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this is a short story I started to write writing is some new for me and English is not my first language every comment will help

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Asadent sat in his chair, holding is newly born for the first time. Suddenly a female night elf stormed into the room with a look of fear on her face, "what's wrong Alllien?." he asked comely wondering what could have scared her so much. Alllien stopped and took a big breath "the demons…" she stopped for a moment "they are here." her face went white as she stopped talking. Asadent gave a kiss to his newborn and handed him to Alllien "don’t worry love, we will handle it" he told her trying to sound as confident as he could. Asadent took his old family sword, he wore his old armor from his youth and went out of the house.

Asadent went to the forest with a small group of night elves warriors for a scouting mission. After hours of searching night finally came. "we should go back, there are no demons in here" said one of them " our orders were to find them, we will stay" Asadent told the elf. Suddenly a pack of demon approached from the trees. The demons looked like a disgusting and bigger version of hounds, their skin was orange, with massive horns coming out of their heads. The demons attacked at once, jumping on the surprised night elves. Asadent ducked as one of them jumped on him, releasing is sword and putting it inside the demon belly "not that smart." He thought to himself as he looked around for his next target. he charged at one of the demons, but that one was faster, the demon jumped to left just a moments short before Asadent would get him, Asadent turned to the demon but not fast enough as the demon baited his left leg releasing bolts of pain through his body. Asadent dropped is sword at the demon still baiting is leg. he took a big breath and tried to stand up only to quickly fall to the ground. A night elf quickly ran to him, he looked at the wound and started to bandaging it "you feel better?" he asked. "had worse" Asadent replied back laughing. The group went back to the village happy with their win until suddenly they started seeing smoke from the place the village was supposed to be. Asadent ran as fast as he could, trying to ignore the pain only to see that everything was burning. He saw countless demons storming through the village, he could see for the distance Alllien and his newborn child. They still didn’t give him a name he remembered tears started falling to his cheek as he saw his family being eaten by a monstrous demon almost bigger than what they fought in the forest. Asadent was filled with rage, about to storm in and die together with them but he fell to the ground, the pain was too much for him to carry on, and as he dropped to the ground everything went black.

Asadent woke up in screaming. "The same nightmare against," he thought to himself as he stood up and walked to the bowl of water. He looked at his reflection, his once brown hair became white and pale, his soft green eyes became tired and filled with rage and his face was now covered with scars. 


Asadent packed everything he had and went to the road again. his path was to the black temple, to Illidan the Betrayer. Asadent heard stories about Illidan, he heard Illidan formed a group called demon hunters, a group that their main goal is to destroy the Legion.

As Asadent walked he heard sounds of swords clashing and someone arguing. He lied down on the ground, doing his best to sneak up to them and find out what was going on. As Asadent came closer he could see two night elves, but they didn’t look normal.One of them was a female, taller than even him, the only thing that showed she was a night elf was her pink skin and sharp long ears. The rest of her body was covered with tattoos, she had a massive bat like wings and two horns coming out of the head. Her companion looked more similar to a night elf then her, he was shorter than her, had only a few tattoos and had no horns or wings. He was surprised to see that they both wore blindfolds but could easily see everything around them. " attack again" commanded the female. Her companion started to charge at her but she turned around, disarmed him from his weapon and thrown him to the ground. " make a better show for our guess" she said to her companion looking at the place where Asadent was at. " no way she can see me" he thought to himself. "come out already I know you are there" she said sounding annoyed. Asadent stood up and went into a fighting position, "I don’t want to find" he said " then what are you doing here?" she asked him," I'm looking for someone, his name is Illidan" the female looked surprised at him as she heard the name. " if you want to see him you first will have to play with me" she said smiling at him as she unleashing her warglaves.

Asadent walked to her with fear, he saw what she could do and he knew she is better than him. As he went closer to her she started attacking him, her attacks where fast he could barely see them, but he blocked each one of them. Every attack pushed him back and then he fell to the ground, he saw her dropping the warglaves and quickly rolled to the left, he pulled up his sword and tried to put it inside of her, but she was quick and pushed it to that side enough for him to only cut the side of her. She started laughing as she noticed her wound " well done" she said smiling at him as she suddenly attacked him again, this time here attacks were faster and stronger. He tried to block them but she succeeded to disarm him of his weapon. This time he didn’t have any tricks to save himself, he closed his eyes as she was about to attack, he waited for a couple of seconds waiting for a blow that never came. " let's go" she said to both of them " where are you going?" Asadent asked her, " we are going to the black temple and you will start your training," she said walking away not wait for them.

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