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Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017




Dear daughter of the royal palace

It has been long since we had from you in the eastern side

Are you still sweeping your father's compound?

Do you still claim that you don't want the eastern men who will 'starve' you??

Your best friend Chokodie is now my neighbour

She is a proud mother of two healthy bulls

Your younger cousin sister is preparing for her wedding tomorrow

Remember this is the eastern side that will 'starve you'

Does you father still wear a strange eye on the males standing at your gate?

Does your mother still think they come to use imaginable WiFi without smart phones?

Do you still hate the eastern men?

But palace daughter remember the ancestors were against marriage among northerns

Are you bold enough to disturb their wrath?!!

I miss the old golden days

How we used to compete running to the river

How we used to cook with soil and leaves from the big trees around your home

How we could model pots of clay and rank the best

But palace daughter hope you don't do that still...

We no longer have toys for kids but real babies

Hope you don't babysit that 'royal toy' you treasured much

Tell your dad to stop the saying "you are spoiling my daughter"

For how long will Kamau stand at your gate using the imaginable WiFi?

For how long will the bold Otieno knock at your door?

For how long will you avoid the 'starve' in the eastern that is only felt by you?

Dear palace daughter, time to drop your imaginary crown

An imaginary crown which has made you loose the fortunes we always admired

The imaginary crown which has created wrinkles on your face with none to call you 'mum'

Daughter of the royal palace,carry your broom come let's sweep the eastern side

DAUGHTER OF THE ROYAL PALACE!! Remember you are a daughter like us just drop your imaginary crown

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