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A summary of all the character [introduction] chapters. Although the -actual- chapters can be read separately, it is extremely recommended to read the chapters in order. Doing so will assist with understanding the future chapters and how the story is formed.
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Prolog (v.1) - AYTHERIUS Eternity

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



-AYTHERIUS Beginnings-

Jason was at his castle, soon to ride out to war. It was a wet morning and he had only hours to prepare a strikeforce to hit an army's camp. It was only morning, but the enemy's forces numbered in the hundreds, and Jason could only bring about thirty men undetected. His objective was to take out several lieutenants that waited there at the camp.

"My lord, are you sure we are ready?" A veteran-at-arms looked at Jason with uncertainty while gathering his equipment.

Jason pressed his plate armor into place. "Aye..."


Logar "Logan" is a tribe chieftan. Standing at about six feet, he has quite the statistics under his belt. Plundering was the only sort of fun that he ever knew he enjoyed.  He sat in his tent while drinking wine and holding his bags of gold. More tribeswomen with very little to no clothing brought him more gifts and appraisal from the colony. He was regarded a god. No, he was a god in his own right. Many years of destroying villages below the mountain and abducting people into the tribe made him very prosperous, almost a lord or a king's wealth.

Years pass, and eventually a group of knights were sick of Logan. He had slain their families, ruined their birthrights, and their inheritances. They were knights of the lowest classes.

"We'll pay this bastard back in blood." A knight acclaimed, with fire burning in his eyes. He drew his sword and raised to the air triumpantly.

"It'll be our blood spilt, you daft fool! This is a foolish idea!" A rebel spoke out. The rebel was afraid.

If a chieftan is strong enough to kill off castles and villages, it's obvious what would happen to a warband of knights.

-AYTHERIUS Excommunication-

"What? You can't do this. Why?" Saint John was confused. Saint John was six feet two inches, and quite strong. His tanned complexion showed that he spent many days in the outdoors. For all the years in his life, he only knew of scriptures and verses of the holy book. He was not only a noble knight, but one attuned with the holy divines of the above. From day one, he only knew how to read because he was taught by a monk of the holy divines.

"I'm sorry. You've broken too many principles of the faith. Begone before I give you a sentence worthy of the excommunicated." The pope replied with indignantly. 

Begone. The words had pierced through John. He did not even know the crimes he had committed to be thrown out of the church. John knew not what to do in this state.

"Please! Give me one more chance!" John kneeled down and begged.

-AYTHERIUS Betrayal-

Baronet Tim remained on his knees, too wounded from the onslaught and rage of the battle. He had an army of a hundred men marching to his lord's castle for a feast and celebration of the marriage of the king, until he and his army were hit by an unknown number of forces. Sergeants-at-arms rushed to him to form a boxed in shield wall to protect him.

The master-at-arms held his hands up to Tim's cheeks. "Sir, sir! Speak to me!"

Tim opened his eyes and saw blood rushing down his face.

"Sir Tim! Thank the gods you're awake. It's hell out here, we've been ambushed by an army!" The master-at-arms looked out of the slits of the testudo to see that an army of cavalry from the rear were approaching.

"It's peace time, why were we attacked?" Tim got up slowly due to his fatal wounds. His sallet and head seriously damaged from a mangonel barely nicking him. A bit more and he could have died. Tim looked out the shield wall and saw a hail of bolts and arrows soon to slam into him were he to not take cover.

"QUICKLY, REFORM THE SHIELDS!" Tim shouted. Plink, tink, plink, tink, tink, tink, plink. The maelstrom of arrows continued for a few minutes.

The cavalry army were within identifiable distance. The master-at-arms exclaimed with an excited look on his face, "Look! Look! That's King Grey's army! The gods have saved us!"

He had soon regretted that statement when a lance pierced through his helmet.

"What the hel-" Tim was interrupted. Lances slammed into his infantry-based army, leaving almost no one alive except for him, who was buried under five corpses.

-AYTHERIUS The Revenant-

Jonothon enjoyed a feast at King Grey's castle, celebrating the marriage of King Grey and the eastern kingdom's princess.

"Ehehehe. Ay ay ay. Maid! More drinks for the boys and I over 'ere." He shouted. Jonothon's retinue of elite swordsmen were all having a joyous time. Everyone was drunk with delight, full with happiness. What's not to ask of a kingly feast that could be greater than this?

A maid appeared from the corner and curled her finger for one of Jonothon's knights to come to her. Lascivious sounds were heard from the cellar. Another knight excused himself to the restroom.

Jonothon laughed until an odd sensation came from his body. He patted his stomach for a moment and then took another sip of wine. He looked at the glass of wine to see that there were red stains on it. How odd... I'm not drinking red wine. Jonothon looked at his stomach again and saw a tip of a long dagger poking through.

He turned his head with a look of disappointment as he saw one of his most loyal and elite swordsman that did the evil, dirty deed stab him several more times.

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