spit rhyme flow whats that

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just a flow prob gonna be choppy.

Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



spit rhyme flow whats that?




whats that?

i grow up to PAC wu tang shyne poe bone thugs and shady 

but 80s metal made me.

worlds i had best of both

but i made that self oath 

talk when spoken 2.

make moves only when your hearts in it 

smile never givving a shit.

spit rhyme flow whats that?




whats that?

grow up an outkast

so it was only right i was on that skew it on bar-b and the art of story telling 

knew there was a differance from a thug and a fellon 

so i stayed away from selling 

never know id be laying down bars

like i used to pass out in bars 

waking up in cop cars

rhyme spit flow 

whats that?




thats what ...

i can flow without a break. rhyme every line . spit hard or soft shit. style i change up . feeling i gave up . 

ima be cold till i blow up. 

just cuz im ice cold dont mean i gave up

just cuz im a ghost dont mean i ran away 

these moves today my hearts just not in it 

rhyme spit flow 




whats that

(lil darker)

im known to be shitty

im known to be grimmy

im known to be just bout me

so i seen some shit 

done some shit

had some shit done to me 

and im still the same ol g.

but spit rhyme flow.

whats that?

whats that?

so you all (you know who you are) changed up

changed up but said its growing up

i didnt know being 2faced ment being grown

i dindt know being fake was being real

..see i never had shit to say cause i keep my peace.

i never knock anyones hustle no matter how joke it is.

i never hate on homies i grew up with

spit rhyme flow.




whats that?

you all say you grew up 

but its funny we all were grown from day one

so its funny to me

to me you all just changed up

saw whats best for you 

im not gonna say sold out 

not gonna say fell off

but dont look down to me

cause im still me.

im still the same ol g.

been grown since an early age

rhyme spit flow 

whats that 




whats that?

its funny i knew all the shit you did when my eyes closed

i just laughed it off.

shit was funny ..

i didnt care bout loyity nor money 

yeah it hurt when you went for my girl.

but boys will be boys. 

just like money girls i can get another one.

but what you did was a knife in the heart

but my hearts cold blackened 

so nothing happened 

boys will be boys.

flow spit rhyme 




whats that ?

i always knew who you were/are

but you didnt know i was a pitbull 

that thinks hes a snake

if you dont know what that means ill school ya.

i feel nothing but love everything in my world

ill stay true even when you do me dirty.

i can handle everything you give me

buti play with my food.

i like to see all out comes

before moving foward

so it may look like im moving slow

but im really just sizing you up 

truth be told im not slow at all 

i only make moves when my hearts in it 

spit rhyme flow

whats what?




thats what......

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