Reading astrological charts

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I've read quite a lot about what people thinks about astrology. Some of them cannot understand how that there are only 12 signs, and so many people in the world. They think that everyone will have
the same chart if they're born under the same sign.

Chapter 19 (v.1) - Clearing up some misunderstandings

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



To me, astrology is a science. The reason I say so is because I can definitely see in the faces of some people, the signs; and from the actions of many people, I can see that astrology really works. Our scientists are baffled, they can't seem to get a grip on its workings. If anyone should give me an accurate time, I will give accurate information which he cannot deny. Only someone who wants to deceive, would say it's not true.
It must be made clear that sometimes we are put in a group, and later, we know what group we belong to. This is done very often in places like the army and such like.

There are only 12 signs and not 13. These 12 signs the ancients knew were close to the ecliptic where the sun travels. If there are 50 billion people who falls under the sign of Libra, they all haven't got the same chart, but are a part of the Libra group.

There is also an argument about twins, I don't pay any attention to that any more. You can have twins having the same chart, and one of them dies before the other. What do you want astrology to do here? 

Sometime we get times that are a few minutes apart. There are cases where the twins grow up and they both have a wife with the same name, both having the same jobs and so on.

Time has a lot to do with astrology, space as well. I am not hitting out at the scientists. If I wanted to hit out, I'd go and play cricket. The scientists cannot explain time.

I like to watch professional football, but I enjoy kicking a ball about. Let the sun sign astrologers have their fun.

A good example is the case of King George 3rd, and the commoner, Samuel Hemmings.

A land owner got his servants ready to plant potatoes, apples, bananas, cherries, mangoes and lime. When he blew his whstle, they all started planting. He noted the time, and made a chart. The one chart for six different things his servants planted. Who is able to read the chart and tell what's going on ?

Before you attack the astrologers, take some time and study what they have studied.

There are some people too, who qoute passages from the bible, trying to say that the bible is against astrology. They should read Genesis chapter 1, verse 14 to 19.

Astrology was the first science, and it is still the first science. It was pushed out its place by deception, and by people who knew the secrets, and wanted it to be hidden. We should not get ourselves wrongly mixed up with 'spiritual' and 'physical' for they are two separate things.

Astrology is of moments, events in the 360 degrees chart. It is possible to see certain things in the natal chart, but some things do not present themselves until a specified time. This is where we use progressions. If the astrologer had looked at my chart, and told me I would get married in 1966, I would have said that he was crazy. The thought of marriage hadn't entered my mind as yet. If he wanted to he could have plotted the month, and he would have been correct. 

There is evil in our human society, and I believe strongly that it is because of the planetary energies, that we act accordingly. It depends on the individual human being how he use these energies, and believe me, they are inside himself.

If you found 100 charts with the planet Mars in the first house, you can bet your life that every single one of them would be active doing some strenuous work. What Mars is actually doing is giving you the energy to tackle whatever work you do.

It is the same, if you meet a woman with Venus in Pisces, and having a good aspect from Saturn, she 's not likely to go and prostitute her self. Human beings are strange, and they would get up and do something that baffles the mind. So you can see how hard it is to pinpoint the actual workings of astrology. But I have seen the proof from photos, and from careful observation that astrology is true.

Some human beings doesn't need astrology. They go through life with their 'ups and downs', and seem to sort themselves out. There's no point talking to these people or trying to convince them that it was the planetary energies in their positive and negative aspects which brought about the 'ups and downs.'

There are some people who are obstinate, they've been drilled to believe only in one thing, which sometimes turn out to let them down. No one can be a President of the United States if he hasn't got the right chart. And no one can be a Prime Minister of England if he hasn't got the right chart.

The moon is there in the sky as a witness, it sees everything that's going on. We must watch ourselves if it is in a negative contact with Mars.

Any system that you use in astrology, you'll get the same result, but not the same chart. This probably has something to do with the space, open space, and the time. And if everything in our universe works on electromagnetic waves, then we can only say that is probably what astrology works on. These waves are light.

In the army, I studied astrology, and help many people. But the army is a community, and astrology  has no say really because all orders comes from the big bosses. Everything is planned for you. Dates are already plotted out, all the planning is done, there's nothing you can do. It is the same in a civilian community. Letters are sent to you to do this or that, or report here or there. Astrology really has nothing to say in that area. Only if the boss listens to you, and act, and you have to be absolutely correct, then astrology can have a say.

You must remember too, that people who are deeply spiritual has no need to study astrology, they will turn against it. Of course they have the right to do what they want to do, but that doesn't mean that asrology is untrue. For these same spiritual people get their energies from astrology.

Astrology and astronomy walked hand in hand in the beginning--like two lovers. Then they argued, and there was abreask between them. Astrology was accepted as a science, and people held chair in it.

Some scientists are saying that there's no known laws that would make a distant star or planet to have influence on human beings. I have studied some of the satrs and their influencies, and I must say that I really don't like them, but that doesn't say they don't work.

Crick and Watson had problems studing DNA, but they didn't give up. They finally got their break through.

I don't think that an astrologer can definitely say that he has finally found how astrology work, that would be like saying he knows how may rays come from the sun. I would like to see a break through, but I don't think that is going to happen. The science is too complex. I love astrology, but I love my Creator more, who made it possible.

I still won't forget that psychologist who argued with me saying that astrology wasn't true, and that it was rubbish. Later, he spent some time and studied it, found me in a book shop, and apologized.

Okay, let's go through some more charts.

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