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Saint John is thrown out of his only home, his only will. Without any duties given to him anymore, he attempts to find resolve within himself.

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - AYTHERIUS Excommunication

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Saint John was six feet two inches with the strength of a boar. His complexion remains tanned due to his days outside. Saint John always heeded the word of his gods and never to relent to pointless trivalries. The gods' words were always law and Saint John followed with unrelenting force.

At a young age before attaining the title of Saint, John was a simple farmer's child. He had assisted with his family in selling produce at a town not far from his village. Memories of such peaceful times had interrupted his thought. John recalls a time where he had sold oranges at a market stall, with few customers interested. It was a rainy day with sadness, after all, the armies had set off to war in the warring states period. Many states and countries had clashed during this time, and most able bodied men were sent to fight. John would usually read books in his spare time, and was quite fortunate to as he was the only child in the village able to go to school after his parents had saved up money from selling surplus food contained in the spare granaries. A monk came up on the rainy day and questioned as to why he would sell oranges on such a poor day. John couldn't remember the conversation that they had, but remembered that the monk had given him enough money for his family to purchase more land and finish his education. John finished his education after two years and shortly went to practice at the monk's church. A year within his learning, he had received a letter. Little John went to the monk's grave and placed a laurel wreath on the tomb.


Saint John woke up sweating profusely after he had finished dreaming. For some reason, he felt an odd message emanating from that dream. What could that mean..? He grabbed all of his belongings and headed out of his house. He took his time on the stroll to the town, seeing the wilderness of the forest in between his village, Yuuprens, and the town, Veckry. After minutes of walking down the usual dirt path to Veckry, he heard screams of anguish coming from behind some shrubbery. A woman appeared to be yelling at some men that are being held prisoners. From the position at where Saint John was, he saw all of the men tied up and subjected to extremely cruel death punishment. He attuned his ear to listen and attempt to make out what the female group were discussing.

"Who are you?!" One male shouted in horror. "What are you going to do to us?"

"Quiet or I'll cut off your limp dick too." A female that appeared to be a paladin spoke.

"Adjucidator Rananculus... we found... here..." The female paladin spoke to the towering virago.

"...show ... truth ... will be remembered." Adjucidator Rananculus stated. "Send out more scouts to purge this forest, and then march..."

Saint John couldn't believe this sight. Men captured by the group of Amazonian bodied women had been forcibly fully emasculated and left to bleed out. I need to inform the church of this group. Saint John was about to get up and leave until a blade swept into his hedge and clipped nearly the top half off. John got up and broke into a sprint up the path. Arrows flew, war cries were heard, and horses charged behind John while he ran for his life.

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