Reading astrological charts

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We are now going to see how the planets work in the different signs and houses. Here is where you get good information.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Planets in signs and houses

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



First, let us get to know that when the planets are in certain signs, they're said to be exalted and gives the individual more power to work with.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus
Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo.
Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces.
Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn.
Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer
Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra.
Uranus is exalted in the sign of Scorpio.
Neptune is exalted in the sign of Leo.
Pluto is exalted in the sign of Pisces.

The sun is the life force.Without it nothing lives.
The moon is the emotions, the reponse, the feelings.
Mercury is the communicator.
Venus is love and beauty.
Mars is energy, action, war.
Jupiter (the biggest planet in the solar system) expansion, kind and protective.
Saturn (destiny) discipline, slow, power, restriction, cold.
Uranus, unexpected, disruptive, scientific.
Neptune, mysterious, psychic, dreamy, strange, see-through.
Pluto, political, dark, deep and penetrating, criminal, transformation.
The sun in Aries, the person is active, assertive, firery.


The  Sun in Taurus, stubborn and a lover of possessions, loving.
The sun in Gemini, versatile, love of travel and environment.
The sun in Cancer, sensitive, protective, love home and country.
The sun in Leo, like a lion, powerful, loves  entertainment and children.
The sun in Virgo, critical and analytical, interested in work and health.
The sun in Libra, harmonious relationships, togetherness, peaceful.
The sun in Scorpio, interested in deep thinking, sex, and other people's money.
The sun in Sagittarius, interest in freedom, foreign countries and higher education.
The sun in Capricorn, ambitious, wanting power, climbing to the top, cautious, patient.
The sun in Aquarius, interested in friendships, clubs and groups.
The sun in Pisces, kind, showing sympathy to others, soft and dreamy.

So if you saw a chart with the sun in Pisces, you already have some information  about what that person is like.


The moon in Aries is impulsive, active, can have a temper.

The moon in Taurus, is exalted giving more opportunities to the individual. forceful. loving, thinking about money and goods.

The moon in Gemini clever, likes to communicate with others.

The moon in Cancer is homely, sensitive and protective.

The moon in Leo likes entertainment, children,and sports, thinking above love.

The moon in Virgo is looking for all the small details, sees everything that is happening around them. Works well with colleagues. Interested in health and hygiene.

The moon in Libra, the responses are harmonious and balanced. There is always kindness shown.

The moon in Scorpio could be jealous, vindictive, sometimes seeking revenge. Deep emotions.

The moon in Sagittarius, interest n freeddom for self and others. contact with foreign people. Could be philosophical and religious.

The moon in Capricorn, very cautious, ambitious, works hard. Not satisfied with low position.

The moon in Aquarius, interest in scientific and unusual subjects. Shy, in a sort of strange way.

The moon in Pisces, soft, kind, sympathetic and dreamy .

Mercury in Aries, full of ideas, impulsive, likes to thrash things out.
Mercury in Taurus, business minded, practical, loving, obstinate.
Mercury in Gemini, clever, good reasoning,communicative,writing,travel.
Mercury in  Cancer, quick to remember past things, likes to be with family.
Mercury in Leo, confident, strong will, good with children.
Mercury in Virgo, good intelelct, versatile, analytical.
Mercury in Libra, good companion, communicates harmoniously, peaceful.
Mercury in Scorpio, intuitive ans secretive. make good spies and detectives.
Mercury in Sagittarius, believes in freedom for all, prophetic, high education.
Mercury in Capricorn, ambitious, practical, careful, good organizer.
Mercury in Aquarius, interest in science, mathematics, humanitarian.
Mercury in Pisces, telepathic, psychic, poetic, sympathic, strong imagination.

Venus in Aries, impulsive, good with art, singing, forceful.
Venus in Taurus, strong feelings for loved ones,affectionate.loves money.
Venus in Gemini, good for travel, writing and social contact.
Venus in Cancer, sensitive when in love, strong attachment to home, loving and kindhearted.
Venus in leo, generous, entertaining, strong love for art.
Venus in Virgo shows the quiet and shy type. Interested in personal appearance and hygiene.
Venus in Libra, very sociable, strong feelings for others, good for art and music.
Venus in Scorpio,  strong passionate nature, love of pleasure, can be jealous and secretive.
Venus in Sagittarius, interest in religion, and higher education, travel, foreign countries, and freedom.
Venus in Capricorn, ambitious, responsible, dignified, friends in high places.
Venus in Aquarius, social life, popular, get along with friends, taste  for the unusual.
Venus in Pisces, sensitive, romantic, strong feelings for the other sex, caring, kind, helpful.

Mars in Aries, active, lots of energy, impulsive.
Mars in Taurus, stubborn, busy thinking about ways to make money, lovable.
Mars in Gemini, communicative, clever, active and alert.
Mars in Cancer, dress strange, a bit sloopy, busy around the homefront. Sensitive and protective.
Mars in Leo, good for sports, entertainment, powerful, creative.
Mars in Virgo, hard  wrorker, discriminative, analytical, interested in colleagues and pets.
Mars in LIbra, active in love and partnerships, forceful.
Mars in Scorpio, jealous vengeful, sexy, deep thinking.
Mars in Sagittarius, active in travel, foreign contacts, freedom, long distance travel, religion and higher education.
Mars in Capricorn, ambitious, interested in the career lots of energy.
Mars in Aquarius, active for humanitarian causes, scientific, strong with friendships.
Mars in Pisces, secretive, works behind the scene, isolated, kind, helpful.

Jupiter in Aries, can be a leader, full of ideas, generous, interested in philosophical subjects.
Jupiter in Taurus, generous, loves justice, possibility for making money.
Jupiter in Gemini, humanitarian feelings, interested in high education and travel.
Jupiter in Cancer, protective, sensitive, homely, powerful energies here.
Jupiter in Leo, lots of energies, ceremonial, good leadership, strong love for children.
Jupiter in Virgo, analytical, interested in helping others, seeking out small details.Likes to have things in order.
Jupiter in Libra, interested in justice, marriage and partnerships. Working with the public, honest and truthful.
Jupiter in Scorpio, very deep and penetrating, can make good detectives. Intereste din secret organizations, mystical telepathic. Can get secret information  from others.
Jupiter in Sagittarius, love of philosophy and higher education. Interested in travel and foreign peoples.
Jupiter in Capricorn, much integrity, ambitious, reaching fot the top in their careers. Traditional values, patient, ability to accumulate and get great wealth. Do not like waste.
Jupiter in Aquarius, universal, friendly, interested in unusual subjects, accepts other people's way of life. Scientific and occult wisdom. Attracts friends and could be involved in group activities.
Jupiter in Pisces, sensitive, soft, kind. Like to help those who are in great need. Intuitive with strong feelings. Spiritual.

Saturn in Aries, energetic. ambitious, lots of ideas.
Saturn in Taurus, stubborn, prudent and diplomatic.
Saturn in Gemini, literature and study. Intellectural. Love of travel.
Saturn in Cancer, moody, love to be at home, love the family, protective and sensitive.
Saturn in Leo, strong-willed, determined and bold, interested in children.
Saturn in Virgo, serious, likes to investigate, analytical and critical, cautious.
Saturn in Libra, good for relationships and responsibilities, social awareness, and social responsibility. Powerful energies here.
Saturn in Scorpio,  can be jealous, deep concentration, psychic, likes perfection. Works hard to gain position in life.
Saturn in Sagittarius, loves philosophy, religion and high education.
Saturn in Capricorn, ambitious, good organizers. Likes to be in power.
Saturn in Aquarius, deep penetrating intellect, friendly, scientific, could be good in mathemathics. Interest in groups and clubs.
Saturn in Pisces, soft and kind and sympathetic to others, psychic, good for deep meditation. isolation or work behind the scene.

That then were the classical planets. Uranus ,Neptune and Pluto are generation planets, they stay long in one sign.

Now I shall give you the orbits of the planets.

Mercury takes 88 days to travel around the sun.

Venus takes 225 days to make its journey. Notice how strange Venus is: it goes around the sun quicker than it goes round itself. If anyone was living on Venus, they would be a year old before they're a day old. Then 18 days later, they're a day old.. Venus is odd, it turns backward, and is the slowest rotating planet in our solar system.

Mars takes 687 days.

Jupiter takes 11.86 years.
Saturn takes 29 1/2 years.
Uranus takes 84 years.
Neptune takes 165 years.
Pluto takes 248 years. Don't forget, Pluto has been relegated to a dwarf planet.

The planets in the houses

The sun in the first house will give energy to the individual. He should feel strong. The chance is there to enjoy life if one looks after the self.

The sun in the second house has to do with money and how you go about using it.

The sun in the third house gives the energy to be interested in your close family, the environment and travel, and communicating.

The sun in the fourth house shows that you are interested in the home and your family, You want solid roots.

The sun in the fifth house shows a powerful and determined individual. Love of life and all it has to give. Lover of children, sports, speculation and love affairs and romance.

The sun in the sixth house shows that you have interest in work, colleagues, health, hygiene and pets.

The sun in the seventh house shows that you have the chance to enter into a marriage partnership of standing, or some business partnership. Social contact with some publicity.

The sun in the eighth house shows that you may be interested in the other side of this world and all the deep mysteries. A strong powerful will, passionate.

The sun in the ninth house shows that you are interest in foreign countries and peoples and long distance travel, high education, of course, religious and philosophical subjects.

The sun in the tenth house shows that you have the chance to hold a good career, very ambitious, seeking power.

The sun in the eleventh house shows that you are interested in friendships, clubs and groups, unusual scientific matters, universal and humanitarian.

The sun in the twelfth house shows that you can be a leader behind the scenes working for the benefit of humanity. Isolation, prisons, hospitals, taking a break , recupperating.

Remember that the aspects of the planets must be taken into consideration.

The aspects will come later on.

 The Moon in the first house is sensitive, moody, protective, somthing here to do with the mother.

The Moon is the second house is thinking about money matters, Good organizers.

The Moon in the third house could be busy with the environment, travel, brothers and sisters, and communications.

The moon in the fourth house is good for making home and thinking of the family, real estate is shown here.Changes in the home.

The Moon in the fifth house  is interested in children, life and romantic affairs.

The Moon in the sixth house, one must watch out for the health.Do not ignore it.Changes in work habit. Interested in hygiene and pets.

The Moon in the seventh house is good for publicity, marriage and business partnerships.

The Moon in the 8th house will give you insight, knowing things before hand. Has to do with legacies and goods of the dead.

The Moon in the night house is good for travel, especially, long distance. Interest in higher education, and freedom.

The Moon in the tenth house could bring publicity in the career and the outside world. Help from women in authority.

The moon in the eleventh house could be very sensitive when it comes to friends, there's a need to be involved with groups and clubs. Interest also in scientifical subjects.

Moon in the twelfth house could give psychic abilities. Strong sensitive feeling. strange imaginations.

Mercury in the first house can give intellectual energies. Clever, good at reading and writing.

Mercury in the second house can show that one is always busy with ways of making money. Education is important to them.

Mercury in the thrid house can give great intellectual ability. This is a position for communicating well. Good for writing, debating, travel.

Mercury in the fourth house could find you with many books in the home, your own personal library. Possibility of working at home. Interests in real estate.

Mercury in the fifth house can show creative and artistic ability. They make sure that their children have a good education. They like to speculate.

Mercury in the sith house can be very skilful in their work. Very analytical and critical. Produce good product.

Mercury in the seventh house like to be in harmony with the partner. Good sales people. Work well with the public.

Mercury in the eighth house shows that one is interested in deep and dark things. The mysteries of the other world. Interest in othewr people's money and taxes.

Mercury in the ninth house can give energies for philosophy, religion, law, and all the high education. They love travel and like to communicate with others.

Mercury in the tenth house gives good organizing ability. Very intellectual in the career. Can communicate well.

Mercury in the eleventh house shows those who are interested in communicating their ideas with their best friends. They communicate well in scientific matters.

Mercury in the twelfth house can be secretive, sensitive, easily hurt. This position can give psychic ability.

Venus in the first house is very good for art, music and all things that are graceful. It will give beauty to the individual.

Venus in the second house should not be short of money and possessions. Wants to gain wealth. Likes to spend on goods.

Venus in the third house shows a love for literature, the environment, brothers and sisters, art and travel.

Venus in the fourth house shows harmony with those in the family. Spends lots of time decorating the home. Beauty is important to these individuals. Venus is strong in this house. Possibility of gain.

Venus in the fith house shows a strong love for children, love affairs and romance, entertainment and speculation and sports.

Venus in the sixth house shows love for colleagues and works well with them, love for pets. One should keep an eye on the health.

Venus in the seventh house is a powerful position. Good for working with the public and partners. Harmonious and loving. There should be happiness here ; and gain.

Venus in the eighth house shows legacies and other people's goods. Love is very deep and passionate.

Venus in the ninth house shows a love of travel, especially long distance. Contact with foreigners. High education. Good contact with in-laws.

Venus in the tenth house is a strong position. Artistic and musical abilities Get on well in the career with much publicity. Gets on well with those in authority.

Venus n the eleventh house shows good contact with friends and probably help from them.

Venus in the twelfth house shows a love of isolation. Good at art and music,. Very compassionate, kind and helpful.

Mars in the first house. Here we have Mars in its own house. There'll be much energy and assertiveness here. Lots of energy to do sports or in the workplace. Must be able to control these energies. Hard workers.

Mars in the second house shows that the individual puts all the energies in gaining possessions, impulsive. Must be careful of overspending.

Mars in the third house is very clever, intuitive, good for writing and reading and travel.

Mars in the fourth house. Mars can cause trouble to the parents if it is negatively aspected. Some difficulties can come about.

Mars in the fifth house is good for sports, entertainments. Possibility of working with children. Love to chase love.

Mars in the sixth house shows hard worker. Very good at work. Clever. Very determined, analytical and critical.

Mars in the seventh house is very powerful and can cause harm if the energies are not used properly. Very assertive and aggressive.

Mars in the eighth house is interested in other people's possessions, strong passionate love. Deep and penetrating.

Mars in the ninth house shows an interest in  travel, high education. If Mars is negative there could be problems with religious and philosophical thinking.

Mars in the tenth house shows much aggressiveness here like in military affairs. Putting all their energies into their career.

Mars in the eleventh house is deeply interested in friends and clubs and groups. Much energy spent in scientific pursuit.

Mars in the twelfth house is secretive. People like to be alone, working behind the scene. There can be problems with enemies. Constantly thinking of past events.

Jupiter in the first house gives energies to be jovial, lovable. This position is like a king or queen. Jupiter makes the personality big; an d one must be careful not to overeat.

Jupiter in the second house is sure to m ake you wealthy. Good for business enterprises. Be careful of overspending.

Jupiter in the third house has energies for teaching, writing, travelling. Interest in religion and philosophy.

Jupiter in the fourth house is very strong and can put you in a high position. Good for the home, family and real estate.

Jupiter in the fifth house has energies for being creative, sportive and entertaining. Very good with children.

Jupiter in the sixth house shows one to be active in serving others, especially in the work place and with colleagues. Deeply interested in health. Love pets.

Jupiter in the seventh house. This is another strong position for Jupiter. Good relations in marriage and the public, Are honest and seek good justice. The person is like a king or a queen.

Jupiter in the eighth house has to do with legacies and the goods of the dead. Possibility of inheriting from others. Deep in matters of the other world. Energies here to know what others dont know.

Jupiter in the ninth house. Here Jupiter is in  its own house and the individual has energies to use for long distance travel, contact with foreign peoples, religion, philosophy, law, high education. Seeking freedom for self and others. Good for publishing, and teaching.

Jupiter in the tenth house. Here, we have Jupiter in a strong position, can make you a king or queen in your career. Expansive. Publicity. Good contact with superiors.

Jupiter in the eleventh house shows that you'll be joined to some large organization or club or group. Many friends who will help you.

Jupiter in the twelfth house shows a sensitive, sympathetic nature. Loves to meditate. Could be a mystic. Loves isolation.

Saturn in the houses. The ancients said that Saturn is the destiny planet. So whatever house it fall in, that is where your destiny lies. In my chart, it shows it to be true.

Saturn in the first house. This could have to do with early training in life. Heavy duties fall upon them. Sometimes they have to look after the rest of the family.  Sometimes they appear cold and ununterested to others. Saturn holds a strong position because it is in an angular position.

Saturn in the second house. These people work hard and look after their money. Can be good in business.

Saturn in the third house. These people have the energies here to be hgood at maths, very clever, practical, slow but delivers in the end. Good for publishng, teaching, and travel.

Saturn in the fourth house. This is a position where the individual has to get out of the poverty of the family. Must strive that much harder. Disciplined parents. Heavy duties around the home front.

Saturn in the fifth house. I read that Saturn in this house does not like children. Some women have problems  giving children when Saturn is in this house. It has to be very well aspected for the wwoman to bring forth a child. Saturn denies children. In an old mythological story, Saturn ''eats his children.''  Saturn has energies here for good organization. Interested in structural buildings. A bit cold in love affairs.

Saturn in the sixth house shows energies for hard work, much responsibilities. Very serious when it comes to work, health, pets and colleagues.

Saturn in the seventh house. A strong sense of justice. Is serious when it comes to dealing with the law and justice. They take partnerships seriously. Sometimes it come early or late, and there's a difference in age.

Saturn in the eight house. This position could find one handling the partner's money or other people's. Strange occurences, strange dreams. There's something magical when Saturn is in this house. The thinking is deep and penetrating.

Saturn in the ninth house. Here, you find that your destiny has to do with long distance travel, philosophy, religion, high education, publishing and foreign peoples.The ninth hose has to do with in-lawa and grandparents.

Saturn in the tenth house. This is the house where Saturn is in its own domain. It feels powerful here. On top of the world. There's always a power struggle going on. People with this position have to make sure that they do not act unfairly,  for their is a big drop, and they will never get back to the top again.

Saturn in the eleventh house. This house is alo owned by Saturn. Friends can be serious and loyal. A good sense of responsibility in clubs and groups. Interested in scientific and unusual subjects. Humanitarian principles.

Saturn in the twelfth house. Here, Saturn is working behind the scenes for others. This could be a leader or a president of a country. Saturn has to have good aspects coming to it for one to be in charge. The destiny can be a lonely one, even though one is in charge.

I will deal with the three outer planets later. They are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.




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