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Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Some story by Storm Howard


BAM! THUD! SMASH! BLAM! KABLOOM! SPLAM! SPADAM! SPADOW! WOW! POW! WHACK! BOOM! DABOOM! BADOOM! WHAM! WAPOW! I get smashed to the ground, breaking my jaw. Blood is rushing down my head. I hear my heart thumping rapidly in my chest, almost as if it’s trying to escape. I try to stand up but I fall over. I look around for my gun that I dropped on my way down, but I’m that dazed and disorientated that I forgot which way was up. After I take a few deep breaths, I crawl over towards my gun, which is on the roof of my ute, but as I reach for it I touch it with the tips of my finger and knock it out of my reach. The ute starts tipping over, tilting in my direction. Luckily enough that was enough for it to slide towards me. I grasp it in my hand just as I hear a thump behind me. I shoot blindly behind me without looking.
“AHH!” Looks like my luck is starting to change.

I try to stand up, this time I manage to stay on my feet, turning around to see a man clutching his shoulder in agony.

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