Reading astrological charts

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I will deal with the aspects of the planets and then the calculation of the chart by hand.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Aspects, Calculation

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Getting your aspects right is one of the main things in astrology. If the sun is trine with Jupiter, you already know that this is a positive aspect and that things would work out easy for the individual. If the sun is not good with Jupiter, you know that the individual would have to put more effort into what he or she is doing.

I shall start with the sun first seeing that it is the source of all life on earth.

The sun in good aspect to the Moon will give good health, and the person should feel good within themselves.

If the sun is negative to the moon, it will be much difficult to let your feelings flow.

The sun positive to Mercury. This combination is very good for the intellect. If the sun and Mercury are in conjunction, we check the conjunction up to 8 degrees. If the conjunction is very close, say about 1 degree apart, Oh! what great intellect, but who is the individual who can control such energies. Not everyone is capable of doing so.

This sun and Mercury then, is good for studying, writing and researching. But you do not need to have this in order to research or to write--you can have some other combination.

If the sun and Mercury are negative, you can still use this energy depending on who you are. Other individuals would find it hard to use the negative energies of sun and Mercury. It could make one nervous, and not concentrating properly.

The sun positive to Venus is just a very good contact. Love energies will flow freely, artistic and musical ability is there too. Good feelings.

If the sun is negative with Venus, you can still use these negative energies, but the love is not from the inside, it could be overbearing and show-off.

The sun positive with Mars, you had better get out my way. Courageous,,,ooh! very active, hard worker. All the energies of sun and Mars forcing their way out. This combination, if it has connection with the ascendant, could give the chance of long life, and good health.

If the sun is negative to Mars, people can act in a way to cause arguments, too hasty and impulsive. A clever person can use these energies in a good way.

The sun positive to Jupiter is awesome. The sun being the giver of life and Jupiter being the biggest planet of all,  gives power and expansion in all that you undertake to do.

If the sun is negative with Jupiter, over indulgence, overeating, bad health, overspending, getting too fat.

The sun positive with Saturn will give energies to be responsible, disciplined and organized.

If the sun is negative to Saturn can cause depression, not trying your best, going round thinking that everyone is against you.

If the sun is positive to Uranus, this can make you deeply interested in science. Inventive and creative. The mind is very good.

If the sun is negative to Uranus, this could cause  one to be restless,troublesome. Yet, one could still benefit from these negative energies and become a brilliant scientist.

The sun positive with Neptune, gets energies to be very sensitive and intuive, probably a mystic, psychic. Can tell of the future.

If the sun is negative to Neptune, keep away from drugs and alcohol. Dreamy, negative, mind confused.

If the sun is positive with Pluto, great and mighty powers here. Occult forces, physics and maths. ability to see things that are hidden from others.

If the sun is negative to Pluto, may cause others to move away from them, underground activities. Wants things to change drastically. People can still use the energies for deep insight.

If the Moon is positive to Mercury, the feelings and communicating abilities are working good. There's good common sense. good in speech and writing.

If the Moon is negative to Mercury, there's nervousness, and people become uneasy, and moody and worry over small details.

If the moon is positive with Venus, the feelings and the love energies come out well. Very harmonious and gentle. There's energies for artistic and musical ability.

If the Moon is negative with Venus, doesn't really care about the feelings of others, overdoing things. Problems could easily crop up.

If the Moon is positive with Mars, lots of energies to do one's work. Always on the go. Good for study.

If the Moon is negative to Mars,  one could get angry quickly and cause problems. An aggressive nature. Problems at home.

If the Moon is positive to Jupiter, this is a lucky aspect, generous, harmonious, good business sense. Can be wealthy.

If the Moon is positive to Saturn, honest with lots of common sense, strong person. Good at organizing, and careful.

If the Moon is negative to Saturn, bound to be a unfair when dealing with others, depressed, not good for speculating.

If the Moon is good to Uranus, people can be scientific, interest in astrology. Interested in making friends and joing clubs.

If the Moon is negative to Uranus, sudden changes, and disruption. troubles with the home and friends and clubs.

If the Moon is positive to Neptune, poetic, artistic and musical. Very sensitive. Can be psychic.

If the Moon is negative to Neptune, deceptive feelings. Best to keep away from drinks and drugs. Problems with the opposite sex. Must face reality.

If the Moon is poistive to Pluto, deep and penetrating insight. Good for working and researching deep subjects.

If the Moon is negative to Pluto, moody, and thinking everyone is against them. Must be careful in meddling in magic and things that are dangerous, that are unseen.

If Mercury is positive to Venus, there's energies here for writing, cheerful, artistic, nice feelings.

If Mercury is negative to Venus, lacking the real power to learn, messing about, conceited, not really serious.

If Mercury is positive to Mars, the intellect is good, sharp, quick in response to others, communicates well.

If Mercury is negative to Mars, nervousness, teasing, not pleased with what's happening, like to argue.

If Mercury is positive to Jupiter, interest in philosophy and probaly teaching, honest, the mind works good

If Mercury is negative to Jupiter, like to tell things that are not true, Always in a hurry. Want things done quickly. No solid plans.

If Mercury is positive to Saturn, good organizer, serious, would make a good teacher or writer. Takes life seriously.

If Mercury is negative to Saturn, not steady,obstnate, undisciplined, worry a lot, takes time to understand certain thngs.

If Mercury is positive to Uranus, inventive, scientific, unusual ideas, high intellect. Like to find how things work.

If Mercury is negative to Uranus, gets very nervous,, confused, the negative energies here can still work in scientific fields. A bit stubborn.

If Mercury is positive with Neptune, Very intuitive and sensitive Can feel when things are not right. Listening to other people's point of view. Psychic.

If Mercury is negative to Neptune, one should keep away from strong drinks and drugs. Nervous and forgetting quickly what was told to them. Like to tell fibs.

If Mercury is positive to Pluto, deep penetrating intellect. Interest in scientifical subjects. Physics. Good concentration.

If Mercury is negative to Pluto, always hurrying, a secret planner. This contact is still powerful depending on who is using it.

If Venus is positive to Mars, artistic, friendly, will fall in love, harmony and togetherness.

If Venus is negative to Mars, there could be trouble in forming a real relationship, just flirting, not satisfied with the way things are going. Don't know what true love is.

If Venus is positive to Jupiter, you have the chance to become popular. Good contact with others, generous, Artistic and easy going.

If Venus is negative to Jupiter, over spending. going from one love to the other. wasteful.

If Venus is positive to Saturn, this aspect is good for being loyal, dealing with one's duties.Good and positive feelings.

If Venus is negative to Saturn, can be jealous, not showing real feelings. Never satisfied with the way things are going.

If Venus is positive to Uranus, don't waste time when on a date, exciting,Unsual and interesting, will definitely attract the other sex.

If Venus is negative to Uranus, relationships can be short, moody, gets bored. Sometimes people often go astray with this aspect.

If Venus is positive to Neptune, people are romantic, artistic, mystic, musical, Great compassion and understanding.

If Venus is negative to Neptune, love feelings are not real, strange feelings in love. Sometimes there are secret love affairs, gets hurt easily.

If Venus is positive to Pluto, deep powerful love. If partners tune in, they could go through barriers of time. This aspect is good for science, music and art.

If Venus is negative to Pluto,  some people would have to control themselves when it comes to sex, they can go to far, thinking it has to do with love. There could be secret love affairs. The negative energies here can be dangerous when used by the wrong person.

If Mars is positive to Jupiter,powerful personality, energetic, enjoys life. Interest in philosophy, religion and travel.

If Mars is negative to Jupiter, can quickly get themselves into trouble.Not accepting orders. Always in the middle of disputes.

If Mars is positive to Saturn, a very hard worker, always on the go. Likes things to be perfect. Good organizer, appear cold at times.

If Mars is negative to Saturn, tough, obstinate, wilful. Overdo things.

If Mars is positive to Uranus, a courageous person, enormous energies here, unusual and sudden events.

If Mars is negative to Uranus, likes to get the self into trouble,restless, disruptive, a fighter, yet the energies are good for pursuing scientifical subjects.

If Mars is positive to Neptune, the energies here are good for art, music, dancers, films, healing, helping others, People are very sensitive, intereted in helping others.

If Mars is negative to Neptune, while a disciplined person will use these negative energies for some good, others will misuse them, causing self deception, and probably leading others astray.It is best to keep away from drugs and alcohol.

If Mars is positive with Pluto, here, the energies could lead you into doing great things, very deep and penetrating thinker. Great powers, possibility of dicovering something that was hidden, transforming from old to new.

If Mars is negative to Pluto, there could be criminal activities here, don't think of the feelings of others. Careless.

If Jupiter is positive to Saturn, good business sense, good at organzing, energies for philosophical and religious subjects.

If Jupiter is negative to Saturn, problems are bound to come about to do with money. Bad planning, not satisfied, One can still get somehere with this contact.

If Jupiter is positive to Uranus, long distance travel, many friends, occult science, good organizing energies. Very intelligent, religious and philosophical subjects.

If Jupiter is negative to Uranus, obstinate, overdoing things, not good for gambling. Misleading others. Unusual occult meetings.

If Jupiter is positive to Neptune, energies here to help others, a real mystic, energies for healing. Good for art and music. Great love given to others.

If Jupiter is negative to Neptune,too much waste, can deceive self and be decieved by others.Best to keep away from alcohol and drugs.

If Jupiter is positive to Pluto, great power here when it comes to philosophy, religion and education. People have a deep insight into the mysteries. Very psychic.

If Jupiter is negative to Pluto, can be fanatical, underground activities, love of other people's money or possessions. This contact whether positive or negative gives insight, and people can tell things which turn out to be true.

If Saturn is positive to Uranus, strong will power. great scientifical work.Involved with friends and groups, dependable. The chance is here to be good with maths. Thinking in the future.

If Saturn is negative to Uranus, although this aspect can be good for scientifical subjects, there can be sudden misfortune. Unusual and dangerous ideas. Not steady.

If Saturn is positive to Neptune, lots of visions and dreams. Very sensitive. Compassionate and like to help others.

If Saturn is negative to Neptune, must be aware, and keep oneself away from strange things of the occult and magic. Drugs and alcohol must be avoided. Worry too much.

If Saturn is positive to Pluto, strong powerful forces at work here. This contact has something to do with magic. Hard work and endurance.

If Saturn is negative to Pluto, criminal activities are possible. Planning and scheming or messing about with dark forces. Sometimes cold with no feelings for others.

I will leave the outer planets aspects seeing that they're so slow. Maybe you can find something when you come to understand them.

Now we are going to do some calculating. It is important that you understand how the chart came to be made. I am doing it by hand and I do hope that you have lots of paper, pen and pencils nearby.


Calculating the chart;

We already know that the first house or the ascendant is ruled by Aries with Mars as the planet in charge. This stays like that until the sun should burn itself out. This is the fixed wheel. Get it into your head; the fixed wheel.

Because of the circle, there is no end, for the sun goes round and round without stopping. But for us on earth, the sun starts off in zero degree in the sign of Aries.

Aries starts off the time in zero hours, zero minutes, and zero seconds--this is sidereal time, and this is the first day.

On the second day we find the time to be zero hour, 3 minutes and 56 seconds, we round it off and call it 4 minutes.

Every four minutes is another day, and when we work with astrology, this day becomes one year of your life.

Without going too deep, I'll just say that the sun is our solar day, and the first point of Aries is sidereal day.

Solar time is from the sun, sidereal time is from the stars, and this is according to the rotation of the earth to the first point of Aries which is called the VERNAL EQUINOX.

From this point, we go along the ecliptic in RA--RIGHT ASCENSION.

The earth rotates on its axis in 23 hours and 56 minutes of Mean time known as Civil time. You can always read more on the internet if you're deeply interested.

The first point of Aries in the Celestial Sphere is where the Ecliptic (the path where the sun and planets travel) and the Equator cross.

An Ephemeris is a big or little booklet with astronomical places of the planets for a given year. You can always get one from an astrological bookshop, should you wish to do the chart by hand.

Have your blank chart wheel ready. Later, we are going to fill it in.

Some one is born on the 17th June 1987.

We need to look into an ephemeris for the year 1987, and look for the month of June.

The first column down gives us the date.

The second column gives the day

The third column gives the sidereal time.

Once you see the date, 17th, then you see in the next column, the letter showing what day it is.

Moving to the third column, you see the sidereal time in  hours, minutes and seconds.

We are dealing now with simple maths, but if you go deeper in astrology, the maths become harder.

For any year in the ephemeris, you just look for the 17th June, and the third column will give you the sidereal time.

Here is an example;

If some one is born on the 17th June 2000, at 10.00 am, in London, England, we find that the sidereal time is 5 hours, 44 minutes, and 12 seconds.

H- M-S

5 -44-12

GMT is noon at London I Greenwich Mean Time).

The UK is one hour behind GMT.

This 1 hour is taken away from the birth time of 10.00 am.

That leaves us with a birth time of 09.00 am.

Now the difference between the birth and GMT is 3 hours.

We take away the 3 hours from the sidereal time of 5 hours, 44 minutes and 12 seconds, we are left with 2 hours, 44 minutes, and 12 seconds.

Before I go on I must make it clear to you that the birth depend on where the person was born.

You can also get a booklet of longitudes and latitudes of places.

These places are important. It is important to know if the country is running on time  ''before'' or ''after''  GMT.

The 3 hours is known as the interval. Each hour must be multiplied by 10 seconds of interval giving us 30 seconds. This must be taken away from 2 hours, 44 minutes and 12 seconds.

We are left with 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 42 secconds.

Now we come to the tricky part. We have to look at the back of the ephemeris, and there we'll see tables of houses for London, Liverpool and New York.

We need to take the tables for London 51 degrees and 32 minutes North.

Ok! we have come this far. Hope you have your wheel drawn and ready, for I will be giving you the signs and degrees to fill in for the example chart of 17th June 2000 at 10.00 am, London, UK.

You're going to find that the houses in your wheel are not any more equal with 30 degrees for each house. Only in the Equal wheel does this happen.

The reason for this is because our clever mathematicians have all come up with different house systems. The one I'm using is called the Placidean system . There are many more. The reason I picked this one is because he used a time system method to get his houses, and it made some sense to me. Again, you can find out more on the internet.

I will now give you the signs and degrees to fill in by hand in your wheel that you have ready. Later, we shall deal with the ephemeris and how to read it.

You should now know where the first house is and so on...

At your first house, I want you to put the sign of Leo with 25.17 (25 degrees, 17 minutes).

At the seond house (remember that we are going anti-clockwise). I want you to put the sign of Virgo with 15 degrees.

At the third house, I want you to put the sign of Libra with 10 degrees,

At the top of your wheel, (the MIdheaven) I want you to put the sign of Taurus with 13 degrees.

At the 11th house, I want you to put the sign of Gemini with 22 degrees.

At the 12th house, I want you to put the sign  of Cancer with 27 degrees,

Now you have to put the sign of Aquarius on the 7th house with the same degrees as the ascendant or first house.

You have to put the sign of Pisces on the 8th house with the same degrees as is on the 2nd.

You have to put the sign of Aries on the 9th house with the same degrees that is on the 3rd.

Have you seen where the fixed sign of Aries is? This is because of the time and place where our example person was born.

You have to put the sign of Scorpio on the 4th house with the same degree as the Mid.

You have to put the sign of Sagittarius on the 5th house with the same degrees as the 11th.

You have to put the sign of Capricorn on the 6th house with the same degrees as the 12.


Your wheel is now ready for the planets. This must be done carefully

In the ephemeris we are going to look for the month of June for year 2000. We take the date of 17th. We are going to run our finger across both pages, noting as we go along, the information.

We move our finger, and we come to the sidereal time, we move our finger to the next column and we come to the sun's longitude. We need this. the sun is 26 degrees, 35 minutes and 21 seconds. Don't worry about the seconds, just 26 degrees and 35 minutes. Look up to the top of the column and you'll see the symbol for the sun. While you are going up, take the first sign that you come to. In this case we come to Gemini. So the sun is 26 degrees and 35 minutes in Gemini.

Back to the 17th, we move from the sun's lon gitude column, and move yto the next one which is that of the sun's declination. we are n ot usinf that. Move to the next column and we come to the moon's longitude. We see that  there is a sign exactly on the 17th day for the moon and that is 2 degrees, 44 minutes and 36 seconds,. Forget the seconds. The sign there is Capricorn.

You must be careful when you're looking for the sign the moon is in. always take the sign that is exactly on the date, or look up the column and take the first sign that you see.

Some ephemeris are fot Midnight, and some are for midday. That mean that we have to bring the moon to its proper place for the time of 10.00 am.

I shall show you how that is done later.

Go across to the page on the right, and look for the sate 17th. The next column sometimes start with Mercury when you look up at the top, or Neptune, depending how old the ephemeris is.

The ephemeris that I'm using for the year 2000, has Mercury at the top (the symbol is there).

Keeping our finger or some pointer at this column, we note the degrees and minutes. 18 degrees and 40 minutes. Look up the column and always take the first sign you come to. We see the sign of Cancer.

Move to the next column. We have 28 degrees and 15 minutes in Gemini for the planet Venus which is at the top of the column.

Move across to the next column and we see that a sign is there with 0 degree and 39 minutes of Cancer. We do not have to look up the column for the sign because it is right there on the date. We look up only to see the symbol of the planet Mars.

We move to the next column and we get the degrees of 27, and 14 minutes. We look up the column and we see the sign of Taurus, and above , the symbol for Jupiter.

The next column gives us 25 degrees and 8 minutes of Taurus, Saturn's symbol is above.

These are the classical planets but we shall add the three outer planets and see where they fall inside the wheel.

We move to the next column and we get 20 degrees and 37 minutes of Aquarius. When you look up slowly at the minutes, you see that they are increasing, and at the top, or sometimes anywhere in the column, you see the R, this tells you that the planet Uranus is going backwards (retrograde). The symbol of Uranus is at the top.

Move to the next column and you see 6 degrees and 10 minutes. Look up the column and you see the sign Aquarius and the R. The symbol for Neptune is at the top.

The last column we come to for the planets is that of Pluto. In some ephemeris, Pluto is a couple of pages at the back.

Here we see the degrees of 11 and 7 minutes in the sign of Sagittarius with the R. The symbol of Pluto is at the top.;

So we have:

Uranus............................20.37 R...................Aquarius
Neptune..........................06.10 R.................. Aquarius
Pluto...............................11.07 R...................Sagittarius..

We are now going to place the planets in the wheel. If you put our example chart through a programme on the internet, you'll see that those ancients weren't far off doing it by hand.

Ready? Got your drawn chart with all the signs and degrees filled in. With your ascendant as the starting point with Leo rising with 25 degrees and 17 minutes?

Go to the 11th house. You see that it is holding 22.00 of Gemini.

The sun is in 26.35 of Gemini so we place the sun in the 11th house close to the 11th house line.

Go the the 6th house. You see that it has 27 00 of Capricorn.

Place the moon in the 5th house close to the 6th house line. The moon is in the fifth house because it only has 2 degrees of Capricorn, it is less than 27 degrees of Capricorn.

Go to the 12th house. You see the sign of Cancer with 27.00

Set the planet Mercury in the 11th house near to the 12th house line.

Go to the 11th house. Place Venus in this house near to the 11th house line.

Stay in the 11th house. Place the planet Mars in this house close to the 12th house line.

Go to the 10th house( the Mid). You see 13.00 degrees of Taurus there. Place Jupiter in the 10th house near the 10th house line.

Stay in this house. Place Saturn in this house near to the 1oth house line.

Go to the 6th house. Place the planet Uranus in this house near to the 7th house line.

Do the same with Neptune and Pluto.

Now our example chart for 17th June 2000 at 10.00 am, London UK is calculated and ready to be interpretated.

Before I start interpretation, some more information for you.

If the birth is pm west of Greenwich, you add, and if the longitude is east for am, you add.

You need to know about North and South Latitudes, East and West Longitudes.

You must always look and see the difference in  time between where a person is born and GMT, how many hours before or after.

You have to know when the UK is on double time or I hour.

You can always look on the internet to see all this information.

When dealing with South Latitude, you must add 12 hours, and reverse the ascendant.

















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