China Odyssey (Part One): The Adoption Chronicles.

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A couple goes to China to pick up their newest child, a little boy born with albinism and visual problems. This is their story.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



I can't believe it!  Today is the day! The day we have been dreaming of and looking forward since we can remember: we are going to be flying to China to pick up our newest child, a little boy who was born with albinism and visual difficulties!  We are so excited we can hardly stand it!!

We have been on pins and needles ever since the adoption agency (and the Chinese government both) approved our adoption of little Wang Yu (soon to be renamed Grant Michael Yu).  We will soon have five children: three girls and two boys!

We are on the way to the airport as I write this down on my laptop; Darrell (my husband) is driving; I'm too keyed up to be able to drive!  The two oldest (Finn, 13, and Amanda Joy, 11) are with us; the youngest (Fiona Mae, six) is staying with grandma and grandpa because she has a cold and an earache; she is not feeling her best, and I didn't want to expose Finn or Amanda to the germs, or us either, for that matter.  The last thing we would need is for one of us to be sick right before departure day!

Our flight is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon (provided that the carrier arrives on time); we will fly from Nashville (Tennessee) to New York City (John F. Kennedy International Airport) to London, England; then we will spend the night in London and then fly to Tokyo, Japan, and then finally to Beijing, China.  We will be in the air upwards to 24 hours, all told; we are going to be wiped by the time we get done with all that flying!

I already miss our baby girl, and my parents; we will keep in touch with them via Facebook or Facetime, not to mention, calling them on my phone.  I will keep them (and our friends and neighbors) up to date about our adoption adventure; I know everybody is looking forward to meeting Grant Michael Yu!!  I know I am looking forward to holding him in my arms and smothering his little face with kisses and doling out plenty of hugs!

And I know that Finn is looking forward to having a brother at long last!  :)

Well, we are coming up to the exit for the airport; the dream is about to become reality sooner than we think! YES!!  Just pray for traveling mercies for us, and pray for little Grant Michael Yu's heart and his mind; I know he will probably be very scared!  Also pray for us and pray that we will be able to bond with our brand new son to be and that we will be able to love him as one of our own! Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated and needed!  Thanks in advance!

*End of part one!*

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