An Ode to The Gem

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One of many pieces to come, dedicated to the Gemini way.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Being a Gemini is more fun than many seem to think,

We can bask in duality, while others eventually sink,

Enjoying all of the creativity around us, even the smallest detail,

From beautiful thunderstorms, to the sound of children’s laughter,

To the haunting song of the Minke whale,

Peaceful as the sea and always changing with the tides,

Finding harmony in the chaos, rather than run and hide,

Seeing the juicy middle of the details not all people seem to catch

Sitting back, chewing on hypothetical scenarios, matching wits with oneself,

Practicing visualizations so that manifestations to begin to hatch,

Life itself will not allow the Gem to get bored,

It’s what we do with it that brings this into play,

This is why we take full advantage of each Sunkissed day,

Putting pieces together that would otherwise go unnoticed,

To the untrained eye,

The little things that are taken for granted,

We take, hold close and magnify,

What fun it is to be a Gem in these days and times,

To the Gems alive today and for the Gems to come,

Remember that we are most complete when the twins operate as 1.


Sanubienne 6/15/2017


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