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"Moonlight" is a mid-tempo love song that expresses the foundational appreciation that one person feels for another. The first verse places emphasis upon the fact that outward circumstances do not come between their existing relationship, including the concept of distance and time passing by. Furthermore the varying changes of their journey have actually strengthened their connection.

The chorus is a metaphorical scene in which their relationship is visualized as sailing away into the distance, away from any distractions and embracing the moments that they share. The concept of ‘never arriving’ is included to emphasize that throughout the journey, as well as their continuing relationship, there will always be room for growth. They have come to realize that they should not become complacent at any stage and continue to strive for their goals individually as well as collectively.

The poetic description of their romance continues into the second verse, in which they are situated on the ‘river of love’ and savoring every moment together. As they journey forth on their quest, they continue to add to the foundation that keeps them together.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Verse 1 There is no distance to travel, to cause a divide, between us There is no towering mountain that we cannot climb to build trust Of moments in time, of which are passing away Yet all the love I possess, grows day after day, yeah

Chorus Let’s sail away, by the moonlight Let’s find a way, for us to realise That we’ll never arrive, we’ll never arrive So continue to strive, continue to strive The water will flow, the water will flow And our love will grow, and our love will grow Forever and ever and ever and ever

Verse 2 An awesome appearance, impressions that mesmerise Stood by the river of love, the glance in your eyes Gratitude given, the presence of living is here A smooth navigation, a near constellation revere Chorus Bridge There’s an overflow of tranquillity We are journeying forth with simplicity, yeah Let’s strive to bring authenticity For your a shining light to me


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

© Copyright 2018 Geraldine Taylor. All rights reserved.

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