Unrequited Love.

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Unrequited Love.

Many times, we may fall in “love”. Other times we feel a sexual passion for someone. But there comes a time when you may encounter unreturned love. It was the month of May when a male dove came across love that was so powerful it almost made him feel as though he couldn’t love himself anymore. He had fallen in love with a female gorgeous dove. This dove was intelligent, bold, witty, and most importantly she was holy. Male dove couldn’t understand why he felt such love for her. He reassured himself that it was a temporary love phase. To soon after realizing that he loved this dove with a great passion. There was just something about her that made him feel as though he could not think in a focused manner.

There was one problem with the love he felt for her. And that is because of her age. She was eight years older than him. Another reason he felt it was wrong to have fallen for her is that she is a stock dove and he was a mourning dove. He knew deep down that types didn’t matter but he is unable to comprehend why it was wrong? Could it be that as a society they couldn’t accept the fact that when there are repressed thoughts they become fearful to tell. Male dove was trapped in his own thoughts. “What is real love?” he said.

He began to analyze his true admirabilities of her. “I must show my dark thoughts and light thoughts” he said.

“Her love brings me inspiration; can I please be free to gain respiration

I have thought of taking my life, but how can I when she’s the reason I rise

Her eyes are blue like the ocean, and mine are dark like a potion

My love for her is hidden, if she found out it would be forbidden

I love her personality, oh please let me have this dove full of individuality.”

-Male dove

It was very difficult for male dove to accept the fact that he could never demonstrate the strong love he feels for female dove. He felt as though it was unfortunate and that the only thing to blame was for time. He wishes he could tell somebody but it would only cause embarrassment and shame. Many times, he thought to himself that there could be a possibility that female dove could’ve loved him. Female dove was very beautiful but that was a part of his attraction from her.

Personality took a huge role into this love. This type of love he felt for her was the first time he thought about someone every five minutes. He was drowning in her love but she was breathing freely without realizing that someone out there truly loves her. She would speak to male dove and he would choke up. She began to feel as though he hated her but it was because male dove had trouble expressing his feelings because when true love shows you feel as though that person you admire makes you feel like your body is burning on fire. She was very kind to male dove as though she may have felt feelings for him. Or could this have just been a fool of the mind that made male dove believe that. There was kindness between the two but what if there could’ve been more to show. Male dove began to cry, he felt as though that was the woman that was like no other. She showed true passion for arts and he admired that about her because he had never met a woman that was just as bizarre as him for having a passion. Many doves in the flock never had dreams but male dove did and that’s what he liked most about female dove. Her natural beauty was real, inside and out. Male dove always blushed when he saw her and she would smile back as if she was aware of the love he had for her. But why did she think male dove hated her. There was a possibility she may have gotten the vibe that he loved her but she contradicted her own mind to think that he didn’t love her. Was it truly loving or was it just a short phase. Male dove knew in fact that it wasn’t just a phase because he had gotten to know a lot about female dove in just nine months. He felt that real love was about feeling that you would die for somebody you genuinely feel affection for. This is truly how he felt towards her and nobody could tell him otherwise because he was a dreamer.

Male dove realized that since he was going to depart from her nest in the tree institute for the year that he felt it was only right to confess to her because he was slowly being eaten away by these thoughts.

Time went by and it was now the month of June. Time was closing in and he knew that he had to do it. June ninth was the day he wanted to confess to her but when he was getting ready to leave the nest he told her that he had an amazing year in the tree institute class of psychology and she was shocked because she felt as though male dove didn’t truly enjoy the knowledge of psychology. He was getting ready to say it but he just couldn’t. He didn’t want to make her feel awkward and he also didn’t want to jeopardize her role in the institute. He left and said his goodbyes and couldn’t believe that he was leaving her without letting her know. Deep down he wanted to tell her but sometimes feeling love for someone who isn’t in your age range is unattainable no matter how much you dream. Male dove was a dreamer but he didn’t quite know if he was dreaming too big. He flew home and threw himself in his nest and began to cry. He knew that he would regret not telling her his true love for her but he also knew that he would’ve regretted it if he had told. He began to write down a phrase for her and hoped to give it to her one day.

“My gorgeous beautiful love, you truly were too old for me but deep down I know that age becomes a number as we grow older. You soon realize that love doesn’t have an age once you’ve been on this earth for a while. If you had known you would have told and that is something I would not have been able to hold.  Your heart is pure and realistic. I could see your annoyance on the other doves but you saw me as a kind breed.  Am I thinking to deep or is it just the fact that you were truly the dove for me. There could be possibilities in the future that may life treat me right so I may find a dove as similar as you. I found your intelligence as an attraction, I found your boldness as an attraction, and I found your character as an attraction. You are everything I look for in a woman and I will accept that I must move on. There are plenty of birds out there for me but I will always treasure your wonderful breed, take care my love and may we find someone who will return the love to us.”  

-Male Dove 

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