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Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



She loved him. He hated her. But her love for him was so strong it blinded her from all the hate, so she waited for him. He never really cared, but she always did. She'd sit everyday for him. Waiting. Hoping. Pleading. Praying. Praying that one day he'd love her. She held on to her love for him as she always had hope. The flower girl had hope he'd love her one day. So she waited. Everyday she waited for him. She'd sit across his flat and wait. Just to catch a glimpse of him, she'd wait. He noticed how she had a tendency of sitting there and he'd always go to her agitated "Why the hell are you here? Did I never tell you to never come back?" She'd always stare at him and whisper back "I'm just waiting..." Until one day, she stopped coming. He now started noticing how empty his corridor looked. Day 1 passed, Day 2 passed, Day 5 passed, Day 10 passed, she never came back. "But she was just the stalker chick with a weird stare right?" He'd tell himself. But as the days went by, his corridor looked emptier and his heart felt heavier. Exactly a month after that, a letter came to his door.

"I waited for your love to come to me, but I get it now, you don't want me in your life, and that's okay. But I'll be waiting forever. Even when I'm not in your life anymore."

He never understood the letter. He read it every night. He read it every day. He'd always sit outside his flat staring at her spot. Waiting. Hoping. Pleading. Praying. Praying she comes. She never came back. He lost his smile. He put a flower on her spot every day. He kept wondering why she impacted him so much in just a letter, until one day he realised. She waited like him, hoped like him, pleaded like him and prayed like him. Now she's gone and he's the one waiting.

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