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Somewhere not too far off from where I stand
I see a box lying in the sand
A small wooden crate that must be handled with care
Meant to be someplace special 
Though I haven't a clue where
Do I pick up this box?
Do I leave it lying there?
What might be inside this little box?
I am tempted to open it, for I do not see any locks
Closer as I creep to find out what's within
The box is moved 
Floating away like a leaf in the wind
I chase it forever 
Until I am out of breath
Until my legs have not an ounce of energy left
Finally once I reach it, I can see it clearly
This box is empty
Nothing inside, like the hole in my chest
Maybe seeing it this way was for the best
Whatever would I do if I found 
something lying in this box on the ground?
What if it were a baby bird?
Whatever would I do then?
I couldn't bathe a beaver, let alone feed a Ren.
So I will leave this box alone here in the ground
Maybe some other soul will find treasure in what is found


Submitted: June 16, 2017

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