The Sweetest Revenge

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Story about taking revenge on a rotten father.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



When Martin left the STD-clinic he looked up at the sky, and felt rotten. After having heard about him having the disease, he no longer cared about the glorious sunshine and the things he had thought of doing later that day. Why had everything gone wrong for him lately? Why had they rejected his thesis, so he wouldn’t be able to get his degree in time? Why was his father such a miser, so he wouldn’t be able to stay in college for another three months? Why had he lost his room in the nice apartment he had shared with Mat and Luke, so he had to move back in with his father and his far too young new girlfriend, that brainless bimbo that could have been his sister? As it was, life looked shitty to him. He had always been careful with the girls he had dated, but now, that last bitch had given him a dose of the clap. It would keep him out of circulation fort weeks. It was unfair, he couldn’t even recall her name. It was something like Stacey, Lacy or Tracey. He didn’t really care about her. He wouldn’t even try to find her to warn her. She was not his responsibility. Damn, he would have to be on those pills for weeks.

Half an hour later, after having picked up the pills, Martin pulled up on the concrete driveway in front of the mansion his father lived in. Martin hated the place. It was where his mother had died, and where he had spent months all by himself as his father had tried to cope with the situation of suddenly being a single parent by ignoring the fact he had a son. In those days Martin had eaten most of his meals sitting at the large dining room table all by himself, or in the kitchen with Consuela, the Mexican maid. Now, even Consuela wasn’t there anymore. His father’s bimbo had taken care of that. Martin took his large duffel bag from the backseat of the car and entered the house. He went straight to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of mineral water to wash away the first of the pills. Then he turned his attention to the content of the fridge, it was then that his father entered the kitchen.
“If that isn’t the prodigal son,” he remarked sarcastically. “Now life is going to be great again.”
“Hi, Dad, it’s nice to see you too.”
“What brings you here?”
“I just need a place for a couple of days.”
“Isn’t the condo good enough?” His father asked.
“Had to leave. You wouldn’t pay anymore, remember.”
“Of course. You’re a drop-out now. Well, you can stay here for two weeks. Then you’ll have to move out.  Tammy doesn’t want you around, she hates sharing me. You know what she’s like.”
Martin just smiled. He knew exactly what she was like.
“You’ll have to find yourself a job too. Can’t give you one myself, wouldn’t look right to the other boys.”
“Of course,” Martin agreed. “Can’t upset the old boys, now can we?” His father couldn’t miss the sarcasm. Then he walked over to the deck at the back of the house.
At the edge of the swimming pool, a bronzed young woman with copper hair lay stretched out on a lounger. The blue bikini she was wearing seemed to reveal more than it did.
Martin felt for the small tube of pills in the pocket of his faded jeans. God, he hated the bitch. He walked over to her, pulled up another lounger. Sank down beside her, and turned on his slow smile, the one that always got them. His thoughts returned to the pills. Then he made up his mind; he would get the bastards. First her, then him. He began to chat the girl up.
“Hi Tammy, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other the next couple of days.” His voice sounded just husky enough to get the girl interested.


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