Zombie Apocolypse l I survived

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I wrote this story because I feel it could inspire other users to do something they normally wouldn't do.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Hi. My name is Shelby Gagne and i survived a zombie apocolypse. Before we get into all of that, I'll tell you a little more about me. I was 14 when the virus spread. I live in Michigan and i basically saved the world.

Diary day 1

Okay so i normally don't write in this diary that I got in the 3rd grade but I haven't been able to express my feelings to my family. I guess I'll give this a try. Hi, I'm Shelby Gagne. Don't even try to pronounce it because I gaurentee you'll say it wrong. Anyways, the world has been acting strange. Something is wrong but I don't know what it is. People have been getting really sick and not like the flu or a cold, it's making them absolutely crazy. One day I went outside to get the mail and I seen my neighbor eating someone's head off, he saw me so I bolted. I thought I was going crazy so I didn't tell anyone. The next day I found him dead on the side of the road. It looked like he got shot in the head. It made me cry because we used to be friends in elementary school, he was only 11, poor kid. The school year was about to end. Everyone was talking about my neighbor. He was on the news but no one knew what was wrong with him. Eventually the school year ended. Everyone forgot about my neighbor but people were still acting crazy. I gave up on trying to figure out why and went to bed.

Diary Day 2

Goodmorning! Today started off terrible. I woke up with a cold, my fish died, and my favorite tv series ended. I had my fish for over 4 years so I wanted to give him a funeral. My family thought I was insane. I watched the last episode of The Vampire Diaries and took a nap. A few hours later my mom woke me up. Supper is done. I thought, "dinner already"? I didn't think i slept that long but it was already 6:00. It was almost as the days are ending faster. I was up all night listening to my parents argue. My dad started coughing really bad. I couldn't listen anymore so I went to bed.

Diary Day 3

I woke up at 1P.M today. I got out of bed to see my dad sleeping on the couch. My mom was making breakfast but she seemed off.She was talking to herself and hitting herself in the face. My brother and sister were gone. I felt alone and scared so I locked myself in my room and cried. Later my mom came in acting completely normal. It was strange. She told me with tears in her eyes that last night my dad died. I couldn't believe it. My world ended.

Diary Day 4

Is it strange that my dad was up walking around this morning? Perhaps we have misunderstood his death. He never spoke, just limped around the house knocking everything over in his path. By now more than half of the world is sick. We couldn't get him help, there would be way to many people in the hospital. I walked out of my room to see him eating my moms arm. I didn't know what to do. I should've known he wasn't himself. His skin was whiter than the snow. As he released my mom, she fell to the floor. Her corpse lying down peacefully. I couldn't believe what i just witnessed. Is this the end of the world? Has the would gone mad? Have I gone mad? Earlier I read an article about zombies. My dad had every requirement for being one. I couldn't kill my dad. I locked him up in a room. As I returned I seen that my mother has risen. She too is a zombie. I locked her up also.

Diary Day 5

My brother and sister returned home, wondering what the heck is going on. I couldn't answer their questions. All I could say is that mom and dad are half dead. They didn't believe me. It seemed as everyone around us was dying and coming back to life somehow. All of my friends are gone. Life is pointless. The only people I could talk to are my brother and sister. Their really close. Spending every second together. So when my brother caught the virus, of course she got it too. After they passed I locked them up. I came to the conclusion that I'm the only human alive on Earth. 

Diary Day 6

I decided that I wasn't doing to just sit in my house. I need to do something about this. By now a year has passed. I celebrated my 15th birthday alone. I grabbed all of the weapons we own and put them in my small pink Nike backpack. I put on my Nike shoes and started walking. I went to Dollar General to eat. I had Pringles and some strawberry flavored water that my sister used to be obsessed with. I went back to the house and took my sisters car so I didn't have to walk. I put my stuff in the passenger seat and started driving. I'm 15. i don't know how to drive. I drove around for days on days to see if there was anyone alive. No one. I'm here. All alone. Another year goes by and it's my sweet 16. I am ready to end this. 

Diary Day 7

Dear Diary. It's been awhile. Last time I talked to you I was 16. Well today I'm 17.Happy Birthday to me. Anyway, I have accomplished nothing. But today I will. I drove down to the lab. What do you know? A piece of blue paper was sitting on the table. It showed how to start the virus and how to stop it. I followed the directions. I did it. I made a cure. At least I think. I tried it on one of the zombie scientists. He fell down to the ground. A few minutes later I heard him take a deep breath. His skin returning to normal color. His eyes going from a misty white to a clear blue. He stood up and said "where am i"? "I'll explain in the car, let's go" as I grabbed his hand with excitement. I explained everything that has happended in the past 4 years. I ran to the rooms and shoved the cure down their throats. They returned to normal and looked at me as if they have never seen me before. I went back to the lab and cured the scientists. They helped everyone. My sister and I are now only a couple months apart instead of 5 because she stopped aging. Everything went back to normal. Me and my sister graduated. Life was finally good.

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