Ceiridwen Maureen O'Malley: An Update, June 2017.

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A woman who had been badly injured in a bad car accident five years ago has amazed doctors and others with her courage and will to live. This is her story.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 10:58 a.m., C.D.T.~

Dear Journal~

Hullo, hullo!! Hope this finds you all in fine fettle.  I'm doing quite well and hope you are doing the same.

For those who don't know who I am or my backstory, my name is Ceiridwen Maureen O'Malley.  I was born in Ireland but now make the United States of America my home.  I live in Nashville, Tennessee, where I work at a local hospital, where I work in Medical Records.  I've worked there for years and I absolutely enjoy what I do!

I am single. Not looking for anybody at this particular time; too busy working, for one.  Also going to school to work on getting a degree in Journalism; I also write in my spare time; writing has been very cathartic for me.

I have one brother (older) named Patrick Cameron; he's three years older than I.  I will be turning 57 in a few months.  I live with Patrick.  We also have our parents, Mum and Da, whom we care for.  Both are getting up in years, and unfortunately, Da has shown the beginning symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.  It's been very hard, especially since we know that down the road that Da will only get worse and will, ultimately, have to be placed in a nursing home, where professionals can care for him.  Such a sad reality for this once active, vibrant golfer who revered life for all its worth!

I still keep in touch with Louisiana Sandusky and the other nurses who took care of me whilest I was inpatient five years ago, in 2012: 'twas in the hospital because I had been in a very bad car wreck (wreck caused by a drunk driver) and suffered horrible injuries.  I eventually healed, but I still have effects from the wreck even now.  Not nearly as fast as I once was and still suffer ongoing pain and discomfort.  I walk with a cane now; not nearly as fast as I once was.  For that, I am most grateful: I owe the medical team at Nashville Memorial Hospital a world of thanks for that.

Anyway, back to my story.  I have been very busy with working, school, and helping Patrick with caring for Mum and Da.  Outside of that (and curch; we are Catholic), I don't have much of a social life.  When I do manage to have free time, I enjoy every second of it.  Having free time is as scarce as hen's teeth, as they say.  What free time I do have is very precious to me.

I don't have anything planned for summer vacation; for one thing, I work just about every day (8 hours at a stretch, sometimes more), and then you have school obligations and caring for my aging parents.  One day is just like the other for me (unless I happen to be in hospital).

Well, I am about to get off for break (lunch) as I write this; so I am going to get something to eat from the cafeteria and enjoy my mealtime and my break (have an hour long break for lunch); then I work 'til five.  I will write in here again another time; 'til later, this is your friend, Ceiridwen Maureen O'Malley saying so long and God bless!  Talk to you again soon!


Ceiridwen.  :)

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