Tips And Tricks To Get Into USDF Habbo

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Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Tips And Trick To Get Into USDF Habbo!

Chapter 1.>Welcome To USDF Your Future Game Career!

The Joining Process!

Entering USDF HQ:- You see a Desk a soon as you enter and the person behind this desk says to you Welome To USDF Enlist Today!

This Person Game Tag is taitai23 She Greets You with a warming sentence!

Then She Directs You To See The Front Desk for Enlisting This Is Where We Now Meet Feedome Behind The Desk.

Feedome says Hi there. You respond with Hi. to start a convosation. She asks back. Wou,d You Like To Enlist.

You reply with. Yes I'll like to enlist. She Replies with. We Have Four Branches. Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy.

if you pick Army She Would Advise YOU to make ur Motto/Status bar [US Army],

If YOU chose Air Forse She Would Say [US Air Force],

If YOU chose Marines She Would Say [US Marinies],

Finaly If YOU Said Navy She Would Say [US Navy].

The She Would Advice You To Remove Any Shirt Details Or Accsesories.

Then She Will Direct You To Find Sentry.

Chapter 2.>Going Through Sentry!

Clearence For Training!

The Person Behind Sentry Is Called CasperI3

He Uses a command to open the first gate, He greets With a, Hi There Recruit, I need to see your back!

YOU Turn around and Reveal A clean Back With No Details on it!

He then Says Goodl Luck In IRDT Which MEANS Initial Recruitment Development And Trainning.

the IRDT Pen.

Chapter 3.>Training With The Best Trainer!

Then You Meet Another Person Called Sharkattack330! He Greets YOU With. Hi There Im Sharkattack330 Your Instructor For The Training.

Then He Asks YOU, Are You Ready For Training!. YOU Reply, Yes Sir!

He Says DDO IRDT Tele YOU Think Whats The IRDT Tele, Then YOU see the rock move WOW.

He Says, Enter The Rock Please, YOU Enter the rock.

It Takes You To A Different Place WOW. This is the IRDT Grounds.

Shark Says Follow Me, YOU Follow.

He Tells YOU to enter the tent next to him, YOU Enter It!

He Sits On a chair and Says A Special Command That Closes The Door!

He Starts Of With, Welcome to your Initial Recruitment Development and Training (IRDT) course,

I am CW4 Sharkattack330, your instructor for today.

Firstly, welcome to the United States Defense Force! 

During today's IRDT course, you may not talk or move unless directed to. Wait to ask questions until prompted. 

This training will take about 30 minutes, but if I am going too fast, please let me know. 

If I disconnect please wait patiently & return to HQ if there's no replacement after 10 minutes. 

During this training please respond to me with Yes/No Sir.

Do you have any questions?

YOU Spend upto 20 Mins Doing IRDT

New Motto!

Congratulations, you have passed IRDT, remember you are now upholding the USDF's core values:

- Honor, Courage, Commitment!

for Army it would be [US Army] PVT for Air Force it is [US Air Force] AB for Marines its and finaly for Navy Its [US Navy] SR.

Final Chapter.>

entry Again! New Person!

This Sentry Is Called Misstay7! she Uses the same code as Caper did to Open the first Gate! She Greets You! Hi There, One Sec Whiles I Check Your Name. You Respond With, Ok.

She Uses a New Command To Open Up the Next Gate! YIPPIE You Passed The Hard Part!

You Enter And Theres Another Person Called tomtomvader298 He Is Hosting A Feat You Was Told To Get!.

After Lining Up For This FEAT YOU Enter through a nother magic door.

Then Through Another, Now YOU Are In A Class Room Type Room.

tomotmvader298 says Welcome to FEAT {J} - Online Security Training, I am your instructor for today. 

YOU go through the FEAT and Complete it and he says YOU need R Next Then He Hosts That FEAT.

Welcome to FEAT {R} - Recruitment Supervisor, I am your instructor for today. 

YOU All so Complete this FEAT to WOW your doing Great!

You Get Cleared Through Sentry Again! Then You Get Called To An Attention.

The Person calling this is LordDinosuar... He Congratulates YOU For Getting FEATS J, R And Promotes you to E2, Then he request EDFT For YOU.

Then EDFT gets Hosted By Jeli, YOU enter through the same door as YOU did fr the other FEATS... the She HOsts EDFT and YOU Get To The Test.

YOU Pass The TEST Congratulation on Gettin to E3.

To Find Out How To Advance More Vist Us On Habbo!


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