Reading astrological charts

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We are going to get know all about the wheel and how it is made up. How many degrees is in it, and how it is divided into houses.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The wheel

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote that Adam and Eve knew about the workings of  the ''Heavenly Bodies.''

We are given in the bible that on the fourth day, the sun, moon and stars were brought forth. They are for signs, for seasons, for days and for years.

It is from them that the early Astrologers got to make the Calendar.

Astrology and Astronomy at one time were the same until they parted company. The ancients have given us information on what they have found. We can test it and throw out what does not make sense, but hold on to what is true

I will be mentioning some astronomical names but will not go too deeply into it. First I want you to understand that the wheel is fixed. It has 360 degrees.It is divided into twelve sections which are called ''houses.''

There is a narrow band  in the sky which the zodiac occupies; and the ancients gave them these names:


I used to wonder how they knew all this when I first started to research astrology. I don't think about it any more. You have to learn the zodiac names and how the symbols are written. Did you learn your ABC? Well you can learn these 12 signs. When I said that the wheel is fixed, I mean that Aries is the first sign on the wheel, and it is always found on the left hand side where the sun rises. Then the rest of the signs follow anti-clockwise. All this is very important to know. Every sign carries 30 degrees.

Here are the planets in our solar system:

The sun

We accept the sun and moon in our workings as if they were planets. Everyone knows or should know that the sun is a star, and the moon is neither a planet nor a star.

Here is something you have to remember. The wheel starts turning when a time of birth is calculated. People can also be born with the fixed wheel depending on what time they were born.

This fixed wheel with Aries as the first sign is the beginning of the year starting on or about the 21st of March. That is when the sun comes for the first time in the sign of Aries.

So you have 12 houses each with 30 degrees making the wheel 360 degrees.

What I want you to do now is to draw a big circle on a paper. From the top of the circle down through the middle, draw a line. From the left side, draw a line through the middle over to the right side. Now you have a cross in your circle.

This cross are the four angles in the wheel.  The left side is where the sun is rising and is known as the Ascendant or you yourself--this is around 06.00 am.

The top angle is what is known as the Mid-heaven, I normally refer to it as the Mid. It is noon 12.00 pm.  Opposite the left side is the right angle, this is 18.00 pm, the sun sets here. This angle is known as your partner or the public.

The bottom angle is Midnight. This angle is known as your home, your roots, the grave, your country and your parents.

So we have the first angle or the first house, your personality, how others see you. The sign there and planets will give more information.

We read the wheel anti-clockwise. Down to Midnight, the 4th house, up to the setting sun, the 7th house. At the top, noon, the 10th house, the career, outside world, your boss, your fame, and your parents.

Now make your wheel to have 12 sections big enough to place the symbols in later.

These sections are houses. The first house, on the left, is an angular house. It is you, yourself, your personality. It is you coming into this physical world. It is the way others see you. Any planet in this position will give you more energy, positive or negative.

The second house, that is moving anti-clockwise, is the second house. It has to do with money, your body and your possessions.

The third house is the house of communications, travel, brothers and sisters, neighbours, enviroment, close family, and everything to do with writing, talking, reading and signing contracts.

The fourth house is  the house of your roots, your parents, your country, the grave, and real estate.

The fifth house is the house of children, love affairs, romance, speculation, sports and entertainment.

The sixth house is the house of sickness, health, work, colleagues, pets and hygiene.

The seventh house is the house of your marriage partner, your business partner, the public, open enemies.

The eighth house is the house of the other world, other people's money and possessions, legacies and the goods of the dead.

The ninth house is the house of higher education, philosophy, religion, law, foreign countries, long distance travel.

The tenth house is the house of your career, the outside world, your fame, your boss, your parents or those in authority.

The eleventh house is the house of your hopes and wishes, your friends and clubs and groups.

The twelfth house is the house of isolation, prisons, hospitals, working behind the scenes for the good of others, it is the house of secrets, the past, and enemies.

Remember that the wheel you're looking at now is the fixed wheel. The sign of Aries(the ram) is at the ascendant or first house.

The sign of Taurus (the bull) is at the second house.

The sign of Gemini(the twins) ia t the third house.

The sign of Cancer(the crab) is at the fourth house.

The sign of Leo(the lion) is at the fifth house.

The sign of Virgo(the virgin) is at the sixth house.

The sign of Libra(the scales) is at the seventh house.

The sign of Scorpio(the scorpion) is at the eighth house.

The sign of Sagittarius(the centaur) is at the ninth house.

The sign of Capricorn(the goat) is at the 10th house.

The sign of Aquarius(the waterbearer) is at the eleventh house.

The sign of Pisces(the fishes) is at the twelfth house.


You have to know what planet or planets are in charge of which house.

Mars is ruler of Aries and the first house.
Venus is ruler of Taurus and the second house.
Mercury is ruler of Gemini and the third house.
The Moon is ruler of Cancer and the fourth house.
The sun is ruler of Leo and the fifth house.
Mercury is ruler of Virgo and the sixth house.
Venus is ruler of Libra and the seventh house.
Mars and Pluto are rulers of Scorpio and the eighth house.
Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house.
Saturn is ruler of  Capricorn and the tenth house.
Saturn and Uranus are rulers of Aquarius and the eleventh house.
Jupiter and Neptune are rulers of Pisces and the twelfth house.


The planets in our solar system makes aspects to each other, these aspects could be positive or negative. The aspects are:

Conjunction, having two planets close to each other.
Semi-sextile, a distance of about 30 degrees, with a two degrees orb.
Semi-square, a distance of 45 degrees, with an orb of 2 degrees.
Sextile, a distance of 60 degrees, with 8 degrees orb.
Square, a distance of 90 degrees, with a 8 degrees orb.
Trine, a distance of 120 degrees, with 8 degrees orb.
Sesqui-quadrate, a distance of 135 degrees, 2 degrees orb.
Quincunx, a distance of 150 degrees, 2 degrees orb.
Opposition,  a distance of 180 degrees, 8 degrees orb.

When the planets are passing through the signs of the zodiac, they will give the individual energies to work with according to the sign.

The sun in Aries makes an individual a part of the Arian group; In Taurus, of the Taurian  group; in Gemini, of the Geminian group; in Cancer of the  Cancerian group; in Leo of the Leonian group; in Virgo of the Vigoan group; in Libra of the Libran group; in Scorpio of the Scorpian group; in Sagittarius of the Sagittarian group; in Capricorn of the Capricornian group; in Aquarius of the Aquarian group; in Pisces of the Piscean group. These are the sun signs. You will get information from the sun sign about an individual, but that is not all. You have to read the whole chart. And that is what we are going to do later on. First, I want you to do some more extra wheels and have them ready.





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