The Whispering Gate

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Tallen is the chosen one destined to save the kingdom from chaos and darkness. He is nearly at the end of his long and arduous journey when he considers that maybe being the chosen one holds a different meaning than what he always thought it meant.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



The weight of the world was on my shoulders in that moment. Two massive spirits stood before me, awaiting my decision. Before them rested a sword in a stone and before that sword I stood forced to make a choice that should have been obvious. I stood idle for too long, the spirit to my left had grown impatient and began to speak. It's feathers ruffled as it had taken the form of a silver owl and Encouraged me to extract the sword and vanquish the spirit on the right.

"This is it Tallen, your journey can end after this and the kingdom will know peace and prosperity yet again. Don't hesitate, you can defeat Eron!" Eron had taken the form of a raven and also looked down at me. It's blood red eyes seemed to peirce through my very soul as it spoke.

"Varris you truly are a fool. He does not hesitate because he is uncertain he could defeat me. He is questioning your ways."

"Nonsense! I have seen him and all his companions bleed and struggle for this moment. He has proven time and time again that his resolve is unshakable." As much as I didn't want it to be true it was. Varris was once again oblivious to reality. Eron now spoke to me.

"You are the chosen one. Not Varris, not I, not any of your companions. You are not tied to destiny, you are meant to choose the course of destiny. What either of us says is irrelevant. The choice is yours and yours alone." Eron's words were profound to me. This whole time I believed I was chosen because I was meant to restore the status quo. It never occurred to me that I could change it. I stepped towards the sword and Varris spoke out again more desperately this time, any fears he once had about me now manifesting.

"Tallen he is trying to deceive you! Stay true to yourself!" For the first time since I arrived at this accursed place I spoke.

"For once I finally am being true to myself." The world seemed to fall away as I took hold of the sword. Energy flew from the hilt climbing up my arm and enveloping my body. I felt a tingling sensation in my heart for a moment before the energy turned into darkness. It encased my body and coursed through my insides. I used all my might to rip the sword up from it's stone sheathe and when it was broken free the darkness surrounding my body hardened and broke off in chunks. When everything had broken away I looked up at Varris and Eron. It was as clear to them as it was to me, I was no longer the same person. I was reborn.


Darkness seeped from my body creating a trail of mist behind me as I walked towards Varris. I came to a halt once I was directly in front of it and waited for it to speak.

"If only I hadn't been so naive... I sensed this in you for a long time but I thought you could conquer your inner darkness." It refused to look me in the eye and his voice held a tone of mourning but not towards me.

"Are you trying to guilt me into being your slave again?"

"No. I am disappointed that you were not strong enough to fulfill your destiny."

"Fulfilling my destiny by eliminating your rival just to make you more powerful? If that's all my life was meant for I'd prefer death. I know what you really are." I had grown tired of it's condescending voice, it was time for this to end. The dark mist that had been emanating from my very presence had pooled around my feet, from my command dark tendrils lashed out from it grabbing Varris around it's neck, wings, and legs. I commanded the tendrils to lower Varris so it's neck would be exposed for me to strike at. It screeched on it's way down, struggled to break free of it's bindings. Against normal people or weapons spirits don't have to fear anything. They don't have a physical form and couldn't be killed by ordinary means, but the sword I held was one of the few soul destroying items in existence. As I brought the sword down upon it's neck my arms suddenly blazed with blue light and I could move my arms no further.

"... You accursed thing! You placed a binding spell on me? How long has this been active?"

"I placed it on everyone! It's spell so none of you could kill me if given the chance. If I cease to exist then peace will fall apart everywhere!"

"It's nice to see your sense of self worth is still intact." What a disgusting coward. "Fine. You'll live but you can rot while you do." I yanked my arms back freeing myself then put down my sword. The tendrils brought Varris lower to the ground as I took a piece of paper containing a sealing spell and placed it and both hands on the forehead of Varris and watched as it struggled to break free. Anything he had to tell me now was drowned away in wailing as the paper compacted the spirit temporarily. I then moved towards the gate I entered from and fed Varris to the Whispering Gate.

"There... You survived but now you will wallow with all the other tormented souls trapped by the gate." Through this whole experience Eron had been laughing hysterically which only stopped when approached him now, my sword now back in my hand and the darkness swirling around me more intensely.

"Splendid! With Varris trapped within the gate I can stand unopposed! And you my boy, for your service you will have a great place in the new world that I create."

"My service? I didn't do this for you."

"Oh, yes. Of course you didn't. Either way now that you serve me-" Eron thought I served IT now? I became too enraged to listen to whatever Eron had to say. The idea of being a pawn to another one of these spirits sickened me, I would allow neither of these spirits to go free so while Eron continued blathering I called upon the darkness to restrain Eron as I jammed my sword through it's gullet. There was a flurry of feathers followed by shrieks of pain but Eron wasn't dead. He slowly turned his head to look at me, it's voice puzzled and almost sad.

"You're going to... kill me?"

"I'm not going to kill you. I need your power, however I can't have you interfering with my vision. Despite what you might think we don't want the same thing." Accessing a power deep within me I called to the darkness intertwined with the essence of Eron and tore it out making it travel through the sword and merge itself with my spirit. An intense burst of dark power blasted from Eron and into myself until the spirit finally dispersed and it's consciousness was locked away inside my sword. They weren't destroyed but they wouldn't be causing any trouble anymore.

With all this now complete I would reemerge from the whispering gate with a new purpose worthy of my title as the chosen one.


Unlike when I entered through the gate, upon leaving the souls did not speak to me. It was silent save for one voice that blew past me like a light breeze. It's voice was barely a mumble but I figured it was Varris still trying to get me to reconsider my decision, but my resolve was stronger than ever and the voice faded away finally granting me peace.

I reached our camp during the dead of night and it seemed that I would not be receiving my welcome party for now. Oaris had fallen asleep while on lookout duty so I walked over and woke him up. He grumbled and cursed as he woke up until finally he saw who it was. His eyes started to light up and a smile spread across his face as he finally spoke.

"You cheeky bastard! What did you wake me up for? Do you know how long it took me to fall asleep?"

"Oh... Sorry about that... Wait, you're on lookout duty! You were supposed to be awake!"

"I was tired! And shut up before you wake up everyone else!" We continued to yell at each other about accidentally waking the others up until Hannah caught me off guard by tackling. She was laughing while I was on the ground in her embrace. It had been a long time since a heard laughter like this.

"I can't believe you defeated Eron! Now everything can return to normal! We can go home!" The others had gathered around by this time. All four of them waiting to hear that I did actually kill Eron. My expression grew more serious as I got up from the floor to address this issue.

"The situation with Eron has changed. It has been defeated and now resides in the sword of souls." I lifted the sword up for all to see. It gave off a slight glow in the moonlight. Tora was the first to speak.

"What do you mean? I thought you were supposed to kill Eron. And what happened to Varris? I can't feel that guy's presence anymore. Shouldn't it be here?" Her questions were always so annoying.

"That's because Varris betrayed us. It was using us to further it's own power and influence so I sealed it in the whispering gate." Tora's expression read as angry and suspicious as she blurted out her thoughts once again.

"You did what?! But we needed Varris to fix the kingdom and you go and trap it in a place where souls are tortured?!" Borik had been nodding in agreement decided to add in his own thoughts.

"Not to mention you decided to keep Eron in that sword. I don't think this was in the prophesy."

"Are you questioning my position as the chosen one?" We glared at each other for a beat. This wasn't the first time he had challenged my status but I was ready to make this the last time

"Well the prophesy did say that the chosen one would kill Eron, which you haven't done yet. But the biggest problem here is without Varris true peace can't be restored."

"Varris was only interested in gaining more power! It wasn't going to help restore peace! But if you're still loyal to the spirit then maybe I could send you to join it." I tightened my grip on my sword and moved to confront him but Hannah grabbed my arm and held me back.

"Let's not fight about this right now! We're just all tired... Let's get some rest, enjoy the fact everything is over and talk about it in the morning..." She was right. I hadn't noticed it until she said it I was exhausted. My body ached and my eyes had grown heavy.

"Hannah's right. We'll discuss this in the morning." I tried to sleep after that but despite being exhausted I still had difficulty, because I knew that not everyone here was going to live past the morning.


My prediction was right. Borrik and Tora attempted to kill me once I told them what happened on the other side of the Whispering Gate. So now I stood with Borrik's blood on my face and Tora's body sliding off my blade. I watched her drop to the ground lifeless and looked over at Hannah. Her face was frozen in horror... I truly regret that she had to witness this. Oaris was equally disturbed but I doubted he would betray me like the others.

"Come on you two. Pack up, we have business to attend to."

"Business? After all this, are you insane? That must be it, ever since you went through the gate you've been a different person. How could you kill your friends like that?!"

"Don't deceive yourself Hannah. This outcome was obvious, the bond that you think we had was rooted in the brainwashing Varris did to us."

"Brainwashing?! Varris brought us together so we could save our kingdom!" At this point Oaris reached out to Hannah's shoulder trying to calm her down but I motioned my hand for him to stop. I wanted to give her something to think about.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. Just think for a minute, Without Eros who would keep Varris's power in check? It would be hailed as a god with supreme authority and once we finished the task our power would be taken away leaving no one to oppose his will."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing... Eros only brings death and darkness, you should know you fought it before!"

"We don't have any more time for this. We'll discuss this later." She resisted for a time but there was nothing she could do. After I explained myself Oaris accepted my philosophy as he was always on bad terms with Varris and over time Hannah would come to better understand my choice even if she didn't agree with it yet.

For the first time in months I truly believed in my cause and nothing could stop me from realizing it.


The three of us traveled back to the capitol once morning came. Hannah wouldn't talk to me and I figured she couldn't stomach what I was about to do next so we traveled back to her hometown where I dismissed her of her duties. It was an awkward farewell but after I undid all Varris had worked for she would come to understand me. Me and Oras continued onward and days later when we walked the streets of the capitol he questioned me for this first time.

"You know me and Varris never got along so I'm not trying to defend it but are you sure you want to break apart the peace it made for us?"

"There is more than one way to peace. You can surrender to, make a deal with, or destroy your enemy. Varris went about solving his problems the third way and the mess that was created from it's actions could only be solved by responding with the same force. Varris has trained humanity to behave like an ant colony. I'm not claiming that Eron is good either but it kept Varris from exerting full control over us. So I will use it's power to shatter the illusion that was made for us." We came to a stop outside Varris' temple. It was very elaborate with many columns and ornamented jewels lining the walls with a sculpture of the spirit in front of the entrance.

"Well you already locked both of them away so isn't it already done?"

"No. As long as Varris lives the spell that was put on our people remains in effect so in order to break it was must destroy the origin point." A dark mist poured out

as I unsheathed my sword and tendrils of shadow swirled abound my body as I raised the weapon over my head. The people who witnessed this started to run once they noticed the energy building up.

"After everything we've been through I hope you're right about this Tallen..."

"Trust me, with this humanity will be set free." Once I finished collecting energy I chose where destiny would lead next and unleashed my power on the temple. Once I did, I felt a great weight finally lifted off my shoulders.

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