"I love you, daddy"

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I have had so many dreams... Colours, pretty dresses, a red ribbon... Where my hands always so small? Why this woman looks so much like me? But then, my eyes open. Daddy wakes me up with a warm smiles. "Good morning, princess!"
and as easily as this...nothing matters anymore.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



The door. It is exactly across the room. I have to go now, before he returns...

Who? I hear the voice inside my head. Who are you afraid of, Violetta?

"I don't know!" I wish I could scream but my voice shutters. Suddenly something warms runs on my cheeks. Tears? What the fuck is happening.

No bad words! The voice shouts so loud that my ears ring for a while.

"I'm sorry, Princess. I just... I'm just a bit freaked out".

I look around. I lay on a dark floor and next to be there is a wooden table with some wooden chairs. The room is so dark that the walls seem black. I feel like they could swallow me... With a closer look I realise; there are eyes on the walls. I scream.

Do not scream silly. They like you a lot you know.

"H-how do you know this?"

Because they like me

A childish laugh. I never understood her. Who is she?

Don't be rude now. We have been together since well... forever. But you actually forget it, all - the - time. Is kind of tiring actually. Daddy was right about you being a trouble.

"Daddy? What the f--- What is going on?" Now that she mentions it I come to understand a few things: I don't remember who am I or who she is, but that scene feels so familiar somehow. I move my head around and watch the room more closely; blood on the wooden floor, eyes that look red are watching my every room and there is a really weird scent on the air - chocolate? - which doesn't make any sense. I use my hands and try to lift my body.


I scream and fall back again. My legs. They are burning... It starts from my feet and continues all the way up until my thighs. I return and look at them. They are covered in bruises and the ankles seem completely mutated, as they have been broken more than one time. At their view images come to my mind: Someone is hugging me while I push him away and try to run. He runs after me.

I''m pinned down. He stares at me, shouts at me. I can't see his face just a blur. The words have no meaning, however I want to run away. I kick the air behind him and he slaps him. Pain. Suddenly he grabs my legs, his hands are cold and pale. Without any warning, a breaking sound and then a terrible sharp emotion. Than nothing; Suddenly I stop feeling my legs and when he frees me I cannot run anymore. Then he... He...

I don't remember. I don't remember anything. Who am I and what am I doing here? Why was I chased? What is this room and why do I have to leave? What must I do...? More warmth, more tears and no answers.

You have to do nothing. Daddy will take care of everything I promise. Just relax and sleep.

"No. I have to go."

No... You have to stay. Daddy will be sad if we leave.

"I don't care. I have to go."

I don't know what is happening but I will probably never learn if I don't leave this room. Somehow I find the courage and use my hands to crawl on the floor towards the door. Was I courageous before? Who knows. For now, I slowly but steadily, manage to get closer to the door.

Violetta no... It sounds more like a warning than anything else.

"Yes. I have to. And stop calling me Violetta. That... That is not my name". I have no idea how I know that. But deep down, deeper than this voice in my head, I have a strange feeling which gives me a bit of strength. I don't know who I am, but I am not Violetta.

You are Violetta. Because I say so. I am Princess, remember?

"No actually I don't. Now leave me alone"

No... Another warning. Finally I manage to reach the door. I look up. A deep breath; I use my hands and lift my body. The pain is so strong that my breath is cutten short. It doesn't matter- I won't stop now.

No... Stop...

I reached the knob. I smile and with a swift move I manage to open the door.

NOOOOO... The scream blasts in my ears. I curl into a ball and cover my head. After a while it stops, but ears still hurt. 

A few breaths. I close my eyes, open them again and look in front of me. Suddenly a beam of light is right in front of me. It comes from the window at the corner of this deep green room. Old furniture are placed all over the room which looks like a study. I have no much to analyze the things around me- the voice has stopped and I can finally move freely. I start crawling towards the next door. Slowly and painfully, I move across the room, but when the light falls on my eyes I must close them; how much time have I spent in that black room?

"Victoria" The name is spread across the room and reaches my ears as if there was a soft hand rubbing skin softly. I force my eyes open and examine the room around me. 


Than a sudden sound. Two feet appear in front of my face. I leave a soft gasp and look up, towards the person that has been summoned in front of me. 

It is a man, no older than 25 years of age. His skin is pale, his hair long and brown. His eyes are golden; they remind me of jewels. He is... beautiful. He looks as he is intangible; a beautiful vision inside my misery. But why, in front of such beauty, my heart shakes in fear? 

"You really manage to leave that room, huh? I'm surprised." His lips turn into a smile and he bends his whole body to take a closer look upon me. "Come on, don't be so scared; your face is too pretty to have such ugly expressions". 

I'm not sure what to do, thus I stand still for a while. For an unknown reason, he doesn't react either. We just stay there for a couple of moments, staring into each others eyes. He doesn't stop smiling and I don't stop feeling ... nauseous.

"Who are you?" He knows what is going on while I don't. This seems like a better option over screaming.

A surprised look than a laugh. "You... You don't remember?" He continues laughing for a while. His laugh is beautiful but sharp; it brings chills down my spine. When he stops he looks at me again. This time his silence seems to be more meaningful; as if he is counting his words.

" I am... Your friend" He talks to me as if I'm a child. I don't like this,,,

"Than why don't you help me? Why you look so calm? You are the one who did this, aren't you?" 

Another laugh. "Only you... Only you would be so calm in such situations. You just crawled out of a hellish room, without knowing who the fuck you are, and demand answers."

"What would you have me doing? Begging and crying?" A sudden warning tone comes from the depth of my chest. I feel like a small explosion is ready come out of me. I think this is a Déjà vu. This is not the first time we have this kind of conversation; I know him and he knows me. I'm not sure about our relationship, but my gut is telling me to get away from him. I use my hands and start to crawl again towards the door.

"Wow wow, easy now. Where you think you are going like this?"

"Away from you!"

"Come one, I'm not so ugly"

"Shut up!" What is this circus? Nothing makes sense anymore. 

He squats on the floor and drags me towards him; needless to say that I wasn't able to get far away from. I expected pain, but surprisingly his hands treat me kindly; they are placed gently around my waist and my body is dragged off the ground right into his arms without any problem. He even made sure not to hurt my legs. Before I know it, I am inside his arms and his head rests on my shoulder as my back is squeezed against his chest. Warmth and roses... A nice physical feeling, but my heart is still beating fast. And its not in a pleasant way.

"Don't treat me like that... I hate it when you are so stubborn."

"Stubborn? What the f--- Look, genius, I just woke up hurt in a dark room and now a stranger is hugging me. I am beating up and tired and I... I... I--" I burst into tears as the feelings inside of me are mixed all together. I'm scared, I don't know who I am, my body is dysfunctional and I am in danger... I suddenly realise that I have nothing, nothing at all. I am... empty.

A stronger grab around me; he's practically squeezing me inside his hug. His lips are placed against my cheek and he starts kissing me; again and again he takes away the tears with his lips. All my tension starts abandoning my body. I feel more calm. Strange... In just an instant he can change my whole inner world. Was that always true?

"Is my name Victoria?" I have calmed enough now... Time to move on. After all, I have nothing to lose. 

"What do you think?" His voice is soft, his lips are pressed against my ear. I can't see his face, but from his voice I can tell that he is not sure how to react...

I think about his reply for a bit. Vi-cto-ria... Yes. It feels right. "I'm Victoria." No reply. I continue. "Why am I here?"

"Because you have done some really bad things in the past." His hands start moving upwards, rubbing my body exactly under breasts. Then they move to my sides and he squeezes me softly with his fingertips. His touches are burning me; I desire him and I fear him... "But it is fine now... As long as you stay here with me you'll be fine". His voice is a whisper, a warning. 

"What have I done?"

"Many things... I can't tell you everything now. But in time, you will realise on your own. And then, I won't have to. --" A sudden stop. He thinks a bit and then simple pushes my hair on the side with his right hand. His other hand rests on my thigh, though I can't feel anything there.

"No... I want to know."

"Don't be stubborn...." Another whisper, another warning. No, I must not continue now. He will react badly.

"Than... Who are you?"

"Angelo... My name is Angelo".

"Angelo..." It is as if I could feel the taste of his name on my lips. I know this name very well. I know him very well. 

He puts out a soft pleasant sound. "You can't imagine how long I have been waiting to listen that..." His voice is a bit more raspy no, as if he has been moved emotionally. He gives my neck a soft, slow neck. Before I know it, I shiver. That feels... so good.

"You like it huh? You were always sensitive on your neck..." He nibbles on it and I shiver more. He gets up slowly only and only to pin me on the floor. He lies on top of me and looks at me with his gorgeous golden eyes.

Sudden images come to me. Images from this very eyes reflecting many different emotions... Anger, Passion, Lust, Love, Sadness... Always beautiful and always dangerous. They drive me crazy.

“See? Isn’t better this way?” A tear of his falls down on my face. He looks fragile. “Do not leave again. “ This time his voice breaks and he starts crying. It is weird to see such a dangerous creature crying.

 I put my hand on his face and stroke it softly. I want to save him. I want to be one with him. I want to run away from him. I want to—

He kisses me. A deep strong kiss. Our lips much so well; why does this feel so good?

“I want you…” He whispers before he bites my lips. I moan softly.

 I want to… I want…I—“ I want to kill you…

A memory. Angelo is standing still. Inside his hands there is a head of a beautiful woman. Blood runs from her neck on the floor. Her eyes, big and still, look at me with a blank gaze. Her mouth open, her eyes shaped into a frown. My mother will never smile again… Will never look at me again… Will never hug me again. Because he killed her.

I scream and try to push him back. It feels as if I’m trying to push a rock; he doesn’t move at all.





My body doesn’t respond. A storm is moving my soul, but my body petrified… I cannot stop crying. It is like I am watching someone else being here, in this moment. As if I am a ghost. Soon, I feel my body being lifted up by  pair of strong arms and then, after an awfully loud sound, the back of my head and my back are in pain. I have been slammed on the floor while Angelo is standing up. I try to look at him, but it is hard to breath and my vision is nothing but a blur.

“It is your fault! You always act like this! Why don’t you understand that I do this because I love you!” He puts his foot on my belly. First I feel a small pressure, but soon all my insides are pushed against spine making me want to puke from the pain.

“I… You… You killed my mother!”

“Of course I did! She tried to separate me from you… Because I’m not one of your kind! Why… why couldn’t she see that I’m perfect for you?!” My vision clears a bit and I see that he is actually crying.

I try to speak but a violent coughing prevents me from doing anything. He slowly lifts his foot and air can finally fill my lungs. I start feeling slightly better, even if it is just the fact that I can breathe. But the pain… My god, the pain….

“Now, do not run anymore, ok? Stop pushing me away… I love you so badly.”

I look in his eyes. They seem to glow with an unnatural beam. He… he is crazy.

I try to push my body away from him but my limbs refuse to respond. I cry. I will die… I know now that I will die…

“No… I won’t kill you. I love you!” I look at him. He bends over me and touches my face softly. “But you… you keep running away…”

“How… Who… What…” What the fuck is going on? I want to run away… mama…

“NO. Don’t mention her… I hate her…. “

“Leave me… please leave me…” I feel the hysteria returning to me.

“No I will never… You… You must sleep, now…”

“Wha—“ Before I can react everything goes black.


“Daddy! Bite me Daddy!”

Her voice is the same. Her face is the same. But she is not Victoria. I take her into my arms and I smile to her. She seems so happy in my arms. Why can’t Victoria be like that? Why does she make me hurt her every time?

“Where do you want me to bite you?”

“Neck… please bite me on the neck!” She chuckles softly. Her face looks so innocent… I don’t like it much.

I put my teeth on her neck and bite strongly. Once the blood runs, I start sucking it with pleasure. Victoria’s blood is always so nice… I miss her so much. I leave her on the floor softly after I am done with my meal. She looks at me with excitement.

“I want to play, Daddy.”

“Not today. Daddy is tired.”

“But… You haven’t touched your princess for a while. Princess is horny!” She complains and looks at me with a sickening child like expression. Funny thing she wants that even when her whole body can’t move…

Maybe I shouldn’t hurt Victoria so hard… I hate the fact that she can’t dance anymore. But again, if she cannot move… She won’t be able to leave me.

“Princess… Not now. You are making me angry!”

“N-No! Don’t be angry Daddy… I love you Daddy!”

“Then do you want to make me happy?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Ok… I’ll put you in the room with your friends and leave you there for a while. You mustn’t make any sound however, ok? I’ll come back to bring you more chocolate.”

“But Daddy Noo… She might come back…”


“Violetta… She is mean Daddy. She wants to run away!”

“I…. I know. Never mind that now. You go back to the room.”

After many complains and stupid faces, I place her back to the room. My demos will watch over her…  If Victoria comes back they will tell me. When I go outside and look at the rosen garden; a gift I was preparing for her. When she calms down and stop trying to leave me, I will show it to her. I bet she will love it.

I sit on the floor and start waiting. When I first brought her here she just kept refusing me. I had to destroy her legs in order to prevent her from moving. Then, she started sleeping more and more hours without responding to me at all. I had to slap her every day, until she stopped doing that. Then, she stopped eating… I force fed her. Then… Then Princess came out of nowhere. Unlike Victoria, she never tried to leave me. She always wants me around and tries to have sex with me. She is cute, I guess?

But she is not Victoria… I keep up with her only and only because, after a while, Victoria comes back. She always did… Of course that also means that I must hurt her because she tries to run away but its fine. One day she will accept me… One day she will stay with me… I’ll wait for this moment no matter how much it takes. I already waited for so long…

It is really astonishing how much she grew within the years I wait for her to accept me. Her body became bigger, her breasts grew and her face became even prettier. Now, some weird lines start showing up on her face and her hair start developing a weird grey colour… But its fine. In my eyes, no matter how much she changes, Victoria will always be beautiful. 

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