paying our respects

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Paying Our Respects to fallen icon Chris Cornell and how his music has inspired me.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Paying Our Respects


Why is beauty so distant? Usually cloaked in misery?

One night we broke into the sun

There three men stood, though one needing to touch ground

Falling apart only to selectively pick pieces up off of the floor


Now some speak and write words

Other spend their time correcting destiny


Having seen every color under the sun

Even a dark shade, allowing for imagination

Sending down intelligence and wonder for all to see


Surface can be cool while there is a sense of an alien sort of weeping

Much like a circle of hell

Diving deeper into he inferno


White hot and color to be seen and truths be told


A foot is a lever with the way we walk

Thus, placing hope in others as the walker’s are seen


For a universe means just one

That is of course one word


Give me another!

Give me another!

Another word from the lexicon!


The animal inside of me is sick of dealing with the same old sin

Committing all at once

Seeing it in your own eye

Now with enough might

Able to roam and love a brother


They are angles in the circle of hell

They do not even feel the burn

Though some weep while waiting for the one


For our holy diving seeking company so faint

Digging through some matter to find the dream

Forgetting that a tear should have come, arriving with the shitty demand


Shadow arrive… shadow arrive…

Where have I been? How is my life?

Shadow arrive. Shadow arrive

I have seen this film before

Without I cannot make it make sense.


Second Part

If you are taking the tear

Your love


Been loved

Now when will you love again


Bathed and refreshed in loving sunshine

Still alive within

Waiting for a shadow cast to bring all of the shady one’s home


Friends behind bars let all of the free one’s see

Staring at the same ole fire that every eternal prisoner sees


Love the end result of living life

The shadow is what they are living for

With shadow - without reflection


Third Part

Once again wondering of beauty

Now aware how distant it can be

Let us attempt to relieve the misery

With a quiet night remembering a peaceful time

Of course, with a lady


Suddenly the quietness spreads across the table

Not knowing what was wrong

Assuming that if was going crazy

Of course, more possible than considering that I know, or have knowledge


This is about the time you died

It was a time I no longer knew


With no light and only pain in your records


Even with father’s friends silent

No one yet knowing of the travesty

So, an eventual peace for all

Thought we must now all suffer a bit from the loss.



You must have been without information for too long

We wondering why so secluded

Invited to your circle

I am sure easy enough to find

As it would be around the outside


Now the tide washes upon the beach

Wrestling the undertow

Not wanting for my body to get wet

Simply put there must have been a mind game with the tide

Like a seagull stealing a pretzel


Now in the circle we wonder where we will land

That is of course after all is expressed.

© Copyright 2019 Brian Sowakinas. All rights reserved.

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