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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: House of Ghosts
This little story is about Cyrus defending himself against his attackers and revealing a higher mystery in the plot.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



I can hear the rain beginning to slow as i stare at the floor preparing myself.




To think i've been lowered enough  to have to fight in a run down yet nostalgic building like this...the floors are rotten and creaky.the walls are filled with dents and holes overshadowing the colorless torn wallpaper and wood trim.The ceiling also has been leaking since i got here,but on the bright side i do enjoy the smell of rain…too bad i'll have to mix it with blood..




My gaze sways left and right ignoring what's in front of me.all i can hear is the solemn sound of the occasional fallen rain drop hitting the puddle of water i'm standing in,which is probably for the best.This building was my old high school..i remember always hating coming here...the bullying,the drama,the stress.. but i’ve never thought of killing someone here.to think that this would be the perfect place i get to run wild.so open,free of obstacles..well besides the wet rotten floors and looming darkness,but that isn't an excuse to go easy on such highly regarded opponents at that..




My gaze sways lopsidedly forward into the dank darkness of the ruined abandoned school building and is met with 4 others all lined up and armed with their own tools of war...so this is who they sent to kill me huh? The first;a fit yet petite asian women armed with a karambit knife and green eyes..Ai Lin.The second;a black stout man armed with spiked combat gloves wrapped with wire and brown eyes..Tyson Grey i believe.The third;a fit white boy armed with what seems to be a assault rifle..but it looks strange..it has too many excess part hanging off of or clipped onto it..his eyes are blue..Must be Christopher Dowle..The fourth and final;A tan white man armed with a slightly short chinese war sword and bright silver eyes,that's definitely Rin Revis..




In the darkness i can't see the details of their faces,but i don't need too.all i can hear is the rains drips and drops hitting the water's surface as i watch their lips move with such passion.i don't have to hear them to know what they're saying..


Cyrus: don't waste your breath with words...i can't hear you anymore-i lost that privilege earlier...Listen well,i'll tell you all you need to know.my name is Cyrus Delrosa and Jun Revis was my best friend...i have no qualms with you all,the world need more talented good people like you...i know you're just following orders..especially you Rin Revis..but! This will be my one and only warning i suggest you all heed it…




They all brace themselves slightly lowering their weapons in respect and lean in towards me listening intently to my words of advice.i give them a long pause so they can brace themselves for the ultimatum i'm about to bestow.


Cyrus:You all can leave right now and you won't be harmed..if you don't,and choose to start this war with me...you won't leave this place alive…




In the dank Darkness all i can see is the group looking at Rin and him mouthing sorry




A tear falls from his eye and hits the moist ground as he swings his head up and readies his blade.he yells something and a jolt goes through the others forcing them into action.I gave them a chance..




Christopher is the first to move as he starts to run an arc around my left side and aims his assault rifle.out of the corner of my eye i see Ai jump up and Tyson Draw back his open palm.RIn has disappeared,but i have no time to focus on that as Christopher squeezes the trigger and the muzzle lights up as he continues to arc.i throw my left arm at 11 o’clock and close my ring and thumb fingers causing a barely visible wall of force to appear in front of it and block his bullets while constantly keeping up with him running.while i'm blocking Christopher's bullets i look anticipatedly at Ai who now is balanced on Tyson’s open rushing palm.as i focus on Christopher Ai and Tyson i realize i've forgotten about the most dangerous.Rin.there's a glint above my head which forces my eyes to dart up to see Rin holding his blade above his head ready to slash down.He moves fast...with my right hand i make a ring with my index and thumb coating the hand in a thick flowing shield of force,and with my left hand i change it from my ring and index finger to closing my index,middle,and thumb and rotate my hand long ways.i start to bring my right arm up as i right side jump out of my puddle causing the water to splash and ripple.




The small shield wall on my left morphs into a curved wall that surround my whole left side while continuing to block the assault rifle bullets that are still arcing in my own personal radius due to Christopher.I see Rin’s eyes fill with worry as he watches my body move out of the path of his blade and it slashes where my head was and my right hand speeds toward him,non closed fingers curved like talons while i'm floating slightly above the ground from my jump.it can't reach but it wasn't supposed to.a wave of force leaves my hand and hits Rin in the rib cage blasting him and,throwing him into the ceiling.i get no chance to celebrate as my eyes dart over to the now thrown Ai who is hurdling toward me blade first.this is an opportunity to take someone out of the equation..but i can't fight the momentum of my arm and regain myself before she gets here..ah! I won't fight the momentum.




I swiftly change the hand sign on my left hand to my pinky and ring finger being closed as my other fingers are arched like talon,forcing my shield to dissipate as i prepare for my next technique,but Christopher can't shoot since Ai is about to be tangled up with me.Right on que Ai approaches with her karambit prepared to pierce whatever's in front of it but i use the momentum of my palm thrust and some contortions and gyration of my body to spin around just enough to slip my left heel next to her chin and connect a hit since my leg is longer than her arm.at the same time i reangle my left hand over Christopher and grip my index,middle,and thumb as if i'm holding something.A jolt of panic and confusion goes through his body as my momentum from spinning carries my arm and swings it toward the other side which then throws Christopher as well but he crashes into the other wall as i land slightly dizzy on the ground.Ai crashes down to the ground a few feet away sprawled out with her knife near by in a small bath of bent bullets.




I quickly examine my surroundings and i'm confronted with my handy work.i look toward the ceiling and i see the glint of a blade as it falls from the rafters and pierces the distant ground.Rin was first to go as i forced him into the ceiling with my fullpower,he may already be dead from the impact..I gaze at the sprawled out petite girl near me.Next was Ai..that kick was hard but it wasn't anything over average..she's most likely just knocked out with a concussion.my head sways toward my right toward the crack riddled wall as i slowly step closer to my little puddle that i started at.Poor Chris..i heard that rifle had a lot of tricks up it's sleeve..but he only got to use the assault rifle function..i threw him really hard so i doubt they will even be able to find all the parts..finally i look forward at the last contender who stands their in disgusted awe and moves his lips in what i assume to be words.


Cyrus:I warned you..those men sent you all to your death by sending you here...they new this would happen..


My gaze slips over toward Ai.Horrified confusion fills his face as he looks at me and i stroll over to the area near Ai.




Cyrus:yes..they always knew you were out of your league..human lives are just a tools to them...but you don't realize it until they already have you trapped..they take something...a goal,a family member,a lover,freedom,anything… that's what happened to Me and Jun..


I bend over and pick up Ai’s karambit.




Cyrus:they stalked us.studied us.all because they saw some type of potential..they took our loved ones to make us obedient then experimented on us endlessly..looking for perfection..looking for a solution..looking for a savior to solve all their problems...jun was supposed to have abilities to help with global warming,pollution,and all that other stuff,and i was supposed to be their perfect soldier-a “Trump card”...one who can't lose,weather the soldiers be super or not..




His face is still filled with horror but he listens attentively to the words i can't even hear myself saying.i stand slowly and look at the ground near him.


Cyrus:those plans of theirs fell apart though..well obviously..Jun’s powers were too much for him..(blood leaks from my nose but is casually wipe it off.)he was disintegrated from the inside out in front of my eyes while trying to use them to-...either way after that i found out my loved ones were already killed so there was nothing holding me back from leaving..they’ve been sending people like you four for a while to test the power of the monster they created..your all pawns..except for Rin..i assume they made him a puppet with brainwashing when they had him as leverage for Jun..




I close my pinky and ring finger on my left hand and aim it at him.before he can move i squeezed down and aim the karambit straight ahead.looks like he's pleading for mercy...Fuck this better not back fire..


Cyrus:this will hurt a bit tyson..but don't struggle..


He flails his head frantically as i pull my left arm back and he speeds my way straight for the blade.




Funny.i can actually hear his blood as if it were rain drops..the blade has pierced his shoulder and his blood is rushing out.his head is flailing and his mouth is open as if he's screaming.my grip won't let his body move as i slowly dig the knife out and get close to his ear.


Cyrus:listen well..this is a one time chance.Ai Lin is still alive and your wounded.you have two main choices.tell them you two survived the fight,or just run a pretend i killed you two..just get out of here...i'd rather not kill anymore of those who don't deserve it..


His pained face fills with confusion as i release my hand sign cautiously.he says something but seems to finally remember that i can t hear him.he nods with tears flowing down his face and blood pooling out of his arm.he begins fiddling with something on the ground the starts maneuvering Ai.


Cyrus:all this power..all this hate..i'll save it all for when i get to Saisen..as i carve R.I.P Jun Revis into every one of their skulls..


As he picks up Ai he walks over with something in his teeth.A cloth from Ai’s clothes with words of blood.he offers it to me as he hold back the tears from the pain.it says”i will be back to help with your cause.”


Cyrus:i already said i won't kill you...there's no need to lie-


He stretches out the arm holding Ai and forms a father,son,and holy spirit seal while looking me in the eye.


Cyrus:...i won't hold you to it..but i will be somewhere in the city of Burxrin in two years..you can show me what you can do then..




He bows and begins to walk away.as he fades into the dank darkness i look up to the blindingly dark rafters.


Cyrus: I promise Jun..I'll avenge you..and your brother..just wait a bit longer..


© Copyright 2018 Emit Roh. All rights reserved.

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