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i am not familiar with any writing structure whatsoever, considering that, please share your thoughts.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



His strongest memories is in this very room, it was a fortress from his youth, his fortress. but it was also a prison, of loneliness and depression that held him from shouting out, calling for help, a cage of thoughts and fears.

With the rush of time, Hes got older, surrounded with shame and disappointment from his familiars, and the feeling of missed expiriences goes by the clock, whom he hated and despised.

Friends he has none, nor did he had any - but the faces that revealed in the mirror when he looked. Isolated, outcast from the unknown, aside sudden comfort coming from these walls. He know them well, and they do him, they felt his pain, heard his thoughts, and listened. So when its time to say goodbye, he hoped they will too.

One last tear to be shed, for end is near, with a smile to bestow to the one who sees. With a silent retreat, there's left one wish, founded from his heart with the will of fresh start.

When youre done with the past, look upon the future, yet his, could never been so blured. Happy and misfortune at once. And now, a distanced voice of suffering is being heard, one that did not sheltered under the wings of time.

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