Forbidden Love

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A beautiful love story between a teacher and her favourite student

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Forbidden Love


Yuki had grown very attached to Miss Tatsumi ever since they first met. Miss Tatsumi was Yuki’s most favourite teacher, she adored her, possibly even loved her. Yuki had a very troublesome home life; her parents never seemed to care about her. Yuki felt as if her home was a prison, a prison that she couldn't escape. School to her seemed like a haven, and due to this Miss Tatsumi felt like a mother to her, a real mother, one that actually cared about her.


It was a Friday evening and Yuki was staying after school to help Miss Tatsumi with some work. It had been a long week and they were both fatigued. Yuki clumsily walked around the classroom trying to carry some books. Suddenly she tripped and fell awkwardly onto the ground, hearing the loud crash Miss Tatsumi quickly looked over to see what had happened, she saw Yuki lying awkwardly on the ground and rushed over to help. As she was helping Yuki get up they both glanced each other in the eye and it happened. They both instantly felt the connection between them. It was love.


At first, they both just gazed at each other, neither one of them could look away. They just lay there watching each other, until Miss Tatsumi realised that Yuki was still covered in a pile of books. Miss Tatsumi helped Yuki pick up all the books. As Miss Tatsumi was walking back to her desk, Yuki felt an urge, an urge to be closer to her beloved teacher, she wanted nothing but to be closer to her loved one. Yuki ran towards Miss Tatsumi and grabbed her from behind. Yuki turned her around and kissed her.


Miss Tatsumi suddenly felt a peculiar sensation, she knew that this was wrong, she was kissing a student, a female student. Everything about this situation was wrong yet she couldn’t stop herself from kissing back. It was if she had lost control of her body. As they were kissing, Miss Tatsumi reached down with her hand and started to slowly rub Yuki’s pussy. Yuki not being prepared for this pulled her mouth away from Miss Tatsumi’s and let out a small squeal. She felt hot all of a sudden and didn’t just want to be close to her teacher anymore, she wanted to be joined, together with Miss Tatsumi.


Yuki pushed Miss Tatsumi down to the ground and ripped open her shirt. Miss Tatsumi pushed Yuki away. “I can’t do this!” Miss Tatsumi cried out, Yuki calmly pushed Miss Tatsumi back down to the ground and smiled. Yuki replied, “It’s okay, I know it’s what you’ve always wanted, just loosen your body and let me take control.” Hearing Yuki’s gentle voice, Miss Tatsumi relaxed her body and let her young student take control.


Yuki slowly removed her teacher’s skirt revealing some light blue panties, at this point the panties were already wet. “You’re already so wet” Yuki teased, “Well I can’t help myself, you’re just so cute,” Miss Tatsumi replied. Yuki then proceeded to tenderly massage Miss Tatsumi’s thighs. Miss Tatsumi let out a small giggle as if she was enjoying her student’s gentle touch. Yuki leisurely licked her teacher's clitoris and as soon as she did, Miss Tatsumi shivered in delight.


For the rest of the night, they continued to have their fun until the school janitor walked in. He proceeded to call the police who then went on to arrest Miss Tatsumi, for being a pedophile.


The End


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