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I wrote this in my AP World History class while we were supposed to be taking notes but I chose to write this instead

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



I need a book of definitions. I am a native speaker of English but let’s be honest…it’s a shitty language! It’s not a Germanic nor is it a Romance language. I just wish the people of England in the 14th century made more words for love. ASL is a bit better than English. There are two signs for love. One for platonic “thing” love while there is another for person love! I love sushi! I love my parents. You use different signs for those sentences!

Love only comes in one form in English…love! I just wish we could take it more seriously. I, myself, am a victim of love’s cold and cruel hands. It took me, violated me, abused me, and I let it. It took over my life and I let it. I guess you could say I loved it!

Yes, I fell in love, with a human. I was blinded by this person’s eyes and their ability to see into a person’s soul and see only the good. I wanted to grab them, kiss them, and be with them as much as I could. This human knew that there was faith in us as a species and knew that the world held possibilities for people like us.

After the high left, all that remained was a mattress too frequently used. All that was left was the cold space between our sheets. All that was left was the worn out words of love. All that was left was a broken picture frame lying on the floor. All that was left were two lonely souls whose life and effort had been sucked out of them

It hurt at first but it felt…numb. Numb is another word I need to be defined. Both the word numb and love need their own dictionaries besides the fact that both these words are imperfect rhymes for each other. They also represent what I shall feel no longer. There is only one escape and it’s for the best. I love myself way too much to suffer like this. 

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