One Gift Of Green Leaf

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For everything we are gifted here belong to one planet. Here the source of life needs our urgent attention. May you leave this message ahead for a secure future of all. :)

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Longer than the time God has given us here,

Someone foretold in those picture of events,

Makes every page inspire us each day,

Where you give your heart for our voice beneath,

Refilling every choices with all your strength,

Never may this history become its unknown victim,

For we are born new in those gifts,

Some gifts cannot be shared,

They can only be experienced,

Such is the love of a green leaf,

Its texture is very simple in design,

Its beauty is very artistic in existence,

Its gift is very valuable in creation,

All the day we ask you,

May you always springle some water on our roots in this soil,

Those branches may feel this hope,

Our gift for this Gods love is unforgetable,

Yet you may forget this when you cut down every tree,

Even before we take birth on branches of a tree,

A question stops us before time,

Can I join here for a quest we will answer together?

On its shade our dream may harvest new life everywhere,

Even more for a beauty feeling so loved within,

If we embrace your viewpoints,

We dont have eyes like you,

Yet we rise up before the daily Sunrise shade,

For all rays from creation falls on a request we filter the air around,

We are green so do we love everything here,

We are here so given for hope in everything we sense,

This spirit is longer than the time we can collate here,

Until one day even we will be dried up like dust in smoke,

When you spray pesticides,

My viens pain cursed in death,

I am a single green leaf here,

Not knowing my ancestors belonged from a forest,

Many trees live around this city are like a lonely stop for pedestrians,

Sometimes lost where we sprout may cleanse the polutants for your survival,

A million hope is lost when you pluck our life from its evergreen moments,

Swaping our guidance from a venue of this golden life,

We bend in presence of the awesome life so made in water,

Giving you the spirit of oxygen from its beauty,

Our consumption sustain this atmosphere of Earth,

Until dried up in this form,

You see around this future we are unseperable,

A special call in this foodchain,

Bringing a vital element in every grain we harvest with our milling machine,

Even when we do known our days shine for a short moment,

In time this happiness love very days we are alive,

May this spirit of sacrifice we give as a green leaf,

Never asking a family more than its care,

Tell you the mystery in every grain of our existence,

For our need in all creation,

May only devote our existence for sustaining your lifeline,

For days this harvest behind all situations may gift you healthy long life ahead,

One gift of green leaf seek this reinforced faith in all your choices ahead.

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