Sometimes I sing

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Sometimes I sing ...

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Sometimes I sing

But most times I think

Not just because, Life gave me a pause

Nor that my dreams have gone for a toss

But since the silence seems so true

That it takes me out of my Blues


Sometimes there is no time

But the days just roll by

Days followed by nights

Sounds adjunct with sights

Laughter in the company of Friends

Silence and Quiet when the day ends

Yet some days just keep me running

Though it looks somewhat funny

Busy as a bee on a day so sunny

I wonder if it is all for the honey

Time out is the message my heart sends

Should I Stop or go where the road bends


Sometimes I Dance

But most times I stumble

Not because I have lost my way

Nor do my feet move astray

But from the corner of my eye I glance

A path which I just can’t leave to Chance


Sometimes I am weary and tired

I sense that I am no longer inspired

Is it pain that I feel from within?

Or my rationale gone for a spin

Is it right to escape or wrong to avoid

Or just pump vacuum to fill the void

Is it good to struggle or bad to enjoy

I ask like a child eyeing a new toy

Is it all right to sprout wings and fly?

Isn’t it better to try than just cry?

Leap before you look is my Soul’s cry

Rain your dreams before they drop dry


Sometimes I work

But most times I play

Not because I forget my goal

Nor that my labor has taken a toll

But when I let go, it gives me Power

And Blessings come down in a Shower


Sometimes all that I see in people is images

All that I read in a book is pages

Every person lost in his own world

Amidst bubbles which they try to hold

I turn online, clinging to the mouse

Peering at the sites that I browse

Searching for God knows what

Letters taking control of thought

Oh, can’t I throw away that mobile

Or just shut it off for a while

Enough of looking through the lens

Let’s go within and answer our questions


© Copyright 2018 Vithal. All rights reserved.

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Sometimes I sing

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