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Jason's routing forces face serious casualties. Almost nobody makes it out alive, except for Jason and an unknown soldier.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - AYTHERIUS Broken

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Both men were tired from ferociously fighting the vast army and running. They felt that they were out of range of the horrible traps set to maim intruders and other armies that attempted to attack at night, but they were not out of the woods yet. Jason sat down on a fallen, rotting log and took off his closed helmet. His scars on his body represented of another time in which he was superior. He looked at the other soldier, but for some reason couldn't figure out who it was in his retinue. Jason had tossed his greatsword at a sergeant-at-arms at the end of the battle in which he retreated. He held his dagger out and looked at the pommel, in which was an encrusted dragon claw grasping a golden ball. Jason looked up and saw the other soldier wandering off, until he fell down. Huh? What happened? Jason ran over to the other soldier and looked at his body for any signs of wounds. Strange. There's only a bit of bruising here and there. Jason lifted the man onto his back and carried him while walking through the forest. Jason hummed a familiar tune that he had heard when he was a child. Du du du du du doo du doo du dun nun nuh nah nu non.


Jason ran around a field with a stick, whacking it at every tall grass that he saw. He looks over the ominous, large, dark and terrifying forest. He heard humming coming from over the hill. At the outskirts, he saw a girl laying in the dirt, faced down. From here, she looked just about the same age as Jason was. Jason made his way to the outskirts and over a hill. As he got closer to look, he saw that she was naked and laying there, motionless. Jason had remembered that the girl was a classmate of his at school. Two men with clubs sat on tree stumps with a fire grinding in the middle of day, cooking a hog's leg. An old man was seen coming through the forest, waving a pitchfork. Jason crouched down on the hill and watched uselessly as the events unfolded. The farmer first notices his daughter laying face down, but is promptly beaten with clubs in the head and body. Kkrrccch. The sound of a skull splitting was awful to Jason. The two men kept beating at the farmer's corpse. They laughed sadistically and tossed the farmer and his daughter into the small campfire. Jason ran off in the opposite direction as fast as he could back to his village. Jason blinked.


Jason was tired from lifting his unconscious comrade. He trekked a few steps further until he saw a cave and brought the other soldier with him. He sat down in the cave and toiled a fire with flints in the cave along with his dagger. After some time, he drifted off into an odd slumber.


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