Larry the Scary Fairy

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Larry the Scary Faiey is th story of a man whos dream is to become a fairy but couldn't because of how he looked but soon learns that his other talent make up for his apperance

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Larry the Scary Fairy

By Carl Fritzler


There Once was a man named Larry

who wanted to be a tooth fairy but larry

you see was too scary indeed and might

frighten the poor children away. Larry

tried to dress real pretty and hoped for

some kind of pity but oh poor Larry he

was still scary and terrify the others 

away. Now Larry tried a disguise 

in hopes the others would enjoy his

suprise but he was still scary which

upset poor Larry and he hung his head

and cried. Larry tried to be like an elf

which really wasn't himself for if he

were an elf he would have to sit on a

shelf and be bored the whole day long.

But larry it seemed had one tallent he

was good with a pallet and spent most

of his days painting away pretty pictures

of his hairy Aunt May. It's his paintings

that made Larry famous with head

fairy named Amos who enjoyed in part

the look of his art and requested a picture

of his beautiful smile. So you see the

moral of the story is this everybody has a

unique kind of gift something that sets

them apart and comes from the heart

and makes them special in there own

little way.


© Copyright 2018 Carl Fritzler. All rights reserved.

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