Nocturnal Vast Dozen

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Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Emerald sliver in the hearts of silver . He reconciles mourning . In a clash of chilver. Into the skies of mercy's eyes . Where long black hair forever shines. Placed in peace. A land of the living deceased. No sorrow , nor pain , can put out the passionate flame. Exception is rare , A mindless stare falls into the dark where a man bewares. Where beauty rests in a dragon's breath . Where his heart was a victim of a true love's theft .

They begin their stage in a farewell glaze . Mothers weep , where children stray. Voices carry in the wind. A message to be home again. Lure me in with those breathless eyes. Wrap me up in a fashion tie. Underneath a burning sun. That fell from the gallows onto a pride with shun. Morning always looked like you. Mourning always looked like you. Take you from my hands that pry . As I fall , We will shine.

Peel me from my skin. Tear me from the limbs. Usher tears of a conflicted sin. Waiting for my love again. A vast dozen Angel wings. A chariot to heaven awaits . If I can just get past my misery. We can begin all over again. Morning always looked like you. Mourning always looked like you. Take you from my anvil hands. Read my fortune of true love's plan.

Send a prayer to the stars ,and bury my scars. For life is young and heaven is far apart. As I cloak you in the love of time. We fall into a wild warm kiss . And we forever .....shine.

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