Reading astrological charts

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This chapter is not for those who are fearful. I'll be talking about certain charts. The charts are not drawn, you'll have to picture them in your mind.

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Talking about charts without drawing them.

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



The first chart I am going to talk on is that of Shauna Grant, the actress who killed herself. With this chart, I'll be using a Midnight time. She was born 30th May 1963, Bellflower, California, U.S.A.

Of course, you can draw the chart. I meant that I won't be drawing the chart like I normally do.

On the 21st March 1984 around 19:10 pm, she shot herself. She died on the 23rd March 1984.

In the Midnight chart, you have to look very carefully, and only take the aspects the sun makes, but not its position. It will always be hanging near to the 4th house. Sometimes a little distance away.

You have to make charts for the years that events took place, and check them carefully. You have to be sure that you see in the chart the aspects of the planets and the cusps for the event.

One thing you must never forget, and that is the upbringing of the individual; and the environment.

In the Midnight chart she has Aquarius on the ascendant. This sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Read up a bit about the ascendant in Aquarius.

Saturn is in the first house in Aquarius, its own sign. This shows that she started out in life very young.

The other planet as ruler, Uranus is in the 7th house in the sign of Virgo.

Note: IMD has given the date of 21st March when she died.

The sun in Gemini is always two sided. The Moon in Virgo is critical and analytical. These people when they are young, sees all what goes on around the family, and they take it all in.

Venus in Taurus is stubborn, loving, likes expensive things.

We must remember that looking at a natal chart does not immediately show us what is going to happen. It shows us the energies, positive and negative that the individual has to work with. I once came across some charts that had many negatives, and yet the individuals came out good in the society. Again, I would say, it truly depends on the early life of the individual.

Let us have a look at her progress Midnight chart when her parents moved house. This was in 1973. The progress would be 10th June 1963.

What are looking for? To find what the 4th house and its ruler is doing. 4th house has to do with the home. We can also pick up planets in the sign of Cancer Cancer is the sign that is  fixed at the 4th house.

We find the planet Mercury in the 3rd house in the sign of Gemini, and is ruler of the 4th house with the sign Gemini there, is square her ascendant, and square Mars in the 7th house.

In 1982 she ran away from home. And from here on, the trouble started. She broke up with her boyfriend, went in as a model and ended up doing films for sex. In the early days, she was a cheerleader.

We find her ascendant holding 22 degrees, her 6th and 12th houses as well. Saturn is directly on her ascendant in 23 degrees. Her Node is in the 5th house in 22 degrees and conjuncting her 6th house.

In her 3rd house, we find Mercury and Venus both in Gemini in conjunction. Mercury is now ruler of the 4th and 5th, and  intercepted 7th house. Both Mercury and Venus are square to the ascendant and to Saturn, they are also both square to Mars and Uranus.

Then we got the moon going into the 12th house exactly conjunct the 12th holding 22 degrees. It is exactly sem-sextile the ascendant.

Notice that her Mercury is in the sign of Taurus. She was warned by someone in the model office not to go into the sex business, she did not listen. Here, we see how free will works. She was free to do what she wants. Anyone is free to do what they want to do, but you'll have to pay for it later, if you've made the wrong decision.


I will talk about the chart of Ernest C jr. Anthony born 6th December 1964 at 20:11 pm, Boston, Massachussets, U.S.A. He committed suicide by shooting himself This happened in the year 1992.

Remember, I do skip over a lot because it's quite a lot of work to compare the progress chart with the natal chart. But I do it quickly. Professionals will go over every single thing that's going on before they make a final decision.

His progress date is 3rd January 1965 at 20:11 pm. This correspond to the year 1992 when the event took place.

In his natal chart there are three heavy planets in the second house in the sign of Virgo. Mars and Uranus, as I have been checking them, gives enormous energy, leading to sudden action whether positive or negative.

Let's have a look at the second house. This house is the body. The sign there is Virgo. Mars is there conjunct with about 3 degreees. Uranus and Pluto are there.

The ruler of the second house is Mercury in the fourth house in the sign of Sagittarius, conjunct Venus. Mercury is square the second. Venus is exactly sextile the third.

The Node in the 10th house in Gemini is exactly square the second house. Jupiter in the 9th house in the sign of Taurus is exactly trine Pluto in the first house but in the sign of the second. Fortune in the 12th house is exactly square Jupiter, and semi-sextile Pluto. Mercury is sem-sextile Neptune in the third house but in the sign of the fourth. Neptune is co-ruler of the 8th along with Jupiter. Mars is co-ruler of the fourth with Pluto.
Venus is also semi-sextile Neptune. Neptune is exactly semi-sextile the third.

Saturn in the 7th house in the 8th house sign of Pisces is semi-sextile the sixth. The Node is semi-sextile the Mid.

The sun and Moon are in a loop in the fifth house in the sign of Capricorn.

If you have time, check the natal chart with the progressed chart, and you'll get more results.

This next chart is the murder of Joanna Yeates born 19th April 1985, Hampshire, UK.

What I'm interestd in is the progress chart; and that work out as the 14th May 1985.

The next chart was when she left the pub in Bristol around 20:00 hrs to walk 20 minutes to her home. The date is 17th December 2010 when she disappeared.

I have told you before to keep your eyes on Taurus and Scorpio as they are of the 2nd and 8th houses. Cancer as well. I had been for a long time chasing Gemini and Cancer, but I had to let go. You must also check carefully the duplicate; and don't forget that they are really one sign. Let's talk about the 14th May 1985, the progress chart. These charts, I'm sorry, are Midnight.

The ascendant rising is Capricorn in its first sign. Saturn is in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio. It is conjuncting the South Node by about 6 degrees.

Saturn has a good  aspect to the Moon in the loop in the second house. The Moon is in the sign of Pisces. When counting from the ascendant, Pisces become the third sign.

Neptune is in the ascendant. It has a trine to Mercury in the third house. Neptune would be co-ruler of the loop in the second house. Mercury would be ruler of the 6th house, and al;so of the loop in the 8th house.

The enemy could either be Jupiter, ruler of the 12th house--secret enemy. Or the Moon in the third sign of the loop in the second house.Jupiter has a trine to Mars in the 5th house but in the 6th house sign of Gemini. Jupiter has a square to the sun in the 4th house in the sign of Taurus.

Jupiter is also sextile to Uranus in the 12th house. This Uranus is co-ruler of the second house, of the body, It is opposing Mars, and square to the Moon.

The moon has a trine to Saturn in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon is square Mars and Uranus, sextile the sun.

Venus we find in the 3rd house in the sign of Aries with a good aspect to Mars and to uranus.

Mercury is also in the third house, its own house, and opposing Pluto.  Pluto is co-ruler of the duplicate 10th and 11th houses.

The third house to do with neighbours, short distances, travel, communications. Pluto is just a dark planet, co-ruler of the 8th house.

What I get from this is that her career, her friends, neighbours, her work and the loop in the 8th house, house of darkness comes to the fore.

We see that Mars in Gemini is opposing Uranus in Sagittarius. You probably want to know about this. I have seen in many charts where Mars, even when it is friendly to Uranus causes problems. And this is depending on who is using the energies. For a wise person could dig in to scientifical subjects, while a foolish person would get injured or killed.

Let's have a look at the chart when she left the pub and her friends.


This chart is the 17th December 2010 at 20:00 pm., Bristol, UK.She is walking home.

Now what I want you to notice is the Moon in the loop in the 10th house holding 13 degrees, and is exactly sextile the 12th, and square the ascendant.

The ascendant sign for this chart is Leo. Its ruler, the sun, is in the 5th house in the sign of Sagittarius.

Notice that the 5th house/11th house is holding 5 degrees. The sun is square the 3rd house. It is semi-sextile Neptune in the 7th and Chiron also in the 7th. Chiron and Neptune are exactly in conjunction both with 26 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. They both are exactly sem-sextile to Uranus in the 9th house in the sign of Pisces. Both sextile to the Mid. The sun is square Uranus and Fortune. Fortune is in the 9th house exactly conjunct Uranus in the sign of Pisces. Both Uranus and Chiron are semi-sextile to Fortune.

Once we pick out what we want we move on. On her way home she is seen by CCT cameras, picking up a pizza in Tescos. But now lets draw a chart for 20:50 pm on the same day.

 We find that the planet Mercury is holding 0 degree in the 5th house in the sign of Capricorn. Mars is also in the same sign and is holding 7 degrees. Mars is ruler of the 4th house and the 9th. Mercury is ruler of the 2nd ( always remember that the 2nd house has to do with money or the body), and the 11th houses.

The ascendant is Leo, and it is holding 22 degrees. Make a note of that 22 degrees because it keeps coming up, and I'm trying to get a hold on its real meaning. It is telling us something.

Notice that the 10/4th houses are holding 8 degrees. This is something that we cannot explain, but has to do with those houses. And of course you know what the fourth house represent.

The 3rd/9th houses are in 5 degrees. Fortune is in the 8th house conjuncting the 9th.

The sun is squaring Jupiter in the 8th house, and also Uranus. The sun is in the 5th house in the sign of Sagittarius. It is conjunct Pluto with about 8 degrees; conjunct the Node with about 7 degrees; conjunct Mercury with about 4 degrees.

The Node in the fith house is conjunct Pluto also in the fifth house. The node is conjunct Mercury in the fifth house. Thre Node is conjunct Mars in the fifth house.

The Node, Mercury, Mars and Pluto are all in the sign of Capricorn--the sign of cold and damp, cautious, slow, taking one's time. 

At the third house is the sign of Libra, its ruler is Venus. Venus is in the fourth house in the sign of Scorpio. Venus is exactly sextile to the second house, and excatly trine the 8th. Venus is also ruler of the 10th house.

Fortune is exactly square Pluto in the fifth house.. Square the Node in the same house. Mars in the fifth house is trine the Mid.


Our last chart on this subject is that of the little girl who went missing in Portugal. Everyone must have heard about it. She is Madeleine Mc Cann born 12th May 2003 at 18:14 pm, Leicester, UK.

If we progressed the chart to 2007, which is 4 years, we get the following:

Progressive date is 16th May 2003 at 18:14 pm, Leicester, UK.

Libra is rising with its ruler Venus  in the 7th house in the sign of Taurus and holding 0 degree. You should know by now how to check when a planet is holding 0 degree.

Venus is holding 0 degree. It is in the 7th house; in the sign of Taurus; the 8th sign. Venus is ruler of the ascendant and the 8th house.

The sun is in the 8th house in the sign of Taurus, exactly conjunct the 8th house. The sun is semi-sextile Saturn in the 8th housebut in the sign of Gemini, the 9th house sign. Saturn is ruler of the intercepted sign (loop) in the 3rd house, and also co-ruler of the 4th. The sun is ruler of the 10th house.

The 4th/10th house is holding 8 degrees

The sun has a square to Uranus in the sign of Pisces in the 4th house.

In the second house, which is the body, we have the Moon's South node crying (29 degrees) of Scorpio.

The Moon is in the second house in the sign of Sagittarius with about 171 degrees from the sun.

The moon is ruling the loop in the 9th house. With my test, this is giving, extra travel or to do with the 9th house, the same way as the third house has to do with extra neighbours, travel, environment and so forth.

Inside the loop, is Chiron. We have  Sagittarius which I work with, as test; and we also have Capricorn, Aquarius or Virgo.

Pluto is in the second house and is co-ruler of the second along with Mars.Pluto is in t he sign of Sagittarius, the same sign as the Moon.

Mars is in the 4th house conjunct Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Both Mars and Neptune are semi-sextile to the 5th house.

The moon in the 2nd house is squaring Uranus in the 4th house.

We are told that the parents left the children at around 20:30 pm.

Check was made through the evening until 22:00 pm. The mother found Madeleine missing.

Looking at the chart for 3rd May 2007 at 22:00 pm, Praia da Luz, Portugal, we find:

The ascendant is in 3 degrees of Sagittarius. The ruler Jupiter is in the ascendant sign about 10 degrees away from Pluto, also in the ascendant sign, both in the first house. The second house is Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn up in the 9th house in the sign of Leo. There is an exact trine aspect from Jupiter to Saturn.

Jupiter is sextile Neptune in the 3rd house in the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter is square Mars and Uranus in the 4th house. Mars and Uranus are in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is also square the Node in the 3rd house, in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is sextile the 11th house, trine the 5th. Jupiter is sextile Chiron in the 3rd house in the sign of Aquarius.

We find that the third house is at the fore, and this could mean travel, close relatives, neighbours, environment. Brothers and sisters.

Lets  us see what the ruler of the 12th house (secret enemies) is doing.

Inside the 12th house we see the Moon, it is crying. The Moon represents the mother or someone feminine. The Moon is ruler of the 8th house.  The Moon is semi-sextile Pluto in the first house. Pluto is co-ruler of the 12th house along with Mars.

Mars is in the fourth house conjunct Uranus. Mars and Uranus is enormous energy. These two planets are dangerous, if their energies are not used properly.

We find the second house ruler, Saturn in the 9th house is sextile to the 11th.

 I am getting the feeling that if the girl was taken, she must have known those who did so. They were friends. And as we see, if this is so they won't harm her because of the contact Jupiter has with Saturn, and both being good to the 11th. But we mustn't be led astray by good aspects.

In the fourth house we have Uranus exactly semi-sextile the fifth house. Uranus is co-ruler of the 3rd house. Here we see how often the third house came up.

Uranus is conjunct the 4th house. Uranus is sextile Fortune in the 6th house in the sign of Taurus.

Inside the 6th house we have the sun exactly conjunct Mercury, and both exactly sextile the Node in the third house. Taurus is the sign at the 6th house. The sun is ruler of the 9th, Mercury is ruler of the 7th and 10th

Fortune is exactly trine the 10th.






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