferguson temporary office and walked into the room when permitted to. There was a tense silence after his confession before Mr. Ferguson spoke.

“Thank you for the info, Louis. We’ll make sure we’ll properly handle this. Just carry on as usual. It will be best if you don’t tell anyone about this.”

Louis contemplated on telling Mr. Ferguson that he had told Harry earlier but quickly decided against it. He stood up from his seat, beamed at Mr. Ferguson, and walked out of the office.

The following week, he was called to Mr. Fergusson office.

“I think it would be best if you keep your distance with Harry. We don’t want any unnecessary rumors or speculations about the two of you.” Mr. Ferguson said before dismissing Louis from his office.

But the rumors and speculations has spread and at some point, he could no longer enjoy his time with Harry without concerning what people might think about the two of them. Later on Louis learnt that it had been because of the incident in the dressing room.

“Who cares, Louis?” Harry confronted him one afternoon after their rehearsal for the world tour. “We’re only friends. That's all that matters."

The following month, he sadly told Harry that he wouldn’t want to renew their contract and wanted to leave the band.

“Why?” Harry demanded.

“The management wants to set me up in a fake relationship,” said Louis.

“Then be in one. I don’t mind.” Harry shrugged.

“I can’t, Harry,” said Louis with a sad tone in his voice.

“Try, Louis. I can’t imagine you not here with me.” Harry pleaded.

Louis looked at his best friend and let out a heavy sigh.

“I once called off a wedding because I thought I could. If I try, I’ll most probably fail and ruin this band.” Louis spoke after a silence. “I’m very sorry, Harry.”

Louis reached out to place his hand on Harry’s shoulder when Harry suddenly stood up from his seat.

“Fine then.” was all Harry said before he left.

By the time he was packing his things and got ready to leave, Harry came to him. It had actually been a full devastated week for Louis because Harry apparently hadn’t wanted to speak to him after their last painful conversation.

“I’m coming with you.” Harry said.

“Mr. Ferguson will be furious if you don’t show up for sound check.” Louis said with a sigh, wondering why Harry had wasted so many times they had left only to escort him to the airport. He added with a tone of irritation when Harry grabbed a bag pack. “I can get all my stuff to the cab. I’m doing fine by myself.”

“I’m sure you do.” Harry said with a smirk.

Only then Louis realized that the bag pack has a torn on the bottom. He had a bag pack which was just exactly like Harry, the ones they bought together when they were in L.A, and his didn’t have a torn on the bottom.

“I’m leaving the band, Louis. I’m literally am.” Harry gestured at his bag pack. “My contract has been officially terminated yesterday and I hope you don’t mind we share your clothes before I buy my own when we get wherever we’re going. I don’t have time packing.”

“You’re a lazy git.” Louis blurted, unable to contain the warmth in his chest.

“And your best friend.” Harry chirped, putting an arm on Louis’ shoulder.

And together they walked towards the awaiting cabbie.  




Louis remembers when he had to turn down Harry’s invitation of his family’s annual Christmas gathering because out of nowhere, his estranged mother had called and asked him if he could come over to pay a visit. Without hesitation, Harry had called his step mother to announce that he wouldn’t be coming over at Christmas.

“You don’t have to come along, Harry.” Louis said.

“You haven’t talked to your parents in years. I just want to make sure we won’t be listening to crickets during dinner.” Harry joked and Louis chuckled.

They arrived at Louis’ childhood house five minutes before dinner because Harry had insisted that they brought some wine in which he put a lot of time contemplating whether he should bring red wine or white wine. Louis’ mother opened the door after Louis rang the bell and Harry immediately reached out his hand to introduce himself.

Louis felt something was clearly off when, instead of introducing herself back, his mother asked Harry to wait on the porch before gesturing Louis to follow her into the living room.

“What were you thinking, Louis? Why did you bring your boyfriend?” His mother asked in a hissing voice.

Louis had yet time to recover from his mother’s cruel accusation when they heard shouting voice that he knew belonged to his father. Louis exchanged worried looks with his mother before rushing towards the front door and found Harry covering his bleeding nose.

“Don’t you dare step your foot into my house!” His father shouted at Harry before turned to look deadly serious at Louis who just stopped in a halt. “It has been hard enough for us to accept for who you turned out to be without you bringing along…”

But Louis already grabbed Harry by the elbow and dragged him out of the freaking mad house. He opened the car for Harry and helped him sit on the passenger’s car before walking around the car, opened the other door, stuffed himself on the driver’s seat, and literally snapped the door shut. He didn’t bother to put on a seat belt before igniting the machine and drove away from the neighborhood like someone who had been determined to commit a suicide.

It was Harry’s worried tone of voice that calmed him down and made him slow down the car.

“I’m so sorry, Harry.” Louis said, a moment after the car fully stopped. “I should’ve seen this coming and I shouldn’t have let you come along.”

There was a long silence before Harry finally spoke.

“That was unexpected, though.”

Louis nodded approvingly. He never expected his father to be furious upon assuming Harry to be his boyfriend and act like that.

“For your father and me to have something in common.” Harry continued.

Louis turned and frowned at Harry.

“Your father thought I was your type judging by how quickly he assumed I was your boyfriend. I thought I was your type when you confessed to me and I thought you had a crush on me.”

Louis could barely maintain his snort before it changed into a hollow of laughter.

“Let’s go the hospital and head straight to your Mom’s house.” Louis finally stated with a content face.




Louis remembers sitting on the front row in the church next to his mother. He didn’t know which uncomforted him more, the fact that he was wearing a denim and a pair of white sneakers during his father’s funeral or the fact that his mother, who sat next to him, was sobbing miserably on Harry’s shoulder instead of his own son’s. He blamed their six hour delayed flight for his attire (Harry’s attire looked more fit with the event since he’d just performed in front of the Queen of England before they heard the news), but he couldn’t blame his mother for choosing Harry’s shoulder to cry on since Harry had already hugged her in a tight and comforting embrace the moment they arrived at the church and met his mother, who was at that time already crying.

Louis felt Harry squeezed his knee to comfort him before his uncle stepped up onto the podium to announce that they would be listening to his father’s last words through a recorded video. It ached so much to watch his father delivering his last words whilst lying on a hospital bed with IV tubes on his upper arm. He so much wished he had been there for his father.

“… as for my one and only son, Louis…”

Louis’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe when his name was called out for he thought that his father had disowned him after he rudely walked out of his house with Harry at the last Christmas.

“… many times I picked up the phone and dialed your number but I put it back again because I never had the courage. I was afraid of you rejecting me the moment you listen to my voice…”

Louis looked down right after a tear run down on one of his cheek. He pinched the bridge of his nose and bit his lip to prevent his sobbing. Those touching last words from his father echoed in his ears even before Louis was asked to heave the coffin along with other five men dressed in army uniforms where he was placed on the front right.

Louis so much hoped that he would stop crying because it caused the coffin to move worryingly and him to not have a proper view ahead. He also wished he had eaten something before he took the flight because his blood pressure was now hitting the low limit and he started to feel dizzy…

He heard someone gasped right before an arm got hold of him by the torso from his side and hoisted him to get back upright. When his dizziness finally cleared a bit, he realized that both his hands were no longer gripping the coffin’s handler and he no longer felt the coffin’s burden on his left shoulder. He looked up and found Harry was looking at him worriedly.

“Let go of the coffin.” Harry told him in whisper when Louis put his hands back on the coffin’s handler.

Louis shook his head. “I’m taking my father to the car.”

“You can barely stand upright.” Harry sounded impatient.

“I will stand upright.” Louis replied stubbornly just before his knees gave away and Harry had to hoist him again to stand and get back upright.

“Your mother needs you. Your father’s dead anyway.” Harry reasons.

Louis eventually let go of the coffin and joined his mother. Later on he learnt that the coffin must have actually tilted awkwardly to his side since he was literally several inches shorter than the rest of those men in army soldier. Harry at least was as tall as them though he didn’t have the body build.

“Thank you.” Louis at the end of the day to the exhausted Harry sleeping on his living room couch.




Louis doesn’t remember how he got to the hospital and be seated on a plastic chair next to Harry who laid unconsciously on a hospital bed. Mom and June have understandingly left the hospital room to give him some private moments with his best friend.

“Harry…” Louis calls in a low voice though he knows Harry won’t be able to hear it.

Louis reaches out and takes Harry’s hand.

“Harry?” Louis’ face lits up when he feels Harry’s hand moves.

But Harry’s hand is not only moving. It is also vibrating, and before Louis knows it, he is already staring at Harry’s vibrating body.

“What the…” Louis has no chance to finish because Harry is vanishing into thin air. Harry literally has vanished into thin air.




Harry hears it. His name being called on. He looks around but finds no one who had attempted in calling him earlier. Everyone in the hospital looks preoccupied. Doctors, nurses, and patients. He then decides to walk through a corridor and finds the woman whom their car had accidentally hit and who eventually went away when standing in front of a wide glass window, watching babies sleeping.

“I’m glad you managed to go back to the hospital.” Harry says.

The woman looks at Harry and frowns before she got back to watching the babies.

 “That boy over there is my son.” The woman says, smiling proudly at a baby wrapped in a blue cloth. “I just gave him birth ten minutes ago.”

Harry frowns and cringed at the same time. He must have missed the fact that the woman is actually pregnant and he is also thankful that the woman had been okay until she delivered her baby.

“How are you feeling, now that you are a mother?” Harry asks.

“I feel blessed and grateful.” The woman replies.

Harry thinks that the woman must be too happy to have just delivered a baby that she starts sobbing.

“But I won’t be taking him home with me.” The woman continues.

“Why?” Harry asks in confusion.

“I wish I could.”

“Why can’t you?”

The woman doesn’t answer.

“I think you should take some rest. Your face is really pale.” Harry comments.

“I need to see my baby for how much time I have left.” The woman says.

Harry is about to open his mouth to speak when his father approaches them.

Wait. His father has been dead two years ago due to brain tumor. And this man who miraculously looks like his father is least twenty years younger.

Harry looks around and quickly notices a calendar hung on the wall next to the nurse station where the year is clearly showing 1995.

Where is he? Is he in heaven?

Harry watches his much younger father takes away the woman before he feels a gentle pat on his left shoulder. He turns around and finds the exact woman he was having a conversation with just then smiling at him.

“You’re thrown back to the day you were born, Harry.” The woman says. “Just like me getting thrown to your time just then.”

“You’re my mother.” Harry says speechless.

“Indeed, I am.” The woman replies. “I got thrown into your time when you made that wish.”

“The thunder.” Harry says and the woman nods.

Harry throws himself towards the woman and hugs her tightly.

“Are we in heaven?” Harry asks.

“I wish we were.” The woman replies.

“I miss you, Mom.” Harry says through his sobs. His arms are still wrapping tightly around the woman. “I’ve always missed you.”

“I know, Sweetheart.” The woman says before she adds after a pause. “You should go back, Harry.”

“What if I don’t want to go back? I want to stay here and be forever with you.” Harry says pleadingly.

“Someone who loves you needs you.” The woman says. “Besides, I’ve had my wish.”

“What is it, your wish?” Harry asks.

“To see you as a grown up and to have you remember me.” The woman smiles.

“But I didn’t recognize you when you when our car hit you.” Harry replies.

“It’s because you had no memory of how I look like.” The woman says. “I knew at once you had always remembered me when I read the song you wrote.”

The woman continues when Harry doesn’t respond.

“Your friend is waiting for you.” The woman says.

“Louis!” Harry gasps, totally forgotten about his friend. He then turns to the woman and speaks with a pleading tone of voice. “I wish I wouldn’t have to leave you, Mom.”

The hospital light suddenly blinked strangely.

“That’s the sign. You have to go back now. Follow that light over there, Harry.” The woman points at Harry’s back and tries her best not to let a tear fall down on her cheek.

“I love you, Mom.” Harry says before once again pulling the woman in a tight hug.

“I love you too, Son.” The woman says before placing a kiss on Harry’s forehead.

Harry turns around and starts walking towards the light. He feels his body becoming lighter and lighter as he takes step after step. At the end of what looks like a tunnel, a light blinds his eyes and he feels his body lifted horizontally before he drifts off to sleep.




Louis’ face is the first thing Harry sees when he opens his eyes.

“Louis…” Harry says, smiling in relief.

“You… just…” Louis seems to be stuttering for words.

“Louis?” Harry says, looking concerned.

Louis gulps then speaks. “You won’t believe me but I just saw you vanished.”

“I believe you.” Harry says with a grin. He then adds. “I met the woman whom I wrote the song about.”

“I believe you.” Louis says with a grin. He then confirms. “You time-travelled. And your Mom had actually done it.”

“How did you know?” Harry asks curiously.

“June told me. She said she saw your Mom vanished for like two minutes before she came back the way she had gone. The woman I accidentally hit was your mother.”

For a while, Harry and Louis spends some time grinning at each other before Harry decides to bring on the subject.

“About last night… I… I didn’t mean it like that. I happened to choose wrong wordings…” Harry really feels like an idiot when saying so.

“I know.” Louis says and Harry is thankful because he is starting to feel uncomfortable. “You chose the wrong wordings.”

“Nothing happened between us.” Harry confirms, just to make sure everything has been cleared between him and Louis.

“Nothing other than just sharing a bed.” Louis agrees and nods before he speaks. “I’ve arranged your song using your grand piano. I’ve recorded it last night with my phone. Do you want to listen to it?”

“Do you really need to ask?” Harry replies as he smiles contently at his best friend, Louis.





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