Demigod - book I: World of arcane - prologue part 1

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the first part of my novel called the "demigod" series, if you don't like the prologue or the cliffhanger, wait for part 2 it will get interesting.

Note: This the fix version because there was a lot of mistake a the original one. So read it again from the top.

P.S. sorry for the bad grammar, i'm Filipino

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Submitted: June 16, 2017


Once there was a god, who ruled the Underworld, who had a wife named Persephone who’s walking in Tantalus, while walking she come across Cerberus the gigantic guard dog of the underworld.

“Oh, hello Cerberus, should you not be guarding the entrance, why are you here anyway?” Persephone asked.

Cerberus didn't said anything instead he strike her with his huge paw, by the strength of Cerberus strike Persephone flew away and hit an obsidian mountain, Persephone went unconscious for a couple of seconds, when she woke up see saw Cerberus quickly climbing the mountain, she struggle to escape but eventually Cerberus chased and ate Persephone whole, the last thing that she saw before pasting out was a tall red figure laughing next to Cerberus.

Meanwhile a soul at a distant witnessed Cerberus ate Persephone.

“Oh on. I must inform Lord Hades.” Said the soul.

The soul sprint to Hades castle, when the soul was there it felt extreme fatigue like it was going to die once again, after a brief rest he went to the door but two guards are blocking the way.

“Halt! What is your business here?” The first guard questioned.

“I am here to inform Lord Hades.” Said the soul.

“What is it about?” The second guard asked.

“It is about Lord Cerberus and Lady Persephone.” Said the soul.

The guards exchanges nods and open the door.

“Lord Hades a visitor comes.” Said both of the guards to Hades.

“Why are you here?” Said Hades to the soul.

“I am here to tell you about an incident about Lord Cerberus and Lady Persephone earlier my lord.” The soul says.

“Go on, tell me.”

“When I was hiking I heard loud crash at a mountain. I ran to the mountain and climbed it, when I reached the top I saw Lord Cerberus devouring lady Persephone-“

“That is absurd! Is this a joke?!” Hades shouts.

“N-no my lord; not only that, I also saw a red creature next to Lord Cerberus, I am not certain what it is but I am quite sure it was a being from Hell.”

“Where did this occur?”

“At Tantalus on top of Shadow tooth mountain my lord.”

“Thank you for telling me, you can leave now.”

The soul bows and walks away.

By the time Hades begin his search for Cerberus at Tantalus, he saw Cerberus in his human form (yes, human form, he can shapeshift in this story), freaking out and running in circles on the mountain, Cerberus saw Hades.

“I am sorry, I wasn’t able control my body earlier, I was hypnotized!” Cerberus wiped the blood on his mouth.

“What kind of fool do you think I am and how can I trust you! *gulp* Demeter is going-.” Hades sentence was interrupted by someone menacingly laughing very loudly from somewhere nearby (who knew Hades was scared of Demeter, if you all ready who she is.)

Hades and Cerberus look around to find whose laughing and they saw an 8 feet tall figure walking towards them wearing a black cloak with red glowing eyes laughing menacingly.

“Who are you and why are you laughing?” Hades asked to the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure took off its cowl and revealed to be Saitenos.

“You…! What is your business here and how did you cross to the other side of the infernal wall, it is impossible to get through there!” Hades walks towards Saitenos.

“First of all I am here because I want hear your argument, it was so funny I laughed but it seems I ended it. And I went to the other side of the wall because I found a spell to trough the wall but it only works for me, my minions can go through now because your bride Persephone is dead. The first part of the Prophecy is now fulfilled and only needs one weakling to be hypnotized.” Saitenos says.

“What does Persephone have to do with the wall?!”

“You ignorant fool you have no idea that Persephone is the main source of the wall between Hell where we devils, demons and the some evil souls lived and the UnderWEAR where YOU and some souls lived. I cannot believe you do not know that, she is your bride after all. And now that the wall is gone we can finally takeover the Underwear-- I mean the Underworld.” Saitenos hit his forehead.

“Ha, who is the fool now? But do not mess with me, my brothers and I and the Holy catholic god have an alliance and we can easily defeat you.”

“I do not care if you and your brothers and the holy catholic god have an alliance, I only care you being dead. I hypnotize your mutt to frame him but one of your worthless peasants-.”

Cerberus stood between Hades and Saitenos (interrupting the conversation) and shouted. “I knew it. I told you I was hypnotized!”

“Stay out of this Cerberus” Hades says.

Cerberus shifted back into his dog form.

There was something strange glowing above him that made him look when Hades looked it was a bunch of demons with flaming swords seems to be heading towards a huge group of souls seems to be doing some sort of dance.

“Cerberus saved those souls from being double killed!” Hades pointed at the group of souls.

Cerberus nod and sprinted towards to the souls.

When the souls notice Cerberus the souls scattered and started to scream and some are just running in circle but luckily the demons were devoured by Cerberus before they even caught a glimpse on him.
Hades glared at Saitenos and shouted. “So you killed Persephone!!”

“Technically, Cerberus is the one who killed her, but indeed, I did send her to Xycrenya.” Saitenos added.

Hades outstretched his arms out and he engulfs it into flames and threw one of the fireballs at Saitenos and he turn into smoke but Hades notice it was just an illusion clone and he threw the other fireball at the ground angrily and cursed.

Hades calmed down and begin his search for Cerberus, but suddenly Hades heard a very loud noise from behind, when Hades look he saw an colossal army of flying demons swarming at him.

Hades fight back by throwing fireballs, slashing and swinging his sword and violently ripping their wings off but there are too many of them so he withdraw but before he know it he was already surrounded by the demons in a tornado formation.

He thought he was going to die but he realized he’s immortal; immortals can only be killed by another immortal. He looks at the demons and notice they’re not attacking at all but still getting nearer.

“(What are those fiends up to?)” Hades wondered.

But suddenly he heard a horn sound, when the demons finally made a hole in the demon tornado to see trough, he saw Cerberus and the Underworld army.

The army shot countless arrows at the sky and hit the flying demons and made dead demons rain. There are still many demon but the army charges at the demons and Cerberus turned into a gigantic magma dragon and sprayed a gigantic inferno costing fatal damage to the demons.

Instead of demon corpses, burning ones rained, making Hades run around like a little girl lost in the woods chasing by a bear, although he wouldn’t die from fire but he still goanna get crushed which results to broken bones. After a few minutes later the demons are all dead, Hades did his best to avoid the falling corpse but still got covered by dead burning demons but luckily not a hair on his head were damage because his hair is made of fire, the only thing that was badly damage was his back.

Cerberus ran to the pile of burning demon corpses to find Hades and turned to human form.

“Hades where are you?” Cerberus shouted.

“Cerberus I am over here.” Hades replied while crawling out of the corpses.

Cerberus ran to Hades and pulled him out.

“Hades, oh no you are dying” Cerberus says.

Hades slapped Cerberus’ face.

“I am not dying you fool, I am immortal remember.”

“Then why are you running around earlier, should you not run, you ARE immortal.”

“I was running around because I will still get broken bones. How did you manage to notify the army in time?”

“When I was searching for you I saw the army and asked them why are they here they said they were hunting the intruders and they pointed behind me and I saw the demons and I realized you were there and they might came for you and I was right.”

Hades saw something at the horizon and it’s the army of Hell including Saitenos leading them, this time the real one.

”Men get ready for battle!” Scorcher shouted to the army leader readying all their weapons and shields, Hades’ army advance and also the unholy army, Hades starts to create a fireball while Cerberus and the army is battling the unholy army to keep them from stopping Hades creating the fireball, a few moments later Hades finally create the fireball to its maximum size, Hades threw the massive fireball to the unholy army, most of the army is dead but Hades luck just ran out, when Hades heard Saitenos laugh, Saitenos reinforcements arrived, twice as the many as the first wave even worse the dead demons that have been killed revived.

“(How did they learned necromancy, that is impossible!?)” Hades wondered.

“I know what you’re thinking hades and yes we cannot learn such kind of dark magic but we did not do it, he did.” Saitenos pointed to a hooded skeleton holding a scythe.

“Let me introduce you to the highest ranked reaper and a powerful necromancer, Death.” Saitenos Laugh.

“Men new strategy, kill the grim reaper first so he won’t revive the others.” Scorcher pointed at the grim reaper.

“No! It’s useless to fight him with normal weapons; you will just kill your selves if you tried.” Hades starts to lose hope but suddenly a bright heavenly light suddenly appeared in the celling of the Underworld and 3 men ungracefully descended very quickly (but they’re actually falling and screaming), Hades thought it was some mortals who’s idiotic enough to dig very deeply to reach the Underworld but after their fall, it was his brothers Zeus and Poseidon and along with them is a man wearing white robes, Hades remembers him as the holy catholic god’s son that he and his brother have an alliance with.

“Are thee in need of assistance?” Said Zeus who can barely stand up from the fall.

“Oh… an army of millions of demons is attacking the Underworld and were in great peril; of course we do not need your help!!” Hades replied sarcastically.

“Oh. Sorry, I thought thou need help.”

“I was being sarcastic fool!!”

“*chuckle* I know, do not take it seriously brother.”

“Jazuz brought us here so we can help thee, is not that right Jazuz.” Said Poseidon.

“Indeed. As if for you Saitenos, I never thought you to interfere with another religion, I will not let you rule the underworld to manipulate more innocent mortals.” Jazuz says to Saitenos.

“So whose goanna stop me?” Saitenos tilted his head.

Jazuz raises his finger and its starts to glow very brightly.

“Oh no, everyone retreat, we can attack later!” Saitenos cowardly screamed to his army.

Saitenos and his army retreated cowardly except for Death.

“Death, why are you trying to double kill the dead, is you not aware you will be sent to Xycrenya?” Jazuz warn to Death.

“I thought they were mortals.” Death Replied.

“Is that so… why did you think that?”

“Because Saitenos told me there were mortals here that there time is already up.”

“And you believed him and you didn’t attempt to double kill them on purpose.”


“Hmm…I see. You can leave now.”

“Wait a minute!” Hades interrupted.

Hades grabbed Death’s skull and carries him with one hand.

”Do not lie, Death; I know you’re prepare to perish in the darkness of Xycrenya. The only thing you done this, is too… umm… something!” Hades says.

“Hmm… it seems you can handle this, we will be leaving now; we will come back when hope is all seems lost but now I think you can last for about half a decade.”

Jazuz extend his hand and created a bright glowing portal and soon Jazuz, Poseidon and Zeus walked to the portal after a few seconds the portal closed.

Hades returns his attention to Death.

“I am impressed that you notice my lie.” Death punches Hades in the face and teleported behind him and hit him with the handle of his scythe on his nape.

Hades covered his head in pain and moaned, he turn around and glare at Death.

Death smiled and said “Face it Hades, your child can’t save the multiverse.”

“What are you talking about?!” Hades threw his hands not knowing what was death talking about.

“So… you don’t know about the prophecy.”

“What prophecy?”

“The prophecy that will decide the multiverse’s fate, it was told by the creator Cromenynx by constellations, almost everyone knows it, since you lived in the ‘Under’ world you can’t see it, it said ‘The End is almost near, the thing everyone fear, it can be stopped, if only this events happened to you; The death of a love one by the hands of a friend, a raid of a rival seem to never end and get a scar of a sacred symbol which important to remember. If this ever happened to you, you will found yourself a new spouse, and will gain a child form that new spouse, when the child is born a dark shadow will appear what looks like a half-man and half-goat which is quite something, that will give it a very unpleasant offering to the child that’s impossible to deny and will be the cause of destroying all beings; the child must be sent on a hunt to find powerful gems called Cylustrite that will stop the end of existence; you must choose your path to save or end the multiverse and me. That we shall live again in harmony or we’ll be tormented at the void of darkness for eternity…’.”

“So I have been chosen by the creator, but why chose me? Why did he not just choose someone more powerful like Zeus or Jazuz?”

“I have no idea. But the first two events already happened to you, so it must be you.”

“But Saitenos is the one who made the events happened.”

“So what If Saitenos did it; it already happened. Oh yeah and prepare for the next attack.”

Death teleported behind Hades and hit his nape with his scythe and made him unconscious.

Hades opens his eyes he saw Cerberus in his human form, Hades looked around and he noticed he’s in his castle.

“*moan* my neck… What happened?” Hades asked.

“Death hit your neck with his scythe and made you unconscious, and you have a weird looking scar on back of your neck, but that is impossible Death gave you that scar, you were only hit by the handle of his scythe.”

“A scar... what does it look like?”

“It looks like a weird triangle with two swords in it and weird symbol inside of them.”

“There are many riddles to all of this, like how did Saitenos got that spell, where did my scar come from, and what was the shadow Coromenynx talking about?”

The Door burst open and appeared Scorcher. “*pant* *pant* *pant* L-Lord Hades, Lord Cerberus we need your help on the defense against Hell.” He says.

Hades nod and walks out the door with Cerberus and Scorcher.

3 Years later...

After 3 years later the Underworlders kept the demons from seizing their realm but as the war gets longer their number decreases while the demons get stronger, they have no other choice left but to surrender, but one day another heavenly pillar of light at the underworld ceiling and fell an unconscious woman, after the fall she land on Lethe the river of forgetfulness.

“Lord Hades someone fell from the sky and land on Lethe.” Scorcher says.

“Who fell?” Hades says.

“I still do not know, we should check”

When they saw the woman Hades ran and thinks of a plan to get the woman out of the river without touching the water with his bare hands.

“(How am I going get her out of there?)” Hades wondered.

“Scorcher, call Cerberus Quickly before the Demons’ next attack begin.” Hades looked around and he found a very tall tree behind him, Hades draws his sword and completely cut the tree with slice and he kicked the tree to the river to make a bridge.

“I hope that tree is sturdy enough to carry my weight.” Hades took a deep breath and pin the tree with his sword to make sure the tree won’t move, Hades step on the tree bridge and slowly walk towards to the woman, he reach his arms to grab her, luckily his gantlets protect his hands by getting wet by the water, when Hades grab her, he slowly drag the woman to other side of the river, after a few seconds when Hades completely drag her to dry land, Scorcher along with Cerberus arrived.

“Quickly help me carry her to the castle!” Hades exclaim.

When they reached the castle the woman slowly opens her eyes.

“What is this place?” the woman questioned to herself.

“You’re in the Underworld.” Hades answered.

The woman stared at Hades for a few seconds and she screamed.

“Eeeeeek! Y-y-your head is on fire!!!” the women pointed at Hades head.

“Oh, this.” Hades pointed on his head. “This is my hair; as you can see I am HADES THE GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD!!! (I have forgotten how great it feels to say that to people.)” Said Hades.

The woman scream and ran to the nearest door but when she saw Cerberus at his normal form siting trying to chase his tail near the door, she stumble and fall backwards, Cerberus look at her and start to walk to her slowly as she began to crawl backwards.

“Wait; do not go out there it is too dangerous!” Hades says.

“P-please don’t h-hurt me...” She starts to shiver.

“Oh, do not be like that; we would not hurt you, that guy with fire for hair save some of your memory and life.” Cerberus pointed Hades.

“Y-you did?” She looks at Hades. “What did you save me from?”

“Lethe, the river of forgetfulness; I have save you from drowning and losing all of your memory.” Hades says.

“What is your name and where did you come from?” Hades helps her stand up.

“I am Angelica came from uuumm … I do not re-.”

The door burst open and came across the door was Scorcher.

“Lord Hades they are almost ready to start attack once again.” Scorcher says.

“Who is attacking?” Angelica says to Hades.

“The demons; and that is why you need to stay here.” Hades walks to the door but Angelica stops him.

“Wait; I can help you with your battles.”


“I am a cleric.”

“So?” Hades shrugged.

“I am still not sure if I am cleric but I remember having spells for healing and bring the dead back to live; so I must be one--I think?” Angelica rubs her forehead in frustration.

“Maybe you’re a necromancer.”

“I might have this kind of spells, but I am NOT a necromancer; if I am, I would be a kind one.”

“But still, I will not allow you; it is my responsibility to prevent my people going to Xycrenya. (I despise responsibility.)”

“But I am not one of your people, so…” Angelica quickly kneeled. “Please, let me battle, pleeease.”

“Hmmm… we might have the upper hand … … … *sigh* fine, you can help, but do not get near the demons only use your spells, understood.

“Yes.” Angelica nod.

“And do not be such a child, stand up!”

“Sorry.” Angelica stood up.

“Now, let us proceed, the army is waiting.”

They walk out through the door and rode Cerberus near the passage between the Underworld and Hell where the army is readying for battle; Hades and Angelica climbed up a cliff nearby and said to his People. “My people; we finally have a chances to bring Saitenos and his demons to their knees!” The army cheers.

“Thanks to this maiden we can return the people who went to Xycrenya back to us; Angelica will you please revive those poor souls.” Hades pointed to the soul corpses.

“Ok, here I go then.” She extends her arms and said some sacred words and a ball of light appeared which glow brighter and brighter, then it explodes, the corpses started to move.

They struggle to stand up, eventually they all on their feet but they are barely standing.

But every revived soul glowed for a few seconds, after the glow they regained their strength.

The army set a thunderous cheer.

He saw something at the horizon, and it was Saitenos and his army, he saw Saitenos laughing but he can’t stop his own laugh because he has a surprise: necromancy.

And he knows this is going to be one difficult battle; for the demons that is.

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