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Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



so  many forgot bout me.. 

thats ok

ill remember for all of us. 

but i have short term momory loss

i had so much but nothing at all 

so many forgot bout times we shared

some good some bad

but all worth it

we all used to wild out

but see the thing is 

ya'll were just actin out 

playing all about 

but me.

shit was real. 

i held those times to heart 

didnt matter bout good nor bad

just happie it was had 

truth be told i was hiding the monster

i tried tell yall  be easy

im not one to mess with

i take shit to the heart.

kept that shit bottled up

just waiting for a spark 

and when it comes boom

i dont even know what will pop off

so from time to time i gotta drop off

hoping someone will hold on tight 

pulling me back up

showing me its ok to be me

im the beast without the beauty 

so its hard to smile nowa dayz

but day to day i pray 

for better dayz

hoping ill never fold up 

give up

and turn back to the old me.

but they all like the monster in me 

they  laugh and say happy thats not me.

but a monster still bleeds

just wait and see 

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