Through a dream

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Aalia is having a hard time forgetting her high school breakup and the mess it created. She struggles to move on from the one who was caught in the crossfire when she couldn't go on with her present relationship. She broke up with her boyfriend but lost her best friend because she loved him, not her boyfriend.
This dilemma messes her up. She loses everyone.
Then she has a dream that changes her life.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



This is a dream. I know it even while I'm having this dream. I am sitting in a classroom. Its bright. Too bright. So I know where I am. My school. 10th grade.

My classroom is a typical indian classroom. Ceilings are green. Walls are painted half white and half green horizontally. There is a whiteboard in front of the classroom.

There are two rows of seven benches. I'm sitting on the third from last bench. I liked that seat. Not too close from the front. And not too far. I am that girl who's remained a topper since the beginning. Beautiful but not quite. Brown eyes, brown skin. Brown hair. The ordinary one. Aalia. I look around and see the faces of my classmates. But something is different here. On the bench adjacent to mine, my seniors are sitting. Which wouldn't have been possible in real life. I recognize one of them immediately. Sahil. He's my friend. We had some misunderstandings but we are friends again. The other one has his back turned to me. I can't see his face. They are talking with their heads close together. Who is he? In the front, Amod Sir, the maths teacher, is writing a problem on the whiteboard. I love maths. But I can't concentrate much. I'm tapping my pen on the notebook. My leg is bouncing under the table. 'Who is that guy' is going over and over in my mind. I can guess by his posture and his back but I want him to be someone else. Anyone else but him. I don't know what I'd do if its him. I don't even know how I should feel if it turns out to be him. Happy? Yes. Angry? I don't think so. Excited? Maybe. But for what? I don't think he'd be overly happy to see me. Seeing that it wasn't exactly his fault that we haven't seen each other in a long, long time. I was in a relationship when we became friends. He was cute, funny and so friendly. He was my go-to person. He was always there for me. He'd give me his shoulder to cry on when i'd come running to him. Because my boyfriend did something that hurt me. He'd make me laugh while I'm still crying. But that's the past now. Isn't it? And this thought gets me worked up again. Sahil is staring at me with a question in his eyes. "Why are you so agitated?",he mouths at me. I just shake my head and mouth back,"Its nothing." He knows something's upsetting me.

Seeing this exchange, the person with him turns towards me. Its him. Aman. I freeze. He looks the same. I don't know why I expected him to look different. The same dark brown eyes. So deep. They were almost red-ish. The high cheekbones. The surprisingly strong brow for a teenager. The lips that were tilted upwards so often when he looked at me. His black hair. Yes, I did notice these things. He was too perfect not to.

He's smirking at me and I realize I was staring at him. I immediately look down at my book. I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. He calls my name. I look up at him. There's a hope in me that maybe things haven't changed. That maybe we'd fall back into how we used to be. Before I decided to ruin it. "Can you share your work? I don't know how to solve these questions.", he's asking me but there is a challenge in his eyes. I nod my head. He brings his chair closer and I put my notebook in the middle of the bench to show him how to do it. We do the classwork together then. "So how are you doing?",I ask him. "I'm doing good. I've been painting lately. What can I say? The art school is quite happy with me. They say I have potential." "That's good." "What about you? How has life been treating you?",he asks me. "Great actually. I got selected at U of C. And I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a writer.", I tell him. "I wish I'd been there with you.",he whispers to himself. But I hear him. "Why weren't you?" "You are awfully confident in asking me that question. When the blame is all on you." "I'm sorry." "You don't get to be sorry." "I know but I am. I'm really sorry for how I ended things. wasn't easy for me too." He gets quiet for long time. His head is down in his hands. I hurts me to see him like this. I feel like crying. But I won't put him through that. "It would have been easy if I didn't know you like I do. If I didn't understand that you were scared.", he whispers. Then I almost don't hear him say,"It would have been easy if I could just hate you." And my heart breaks into million pieces. I couldn't have helped the tears that slipped from my eyes. "You took the coward way out. If you'd just given it some time- given 'us' some time- maybe......maybe if you haven't pushed me away, we'd have been happy." He takes a long, deep breath and looks up at me. Like he's determined to get this out in the open. Like he's at the verge of something. His eyes are red but he isn't crying. He never cried. THIS IS THE END, I think in my mind. Everything is going to fall apart. But what he says is totally different from what I thought. "I am still waiting for you, sweetheart. Look me up and come see me. I know you love me too. I've always known. And if you still do, then for once face this head-on. I've known you for a girl with a steel heart. You don't break easy. Its what I love the most about you. And this time I want you to be that person. The person I love." I feel light headed and dizzy. He kisses my forehead and tells me goodbye. And I wake up.

I feel overwhelmed. So much happened in my dream that the line between reality and imagination is thin. But I'm happy. Its like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel light. I shout with joy. I jump up from the bed and start my search for Aman. Within an hour, I have an address. I get up to get ready. And now I'm driving down to where he lives. Its early in the morning so most likely he'd still be at home, judging from the distance between his college and home. I catch him at the front of his house, ready to leave. He looks good. With faded blue jeans and white t-shirt. I'm humming with adrenaline and determination. He turns and sees me standing in the front yard. Recognition flares in his eyes. There's happiness, along with anger hurt that I can see. And then his expression turn into one of disdain. And just like that, I start to question myself. Was this a good idea?, I think. Did I really think this would be hearts and flowers because he visited in my dream? It was a DREAM for God's sake. What was I thinking? Coming here thinking that he'll just open his arms and hug me and will never let me go? I'm sooo delusional. My face fell at that. And I started to walk away without saying a word. That's when I heard a laugh. A bitter laugh. I hated the sound. I turned to see so much emotion looking back at me through those deep eyes. He looked so........broken now. My eyes filled with tears and I jumped in his arms. I buried my face in his chest and cried. He hugged me back, tight. Words were falling from my lips. I couldn't seem to stop them. And maybe that was for the best. Maybe he needed to hear every single thing I said. "I'm so sorry,Aman. So sorry. I was a coward. I shouldn't have done any of it. Four years and I still regret it. Four years and I still hate pushing you away. Four years and I you." Aman was shaking. And then,I heard him say,"In these four years, i wanted to come running to you. To ask for a chance. Or to end this once and for all. I was ready to beg to get you back. But it had to be you who came. You had to realize it on your own. That was the only way." He smiles now and says,"And now you're here. I knew you'd come. That you'll do it" I think of my dream. How he encouraged me to do this. How he changed everything. And I thought, it was you, Aman, who did it. It was you. "I'm nothing without you. I need you with me. To live and to love.",I whisper. He sniffles and I look up at him. There are tears in his eyes. I smile at him through my tears. He wipes them with his thumb and hand me a handkerchief for me to blow my nose. Yeah, I'm mature like that. "I love you, Aman." He drags the back of his right hand down my cheek. "I love you too,baby. I always will." Then playfully, he says," because you're beautiful, you know. I always liked beautiful girls with smart brains." I huff jokingly. "You're handsome too. But you're still my potato. And that's why I love you." We both laugh at that. We look in each other's eyes. And right then,with the early morning light shining in our eyes, we promise to be together forever. And everything falls back into its place.

-------***THE END***-------

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