The Happy Prince

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Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Once upon a time
There was a boy prince 
He walked the kingdom near and far, and saw things nobody ever really noticed.
He loved sports, loved action and other boyish hobbies.
One day, he became sad. The people around him, no longer looked the same.
A haunted expression ruled all of their faces and it was contagious, for it stuck to his face like a second skin
The world grew dark.
The sun no longer shined so bright, as it was the boys smile that lit up the world around us.
I knew this prince 
We were never close, but we exchanged pleasantries whenever possible.
He had bright blue eyes that made you sink so much deeper the longer you stood in his gaze.
A thousand volt smile that could bring Frankenstine to  life, a hundred times over.
One day...
The sun didn't rise.
It didn't take long before we all knew why.
We have lost a prince.
A one in a million chance of shared smiles and happy days, were gone. 
There was no note 
No reason why
So now we all wonder
Could we have saved this gentle soul? 
Did we let him down? 
The castle remains dark and dreary 
The nights are longer
Sunny days are shorter, with terrible rainstorms that occur quite often
A once thriving kingdom,
Is now the legend in ruins
Remembered forever, by what we failed to do.
Late into each night, you can hear the agony echoing in your ears as you lie awake from all of the people becoming lost themselves, wishing for it to just stop.
And when the sun rises, you must rise with it, and get on with your chores, and be okay 
That's what life's about anyway, right?
Yeah, I think not.


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