The Wilted Flower

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Life is Life

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



The violets turned black

And the roses are dead

The sky once so blue

Has a strange hue of red

Crystal clear tear drops
Fall from the ground

Something has gone wrong

this time around

The clocks face is contorted into a grin

Hallucinations constructed from a careful mix of gin

Looking around at all that is strange

Not one of these people appear to have changed

Walking about this world so oblivious
I shouldn't be surprised with

something like this

Legs made of rubber
Arms are the stems of flowering plants

Words that are uttered fall from my mouth

And in the air,

they begin to dance

This is a wonderland 
Made of my own crazy dreams

From far away,

I hear familiar screams

I call out, but nobody seems to notice
I struggle to move 
But it is hopeless

Rooted to the ground by the grass at my feet
The monster of motion
I have yet to defeat

Louder is the screaming it's ringing in my ears
Looking up, I am confirmed

in my deepest fears

There you stand
The weapon of choice in your hand

Across the wrists you cut on skin so white

I try harder to move but it's harder to breathe as I continue to fight

 You begin to cry tears of pure agony

  I beg you to stop but still, You can't

hear me

I see your delicate form fall to the earth

Your no longer breathing 
I call out your name for all that it's worth

But it's too late
And forever I will live
With the certainty of fate 
to kill me

I've nothing more to give

Weakened against the storm that rages on 

I become nothing more than a blackened rose in the lawn


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