Eulogy for a Relative

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This eulogy I wrote for my relative's funeral was praised by everyone at the funeral and so I am making it available for everyone.

I waive my copyright rights on this writing - please use without permission.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Dear [insert relative’s name]’s gift was being one of the most alive people on the planet. I choose the word “alive” because that shows her/his spirit and outlook on the way to live our lives. Yes, at times I felt embarrassed by her/him, as we all know, she/he did some crazy things. The first time you met [insert relative’s name] she/he would do something amazing or incredible or embarrassing. The fun was not knowing which. She/He always did something to make you remember her/him though and keep her memory alive.

[insert story of relative doing something memorable]

The most important part of my life that [insert relative’s name] touched was my school days. She/He came to terrible performances of school plays and music recitals. Something I now know when I go to my children’s similar performances takes a lot of will power and endless patience. But she/he always showed up and was there for me. And that is also part of being “alive”. Because while [insert relative’s name] had to sit through horrendous school shows, she/he also saw me [insert speaker doing something memorable] and [insert speaker achievement]. She/he told me recently she/he was so proud to be there for those moments because she/he felt like she/he was “winning it with me”. But for me, [insert relative’s name] being there made me feel alive and that will stay with me forever.  

Sharing those moments from my childhood with [insert relative’s name] gave us a bond that will never break and continued through my life. She/he was one of those people for after I spoke to her/him I always felt better than before. A few years ago I was going through a really difficult time in my life and speaking to [insert relative’s name] made everything better.

[insert story about difficult time in speaker’s life]

But speaking to [insert relative’s name] she/he told me the truth, as she/he always did. [insert story title] was what really happened. While dear [insert relative’s name] had quietly been with me the whole time.

Because here’s the greatest gift she/he gave me. And what is it? What did she/he give me? And I think it’s the strongest and most powerful gift I’ve ever received. The gift my dear [insert relative’s name] gave me, that has helped me every day of my life, was: she/he believed in me. She/He believed in me. She/He believed in me to succeed. She’sHe’s the one person who when I slumped or didn’t measure up, she’d/he’d say to me: you’re gonna make it, I know you are.

So dearest [insert relative’s name] thank you, thank you for everything.

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